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Reader Post | By Doug Johnson

What’s up? I pour my heart and soul out to you all and I show you the proof as to how I have had MULTIPLE Constitution and other violations committed against me and how I have tried to seek legal help with all of it and then I go as far as to show you pictures of my family and then all of a sudden, I hear CRICKETS!

I want each and everyone of you to try and put yourself into MY position for a moment and think about what YOU all would do if the same thing happened to you!!  I have had my life RUINED because of standing up for my God given and Constitutional rights and yet NOBODY wants to help me seek accountability with any of it.

Why is it, when we as an individual break the law, we are the ones that are held accountable but when a Corporation does it and there is PROOF of it, it seems like they can get away with it.  Why?  Is it the fact that they can pay people off to be silent??  How much longer do you expect me to just sit here and wait for justice before I start seeking it myself!? The only problem then would be that it WOULD be my fault and then I would be the one that was held accountable. I am the one that has a fiancé and son that can not understand why I can not be with them, even though I didn’t do anything wrong but try to stand up for my rights.  

I can almost bet, if this happened to anyone else, they would be doing more than just bitch and moan to people about it!!  I have tried to seek LEGAL help from people that have been put in their position for upholding such laws. Not a single person wants to step in and step up to uphold the law.  So, I have to ask myself, why are they even in the position that they are in if they have no intentions in doing their job?  I know for a fact that if this all happened to them, they would be using their authority to make sure that all the wrongs were made right!!

I am getting sick and tired of telling my fiancé and son that I can’t be with them, nor can I afford to take care of them.  Before this bullshit all started, I had a nice car, a good paying (over $20/hour) job and a good life and once this all started, I slowly started to lose EVERYTHING.  All because I was standing up for myself and the laws of the land!!!

Why don’t you explain to my fiancé and son as to why when I try to seek legal help in all of this, nobody is willing to step up and do their job!  I am BEYOND PISSED and I want people to do their job and stand up for the law.  Why do we even have such laws if nobody is willing to enforce them in the first place?  Is it so people like yourself and others can have a nice office desk job and hold people like me to consent?  I am NOT a sheep and I was NOT born to be a slave to the system and all I want is my right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as to what I am guaranteed by the Constitution of the united States of America.  I am tired of the mentality of ‘do as I say, not as I do”!

I am also tired of people telling me “I should look at the positive side of things instead of the negative” or that “I don’t have a right to complain” or even make comments such as “I shouldn’t feel guilty for what is going on”.  I am having to rely on an 82 year old man to take care of me like I am a child. There is NO reason for him to have to be working a fulltime job at his age but there is NOTHING that I can do for him. I am 51 years old with children of my own and I can’t even provide for them, my fiancé or even myself!

I keep hearing “just hold out a little longer” and things are going to get better.  Ok, so I want an actual date that I can give to my fiance and son and let them know that we will be a family as of THIS date.  Otherwise, don’t waste my time with all the mumble jumble bullshit and your sources to help me seek justice!!!  I would like to see MILITARY come to my place of residence and help me get the justice that I seek.  They are suppose to be our last line of defense and I have shown where there has been CONSTITUTION violations committed against me and I KNOW for a fact that when you join any type of Military branch, you take an oath to ‘PROTECT the CONSTITUTION against all FOREIGN and DOMESTIC’.  Ok, well have I have had the LOCAL government violate my rights, I have had the STATE government violate my rights and I have had the FEDERAL government violate my rights.  The only difference is, I was trying to stand up for my right and I was the one that was penalized by having EVERYTHING taken from me.  

Doug Johnson
Email: dslsaturn@gmail.com


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