NATO’s Frist Strike Nuclear Threat


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on December 20, 2021


Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

In view of NATO’s warning to Russia to beware of NATO’s first strike nuclear weapons doctrine, it is important to analyze this suicidal threat.

Letters: Nato first-strike doctrine exploded

It is astonishing that NATO, which has no defensive missiles worthy of the name, is making these threats. Russia is prepared for nuclear war. It has built nuclear bomb shelters for 40 million of their city dwellers and have developed the most advanced defensive missiles in the world including the S-300, S-400, S-500, S-600 and will be rolling out soon the S-700. Let’s just review the S-500: It travels over 16,000 miles an hour reaching altitudes of 115 miles and can travel over 2,000 miles. It carries ten interceptor missiles. The S-600 is far superior and has been rolled out. We estimate that these defensive missiles can block up to 97% of all incoming missiles limiting the number of dead to no more than 10% of their population. The EU countries having no defenses at all would lose 90% of their populations and the US 80%. In a game of poker, this is what you would call a bluff but here it is a highly inflammable threat that can have grave repercussions.

We have chosen this opportunity to discuss the serious issue of climate change in part two under the following title:



The main issue on the climate change debate is whether there is a form of global warming that will destroy the earth which is a hardly likely doomsday scenario. No one would mind if the exhausts from energy usage became cleaner as long as the new era was sufficiently economical as the cost for carbon fuels. For example, there was the famous London Fog that was due to the polluting effect of coal which when London converted to oil disappeared and that was progress. It was hardly healthy especially combined with lack of 19th century street sanitation that caused diseases as small pox, diphtheria, etc. that were wiped out by sanitation. In fact polio was caused by the DDT pesticide which when ended eliminated polio. Today Beijing has such a fog and its conversion to natural gas would be most desirable as a coal fog is not healthy. A conversion to solar power and wind power would also be highly desirable if it could be achieved economically.

However, the way this green revolution is planned is highly impractical and will have dire short-term consequences as the article by David Goldman which is included in the debt trap link below.

Here is a very important quote from that article:

The idea is fanciful that the world can re-direct US$100 trillion in capital investment during the next 30 years to reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2050, as the International Energy Agency has proposed.

To put in context what this number implies, I note that the combined free cash flow of the 4,100 companies worldwide with a market capitalization of at least $1 billion was $332 billion in the first quarter of 2021, or $1.33 trillion annualized.

To put this in context: $100 trillion is about 70 times that sum to be spent over 30 years. In other words, the entire free cash flow of the world’s private corporations would barely make up a third of the Global Reset investment budget. The Foreign Affairs article on this subject below is blind to economic reality. If you combine the coronavirus panic, and its horrendous lockdown costs, and the huge capital expenditures required in the green revolution as described above, you have the recipe for hyperinflation and economic catastrophe at the level of Weimar Germany which is why Ray Dalio continues to predict a revolution or Civil War in the US. The National Socialist Revolution followed almost 120 years of German moral decline which the US is similarly reaching in the time warp. Dalio is a figures man who does not understand moral accountability which can span four generation before the punishments come in full (Deuteronomy 5:9). The long delay fools people into thinking that there are no consequences to their own immoral actions (Ecclesiastes 8:11).


The article below on “Green Upheaval” from Foreign Affairs Magazine on how to address climate change by eliminating fossil fuels is frightening. The most dangerous proposal is to double nuclear power from 10 to 20 percent of the world supply of energy which after the accident at Fukashima is a staggeringly foolish. The German Government ended the use of nuclear power on the basis of the fact that it is impossible to dispose of nuclear waste in a practical manner and that problem has not changed. Another problem not discussed is the contribution of nuclear power plants in creating cancer. Proof of this concept is found in baby teeth of children which has demonstrated unhealthy strontium-90 contamination for children brought up in the vicinity of such nuclear plants. This has increased cancer rates for those that live near nuclear power plants. It is dangerous to plan to replace fossil fuel with such a dangerous form of energy as nuclear power.

Another interesting observation is the conversion to electricity aside from requiring massive outlays for additional wiring of countries will increase the US electrical usage two to four times that of today replacing fossil fuels. The electricity would be generated by solar power and wind power. Again, where is the money to come from other than to print out of thin air.

This will decrease globalism in that electricity trades between borders about 3% of usage whereas 2/3 of global oil and natural gas passes the nation’s borders that will be planned to be drastically reduced. This could lead to greater national self-reliance which is the trend of the future. The generation of solar power for countries of large space can be obtained by solar panels freeing them from energy dependence on their present suppliers. Elon Musk says China has enough open land for solar panels to supply all the energy they need. This would be highly positive if it could be achieved economically.

There is no doubt that it would lead to a reorganization of the world economy and lower world trade in energy. The problem of organizing such a transition so the the green energies grows in use in a direct proportion of the decline of oil and gas production is essential to avoid shortages that we are now experiencing. Additional GDP growth must also be supported. It is premature to stop drilling for oil and natural gas until this planning can be worked out on an international basis.

The present planning will lead to shortages and economic dislocation where energy costs will soar to unreachable heights as natural gas prices rise used in fertilizer production. We are seeing signs of it already. We will have to worry about mass starvation as natural gas prices rise pricing fertilizer out of the market decreasing the food production per year that we already also see signs of happening, see footnote one for more details.

Russian wheat exports are around 31.5 million tons and those of the Ukraine 24 million tons. World exports are 184.3 million tons. If these Russian and Ukrainian wheat exports were cut off in a war, or 30% of the world supply, it is estimated that there could be severe world starvation in importing countries as well as a massive rise in wheat prices that would significantly contribute to inflation in the US next year wiping out the Democrats in the mid-term elections. Already the world faces skyrocketing fertilizer costs linked to carbon fuel price rises that will decrease world production of food driving prices up. This would be a catastrophe for Biden and the Democrats.


The NATO first strike threats against Russia are suicidal as Russia’s S-600 and S-700 anti-missile missile can stop them while Russia cuts off exports of wheat, natural gas and oil to the EU while their submarines block all resupply by sea for Europe. Russia would also retaliate for the nuclear missile attack wiping out 90% of the NATO populations while Russia suffers a 10% loss as they have nuclear bomb shelters for 40 million city dwellers for the few missiles that might get through. Thus, we see NATO dangerously bluffing in a reckless and demented manner.

We have had discussions with Iranian intel who would consider blocking the Straits of Hormuz in sympathy with Russia to crash the 2.5 quadrillion world derivative market as 22 million barrels of oil are cut off from the west. See footnote two for a study on how this happens. Nuclear weapons cannot be used against Iran as North Korea has sold them hydrogen bombs and missiles that Iran can use on its submarines refueled at Cuba or Venezuela for a US return strike. Unemployment in the US would rise to 50% or more if the Straits of Hormuz is closed.

Is War in the Ukraine Imminent? | Operation Disclosure Official

In any event, the article below comes from Foreign Affairs Magazine.

Green Upheaval

Footnote one:

Europe’s Fertilizer Crisis Could Become a Food Crisis

The European Union is ill-suited to respond to soaring input costs before crunch time next spring.

By: Francesco Casarotto

Last week, Romania’s largest producer of chemical fertilizers, Azomures, announced that it would temporary cut production amid rising energy prices. It is only the latest fertilizer firm in Europe to be forced to halt or reduce output recently. In September, several British firms, U.S.-based CF Industries, and Norway’s Yara – one of Europe’s largest ammonia producers, with annual output of 4 million to 9 million tons – took the plunge. So did Lithuania’s Achema, the Netherlands’ OCI Nitrogen, Spain’s Fertiberia, Austria’s Borealis AG and Germany’s BASF. All pointed to surging natural gas prices, and none has specified when full production will resume.


Given the strict link between natural gas prices – which are soaring across the Continent – and nitrogen-based fertilizer production, the EU is facing a fertilizer crisis that may turn into a food crisis. The bloc’s main problem is not production capacity – European producers supply 90 percent of the bloc’s needs – but acquiring affordable input materials. Of all the fertilizers used by Europe, 68 percent are nitrogen-based.

To limit the effects of the fertilizers crisis on crop yields, the issue must be resolved before the application of fertilizer on the spring crops, which typically occurs between February and April. For now, the EU views the fertilizer shortages as part of the larger problem of high gas prices, which also affects consumer electricity prices and energy for industrial production. But given its design, the EU lacks the institutional flexibility and capabilities to deal with an emergency of this nature, which demands a rapid response.

Food and Gas

Rising fertilizer costs directly affect the cost of producing food. Food prices in the bloc are already on the rise and driving bloc-wide inflationary pressure. Pandemic-related production and supply chain disruptions were the main cause of higher food prices. However, the input price effects of fertilizers on crops won’t be felt until the end of the spring 2022 crop cycle, meaning there will be a second wave of upward pressure on food prices. This has ramifications across economics, politics and society. When prices rise faster than wages, it reduces consumers’ purchasing power, but it’s doubly damaging when those price rises concern goods that are essential for human life. This can lead to protests, and governments must find ways to keep food affordable and get money to farmers to keep producing.

Fixing the fertilizer issue requires bringing down the price of natural gas, since it makes up 80 percent of the cost of producing nitrogen-based fertilizers. The price of natural gas was rising for most of the year but really accelerated in August before peaking in October at 116.2 euros per megawatt-hour. The reasons are manifold. For one, the economic rebound from the pandemic put upward pressure on energy demand to the point that it outpaced supply. Moreover, gas storage in Europe fell to a record low amid an unusually cold April and May. At the end of the second quarter, the bloc’s storage facilities were only 48 percent full, a 10-year low and 33 percent below the same point in 2020. Gas is currently trading at around 119 euros per megawatt-hour, and it doesn’t look likely to come down anytime soon. Brussels’ heavy reliance on Russia for gas supplies means it has few options to intervene. Consumer heating demand is growing as winter approaches, and selectively restricting industrial production to ensure adequate gas supply for homes would be extremely risky in the midst of an economic recovery from a pandemic.

The EU’s Meager Contingency Plan

EU states have varying abilities to cope with the fertilizer crisis and a potential food crisis. The countries where consumption significantly exceeds production capacity will likely be most affected, since they are most dependent on imports. These include France (where consumption is 386.2 percent of production), Ireland (337.8 percent), Italy (230.7 percent), Portugal (154.5 percent) and Spain (114.6 percent). In France in particular, although the agriculture sector represents just 1.5 percent of total economic output, the FDSEA farmers’ union is an influential body that Paris would rather not alienate.

On the other hand, states where domestic production capacity exceeds consumption needs could take advantage of the situation since they could see their margin for exports increasing. For example, the Netherlands consumes just 11.8 percent of its fertilizer production, and Belgium is at about 20 percent. Germany (45 percent) and Poland (67 percent) also stand to gain.

At the EU level, concerned members of the European Parliament’s agriculture committee urged the bloc’s executive to take quick measures to mitigate the fertilizer price increase, pointing to the risk of rising costs for farmers and, ultimately, for consumers. However, the European Commission currently seems more concerned with the growth of electricity prices; the latest meetings of the bloc’s energy ministers barely addressed the impact of the gas crunch on fertilizers. The commission has started investigating the possibility of removing anti-dumping tariffs (currently 6.5 percent) on imports of urea ammonium nitrate, which Europe gets mainly from Russia and Algeria. But such a move could face resistance from the main European fertilizer producers, which would then be exposed to greater international competition. There’s also the added complication that Russia announced it would restrict exports of fertilizers until June 2022 to meet its own needs.

The EU recently laid out a contingency plan to avoid food shortages involving improved coordination, not only between member states but also between the EU and regional authorities. The plan acknowledges the importance of a more collaborative approach between the public and private sector to guarantee the security of food supply chains. The highlight of the plan is the establishment of the European food security crisis preparedness and response mechanism, consisting of a group of food supply chain experts who will exchange data and improve coordination, under the management of the European Commission. But the mechanism won’t be up and running until mid-2022 at the earliest, and potentially as late as 2024. Moving quickly and decisively was never a specialty of the EU. With application of fertilizers set to start between February and April, the mechanism won’t solve the immediate crisis nor help the EU deal with an imminent food supply emergency.

Ultimately, the fertilizer crisis involves different areas of policy, some of which are the exclusive competence of the EU (trade, for example), while others like agriculture and consumer protection are shared between the EU and member states. In other words, the institutional framework of the European Union wasn’t designed to deal with emergencies like a food crisis – or a pandemic, for that matter. The bloc’s contingency plan is a small step, but it won’t start soon enough, which is the most important part of an emergency response.


The EU has 3-4 months to solve its fertilizer shortage if it is going to protect crop yields for the spring. It’s difficult to estimate how much yields will be reduced if it does not. At the very least it will mean higher food prices over an extended period and, in a worst-case scenario, food shortages. In either case, a repeat of the early days of the pandemic, when member states put their own needs above those of their partners in the bloc, seems likely.

Footnote two:


By David K. Lifschultz

Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

“The political aims (of Germany) of the invasion of Russia (under Hitler as today) being the creation of the Ukrainian State,
a separate Belorussia and a confederation of the Baltic States.” General Franz Halder. (Franz Halder, Kriegstagebuch :
Tagliche Aufzeichnungen des chefs des Generalstabes sea Heeres 1939-1942, Band II: Von der geplanten Landung in England bis zum Beginn des Ostfeldzuges (1.7.1940-21.6.1941) Hans-Adolf Jacobsen (ed.) (Arbeitskreis fur Wehrforschung, Stuttgard, 1963, pp. 32-33 (22 July 1940. Hereafter cited as: Franz Halder, KTB II.

US negotiations are drawn out based on fear Russia will cut off all natural gas and oil supplies to Europe in the middle of the winter and Russia will be smashed in the spring with sanctions. They will then lose most of their leverage. The US desperately wants Nord Stream Two destroyed so Germany will be utterly dependent on the US as a vassal nation based on the US control of the seas for their oil and natural gas as well as most other natural resources. That is what this is all about. The US is purposely provoking Russia at the Ukraine and was behind Maidan for that reason. The great fear governing all US foreign policy is that Germany as Bismarck will establish a Reinsurance Treaty with Moscow that combined with China will grant control of just about the entire Eurasian land mass to Germany which already controls the EU, and Russia and China as a solid block relegating the US to the status of an island nation using Mackinder’s analysis. Morality has nothing to do with it but power.

The US is following the Brzezinski Maidan plan laid out by him for Nuland and Biden in 2014 under the orders of the deep state. Here they never thought Putin would fail to invade the Ukraine that has always been part of Russia for 400 years and it was their desire to give Russia a second Vietnam War as they did in Afghanistan. Since the Partisan War was almost entirely in the western Ukraine after World War Two it may be in Russia’s interest at this time to take back the Eastern Ukraine that Lenin placed with the western Ukraine to it up..

Q : When the Soviets justified their intervention by asserting that they intended to fight against secret US involvement in Afghanistan , nobody believed them . However, there was an element of truth in this. You don’t regret any of this today?
B: Regret what? That secret operation was an excellent idea. It had the effect of drawing the Russians into the Afghan trap and you want me to regret it? The day that the Soviets officially crossed the border, I wrote to President Carter, essentially: “We now have the opportunity of giving to the USSR its Vietnam war.” Indeed, for almost 10 years, Moscow had to carry on a war that was unsustainable for the regime , a conflict that bought about the demoralization and finally the breakup of the Soviet empire.


Putin took the most important parts of the Ukraine such as the Crimea and the coal reserves in Donbas and Luhansk. The Brzezinski motivation was largely due to the advances in Russian missile defenses such as the now S-500, S-600 and S-700. Brzezinski was shocked in 2013 when this came to his attention and he started plotting at once the overthrow of the pro-Russian Ukrainian Government as he did in Afghanistan to destroy the Russian nation again as he did in 1990-1991. The Brzezinski’s goal is to drive Russia back bit by bit until there is nothing left of it. There was no intention of the US to be friends with Russia in 1991 and working through the treasonous oligarchs they wrecked the whole economy with hyperinflation and depression until the under the poverty line of eastern Europe and Russia went from 14 million in 1989 to 168 million in 1996. The elderly whose pensions hyper-inflated away had to beg in the streets for bread while the oligarchs toasted with Lord Jacob in London and the CIA broke out the champaign at Langley. I opposed this betrayal of Russia in 1990-1991 who wanted to join Christianity and the west but number one in the deep state said they troubled us from 1945 and now we should be their friends? I pointed out the lesson of the prodigal son in Luke but he waived it away.

The excuse of Russia in 2014 in not going into the Ukraine was that their modernization program of the army was only about 6 years old and had another 6 years to go. Today that excuse does not apply and Victoria Nuland desires to please the ghost of Brzezinski by creating another Vietnam now by continuous provocations of Russia until they they are forced to retreat as in 1989 from Afghanistan. Then there will be Belarus and then every single part of Russia until it is just the City of Moscow. It was not by coincidence in 2014 that Brzezinski ordered the Gulf States as Saudi Arabia to flood the world with oil damaging the Russian economy as the US did in 1985 during the Afghanistan. Oil was half the budget and long gone was Stalin’s self-sufficiency achieved in 1938. His heirs were incompetent like the buffoon Khrushchev. The problem of Putin is his power is limited by the treasonous oligarchs who have stolen half of Russia answering as Lenin and Trotsky to Baron Eduard de Rothschild until Stalin stopped them. The Russian oligarchs answer to Lord Jacob Rothschild not Putin. The US coordinates their Russian policy with the Rothschilds who are in charge. Unfortunately, they cannot utilize the Star Wars myth this time around.

Russia does not understand the full dimension of what is taking place. The US will use the Baltic States and Poland to sponsor guerrillas as Stalin had trouble with after World War Two if war comes to the Ukraine. This means the war may extend to Poland and the Baltic States and further. Stalin after World War Two faced guerrilla wars for a number of years in Poland and the Ukraine that the US desires now to replicate as they fostered those wars against Stalin. This will keep Germany in line and NATO on Russia’s border while the US goes after China in the east with Japan and South Korea as in 1949.

After the end of World War II, the Polish communist army—the People’s Army of Poland—fought extensively against the UPA (Ukrayins’ka Povstans’ka Armiya). The UPA remained active and fought against the People’s Republic of Poland until 1947, and against the Soviet Union until 1949. It was particularly strong in the Carpathian Mountains, the entirety of Galicia and in Volhynia—in modern Western Ukraine. By the late 1940s, the mortality rate for Soviet troops fighting Ukrainian insurgents in Western Ukraine was higher than the mortality rate for Soviet troops during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. Between February 1943 and May 1945, unlike most resistance movements, it had no significant foreign support. Its growth and strength were a reflection of the popularity it enjoyed among the people of Western Ukraine. Outside of western Ukraine, support was not significant, and the majority of the Soviet eastern Ukrainian population considered, and at times still viewed, the OUN/UPA to have been primarily collaborators with the Germans. 

It is important to note that the OSS planning against their ally Stalin started before the war ended. Reinhard Gehlen received from MI-6 the highly secret Churchill’s political intelligence appreciation in February, 1944 as a feeler to German Intelligence to prepare to ally with the west against its ally Russia. OSS James Jesus Angleton was preparing for the Cold War against Russia in 1944-1945. Stalin would be faced with Chiang Kai-shek on their eastern side. Stalin took care of Chiang through Mao. This is discussed in the next link as it relates to Russia’s west.

Operation Gladio – False Flag Terrorism: BBC Timewatch [1992] Full Documentary

The video is quite interesting in the discussion of the execution of Aldo Moro. It was one of the CIA’s most brilliant accomplishments. Here they infiltrated the Red Brigades with highly trained Special Forces who had the ability to carry out a kidnapping of a head of state that the the college kids in the Red Brigades could never have done, and so the Red Brigades were blamed for a CIA hit to block Moro from a fusion government with the communists allied to Russia.

This was far superior to the sloppy liquidations of Jack and Bobby Kennedy. The CIA was infuriated at Jack for the Bay of Pigs cowardice which led to the Cuban Missile Crisis that Eisenhower was brought into as they were concerned tens of millions of Americans could die in a nuclear strike along the east coast of the US over this Kennedy’s cowardice at the Bay of Pigs. This was triggering the Cuban Missile Crisis as Russia thought he was a coward. Eisenhower was beside himself on how dangerous Jack was without his father running things. Eisenhower was an assassin in World War Two killing among others Admiral Darlan and the Polish General Sikorsky and it is said by OSS sources that Eisenhower had Patton killed to prevent this very popular general from running for President. Sikorsky was troubling Stalin and Darlan had surrendered his French forces in North Africa but though that saved many American lives was unpopular in the US.

In 1978 Steve Pieczenik was a special envoy for President Carter to Italy to assist in the search for Italy’s Prime Minister Aldo Moro. As an international crisis manager and hostage negotiator in the State Department, Pieczenik was sent to Italy on March 16, 1978, the day Moro was kidnapped, and was involved in the negotiations for his release. He was part of a “crisis committee” headed by Francesco Cossiga, the interior minister. Moro was held for 54 days. Pieczenik said the committee was jolted into action by the fear that Moro would reveal state secrets in an attempt to free himself. Moro’s widow, Eleonora, later said Henry Kissinger had warned her husband against his strategy of Historic Compromise (Compromesso storico). “You will pay dearly for it,” he is alleged to have said. A false statement attributed to the Red Brigades was leaked saying that Moro was dead which was actually an order for the Special Forces to terminate him with extreme prejudice. Pieczenik claimed that this had a dual purpose: to prepare the Italian public for the worst, and to let the Red Brigades know that the state would not negotiate for Moro and considered him already dead. Moro was shot and placed in the back of a car in central Rome, midway between the headquarters of the Communist Party and the Christian Democrats. In a documentary Cossiga admitted the committee had made the decision to release the false statement. Pieczenik said that Moro had been “sacrificed” for Italy’s “stability”.

Russia stands in a strong position to act this time around as outlined in the next link. A war would disrupt the world food supply if it took place and Russia forces have the capacity to reach the English Channel within two weeks of the commencement of war.


Russian wheat exports are around 31.5 million tons and those of the Ukraine 24 million tons. World exports are 184.3 million tons. If these Russian and Ukrainian wheat exports were cut off in a war, or 30% of the world supply, it is estimated that there could be severe world starvation in importing countries as well as a massive rise in wheat prices that would significantly contribute to inflation in the US next year wiping out the Democrats in the mid-term elections. Already the world faces skyrocketing fertilizer costs linked to carbon fuel price rises that will decrease world production of food driving prices up. This would be a catastrophe for Biden and the Democrats.

I add additional points.

Russia’s Missile Warning, US Faces Checkmate at the Ukraine | Operation Disclosure Official

David Lifschultz


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