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This Scarecrow in lace panties is a person who wants to decide the fate of humanity, that is, OUR FATE. This SOMETHING decided that it had the right, along with the rest of the crazies, to decide our future.

This SOMETHING solved and organized also Covid and vaccination. This SOMETHING did it along with his students: pedophiles, perverts and monsters.


Video in Russian. I transcribed it into English.


And the school of the dictator in Schwab, or the plan for the great reset.

The agency economists believe that the latent Italian political and corporate leaders are using the current global situation with the aim of collapsing national economies and introducing a global digital currency.

But how did it happen that over one hundred and ninety governments around the world ended up fighting this situation in the same way, with hidden factions now becoming commonplace everywhere?

The answer may lie in the school of young global leaders created by the governed by the World Economic Forum and through which many of today prominent political and business leaders have passed the German economist, journalists, writers, and artists. Wolf revealed some facts about the school to young global leaders that are directly related to today events.

Ernst Wolff is best known as a critic of the head of the Russian financial system, but recently he has focused on stating what he sees as a hidden agenda behind various constraints on strong action around the world. This story begins with the World Economic Forum, a kind of nongovernmental organization created by the class step in Switzerland in one thousand nine hundred and seventy a year, when he was only thirty-two years old, the annual conference that he holds in Switzerland to eight, the purpose of which is to bring together political and business leaders from all over the world to discuss urgent problems.

Today and tomorrow. Today it is one of the most important networks in the world. We also finance several thousand transnational corporations for the head of the Russian power elite. In one thousand nine hundred and eighty-seven, the World Economic Form was called the European form of the manager of the moment, and already at his first meeting in February one thousand nine hundred and seventy, he managed to bring together four hundred and forty leaders from thirty-one countries of the world, which, as he notes, would be an unexpected achievement for anyone something like a mop.

But the real surname of the head of the People before his decided various private contacts during his university education, including studying with an interesting person and former national security adviser Henry Jerome Songs and shows Was there a business school, was engaged in planning its own forms of the moment and Harvard was eventually delegated to the task of this organization to him. Initially, this form only gathered people from the economic sphere, but soon it began to attract politicians, eminent personalities, the media, as well as many celebrities. In one thousand nine hundred and ninety a year, he founded the parallel educational institutions of the school of global leaders of tomorrow, which in two thousand a year was transformed into young global leaders very much and this school must apply for admission, and then go through a thorough bank.

 In 1992, the first schooling included many people who later became important political figures, such as Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy, and now there are about a thousand graduates of this school. The list of such graduates includes several names of those who later became the heads of medical institutions in their countries. Four of them are former and current ministers of health in Germany and other famous names.

The arrests of this school. The Prime Minister of the New Thailand Russians, proud to severely restrict real measures, have been praised by various world bodies. French President Sebastian, who until recently was the chancellor of Austria. Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Jean-Claude Juncker, former Prime Minister of Luxembourg, also President of the European Commission. She is like the leader of the German Green Party, which was the party first candidate for chancellor in federal elections at twenty twenty a year.

We also find on this list a California governor who studied would have gone two thousand a year. We will also see the current US Secretary of Transportation, the work of the guide, who is a very recent graduate of this school. All of these politicians who have been in power for the past two years have advocated a tough restriction. The strong measures, which also led to a significant increase in their power and the respective governments on the list of graduates of this school, are not limited only to political leaders. We also find many private business giants, including Bill Gates of Microsoft, Jeff John Richard of the eruptions of Galaxy C, and Chelsea Clinton of the Clinton Foundation.

They also expressed support for the global restriction, and many have made significant profits. And as a result of the measures taken, the people behind the world economic forms, as well as the schools of tomorrow young global leaders, really determine who will be the political leader. Although the majority emphasize that they do not believe that the class itself makes such decisions, but is just simply a mediator.

He also points out that among the graduates of the school are not only Americans and Europeans, but also people from Asia, Africa, South America, which indicates that it is really widespread throughout the world. In two thousand and twelve, world economic form founded another institution called the Community of Global Formations, which brings together individuals under thirty from around the world who, in their opinion, have great, daring potential.

To date, more than ten thousand participants have passed through this program, and they regularly meet in four locations in the city. Wolff also believes that this is another testing ground where future political leaders are selected, tested and trained before they are placed in the global political apparatus. Ernst Wolff notes that very few graduates of the School of Global Leadership indicate this on their resumes.

He also reports that passers-by at this school like to include even critics of the system in their ranks, since another name among its graduates is Grigorova, a German salary. The head of the World Petition Council is less than Mark, who was in her class in two thousand and ten. Wang believes this is because the organization wants to present itself as fair and balanced, although it also wants its critics to be under complete control.

Another common feature of these alumni is that most of them have very poor regions, except that they participated in the program even before they were promoted to leadership positions, which may indicate that it is their connection with Mop establishments is a decisive factor early in your career. This is most obvious when a public school graduate is asked about problems that they have not been instructed about in advance, and the attempts to find answers are often quite ludicrous. Vasiliev argues that their role is only to act as speaking puppets.

Considering the great dissatisfaction with the measures applied in practice by the graduates of this school, who are now national and leaders, believes that perhaps these people were chosen for their willingness to do whatever they were told, and that they are set to failure so that the subsequent reaction could be used to justify the creation of a new global form of government.

 Indeed, Wolff notes that politicians with unique personalities and strong original views have become rare, and that their meekness has been the hallmark of national leaders over the past thirty years. Adherence to the strict Bolshevik line was dictated by their curator and above.

This was especially evident in the reaction of most countries to the current situation, when politicians, who did not know anything about it, suddenly declared a serious crisis that justified domestic restrictions, the closure of the enterprise and the complete destruction of the economy. It is very difficult to determine exactly how this school works, but Wolf was able to learn a thing or two about it.

During the early years of school, members of each class met several times throughout the year, including ten days. Meeting The Leadership Coach at Harvard Business School believes that by meeting with classmates and becoming part of a wider network, alumni then establish the contacts they rely on in their future careers. Today the school's curriculum includes courses offered over a period of five years at regular intervals, which in some cases may coincide with the beginning of the political or professional careers of some of its participants.

That is, they will regularly attend before you, Emmanuel, Crimea and St. Petersburg schools were selected at least five years ago. This means that they regularly attended programs related to young global leaders while already in their political office, and in fact still attends them today. Graduates from all of these schools are in a very advantageous position, given that they will then have access to a huge network of contacts.

The current Trustees of the World Economic Forum's Village Council include celebrities such as Christina, the former director of the International Monetary Fund and the current president of the European Central Bank, the Queen of Jordan and earlier, who ranks the building as one of the most powerful women in the world, and as the desire of Fink , CEO of the corporation, the largest international investment management corporations, which manage $ 9 million annually, trace the connections between the school alumni.

You can see that they continue to rely on each other to support their initiatives long after they participated in the Global Leadership Programs. Many prominent universities also play a role in the process of defining global economic forms, and that they should no longer be considered an acting group outside the realm of economics politics, such as the Harvard Business School, which receives millions of dollars annually from dollars, and the Harvard School of Public Health. which was in front of schools by accident, after receiving three hundred and fifty million dollars from Hong Kong from a billionaire.

And the same could be said for the Prince Wives School of Public Health, which became the Bloomberg Jeans School. Militias after week-long tycoon Michael Bloomberg donated one point eight-tenths of $ two thousand and eighteen billion a year to the school. Wolff says the impact of the World Economic Forum goes far beyond those who have gone through these programs, with so many more people attending the annual conference, denouncing, than many suspect.

We have received information that about 1,500 private jets annually take visitors to this form of congested airport in Switzerland. Key Activities of the World Economic Forum Ask to develop high-level cooperation between big business and national and government, as we already see with you. It can also be noted that a British company is processing migrants for the British government, but how does it manage around the world, besides many of its other activities?

The publications on the meeting also reported that the Bill Gates Foundation has received about billions of US dollars in various social benefits from the spread of the slurry. Even before all this began, one can only imagine what the profits of his fund today are. Digital technology, now ubiquitous, also plays a prominent role in the global conspiracy of the elite. Wolf points out that Term Corporation is now run by Fink. He is also a graduate of one of these schools, and this corporation is currently the largest adviser to central banks on the planet and has been collecting data on the global financial system for over thirty years and undoubtedly has a better understanding of how this system works even better than the central banks themselves.

… One of the goals of the current policy pursued by governments in many countries is to disrupt the business of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs so that multinationals based in the United States can analyze the business everywhere of the company formed, which until recently was led by a graduate of global leaders. The business has made huge profits and as a result of the isolation measures devastating the shah, the middle class in Alpha claims that the ultimate goal of dominating large platforms is the introduction of digital banking currencies.

Literally over the past few months, the Chinese international financial form, which is similar to the world economic form, has proposed to introduce digital, which, in turn, can be analyzed by the Internet using the Edim currency network, which is based on the platform. It was by chance. It is interesting that Vadim is the successor of Strong Currency, or which was first announced in the alphabet of St. Petersburg.

All of this indicates that a global currency that will surpass the strength of the dollar, or Vanya, and is governed by direct cooperation of Chinese, European and American businesses. This is currently being discussed on the International Financial Forum supervisory board including names such as Christina, the benefit of the World Economic Forum, Jean Claude, the former president of the European Central Bank, and Hor Skiller, the former head of the International Monetary Fund. Wolf goes on to explain that the castles and subsequent rescue measures that have been seen around the world over the past two years have brought many countries to the brink of bankruptcy. To avoid an economic catastrophe, the governments of the countries of the world have resorted to the use of five hundred and fifty billion dollars of special state borrowing rights, which are additional foreign exchange reserve assets unmanaged international, foreign exchange, stock.

And when the payoff eventually comes, it puts those same governments in dire straits. Therefore, the introduction of digital currency has become a sudden priority, and it may be a hidden goal blocked all this time. Two European countries are already ready to start using digital currencies. These are Sweden, Switzerland, and perhaps it is not accidental, but in Sweden there were practically no restrictions, and Switzerland took only very light measures.

Wang believes that the reason for this may be that these countries did not need to destroy their economies through various isolation measures, because they were already ready to start using digital currency even before this global situation began. Waltz also says there may be a new round in preparation.

There was a quote that would do away with the global economy forever, leading to massive unemployment and, in turn, the introduction of universal income, as well as the use of digital currency controlled by the central bank. This currency can be limited both in terms of what people can spend it on, as well as in terms of the time frame in which it needs to be spent, not to mention total surveillance. In addition, Wolf points out that the inflation that is currently observed around the world is an inevitable consequence of the fact that national governments, having received the courts of central banks, have invested approximately twenty trillion dollars in the global economy in less than two years.

While the support was directed at the marketplace, the common people did not get anything, and as a result, this has led to higher prices for products that ordinary people spend their money on, such as food. According to Wolf, and from all this, the final conclusion should be made that democracy in the form in which we knew it was tacitly abolished and that, although the appearance of democratic processes remains in our countries, the fact remains the study of how governance in everything the world today shows that the elite of super-rich and influential people effectively control everything that happens in politics, which is especially evident in relation to blocks of frameworks and restrictions.

According to Wolff, the best way to fight them for adults is simply to tell people what is happening and to make people realize that the current world situation is a complete lie, designed to force people to accept things that are contrary to their own interests. If even ten percent of ordinary citizens find out about this and take action, it could hinder the plans of the elite and, possibly, open the eyes of ordinary citizens to regain control over their destiny.

Video in Russian https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ymm1ZWNCZW0

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