Steve Beckow: From Global Currency Reset to Great Reset


Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Steve Beckow

December 6, 2021

From Global Currency Reset to Great Reset

It doesn’t matter what the issue seems to be, the cabal will jump onboard.

For our Global Currency Reset, they match us with their Great Reset.

They call their storms and floods “climate change,” running away with that issue. We call them weather warfare.

Search on some sacred word in Google Images and chances are you’ll have to wade through several pages of rock bands of the same name or dark movies with the same title. I dunno. I think there’s method in that.

Shoot to kill in Ascension, Texas. No one leaves Ascension alive. That kind of thing?


I’m surprised they haven’t found a way to corrupt #MeToo.

We know how hip hop was corrupted. (1) We can see satanic influences in more and more Hollywood presentations, with more and more Hollywood actors flaunting it.

We’ve faced a growing, coordinated attack of the dark upon whatever they conceive of as the Light since the Second World War.

And it’s taking a great deal to wake us up to that fact. People just do not want to believe that their government is capable of wanting to kill them all off. But the sad truth is it is and it does.

Much of what we regarded as “conspiracy theory” is being shown to be true: The JFK assassination, 9/11, “Osama bin Laden,” mass shootings, pandemics, etc.

Unfortunately for Team Dark, time has run out. The Piscean Age is finishing with an expulsion of darkness. Not of dark people but of dark-ness. The Aquarian Age won’t support it.

In the explosion of Light that Ascension involves, the dark will find it hard-to-impossible to continue. (2) Once the decision to go has been made at soul level, I understand that the outcome nowadays quickly follows.


I remember what life was like in the Fifties. Peaceful. Happy. Productive.  Never mind that everyone was probably exhausted from a Depression and a war. Never mind that they probably fought behind closed doors.

All I knew of it outside my family was peace and happiness. I could leave my bike on the lawn. It was unthinkable that anyone would take it. Doors were never locked and no one even gave it a thought. We just barged in  everywhere. It was how things were.

So I know it’s possible.  And I hear from the Mother that it’s inevitable because it’s her Plan. I look forward to the return of peace, not just locally but all around the planet.


(1) See “The Secret Meeting that Changed Rap Music and Destroyed a Generation,” June 30, 2020, at and “Facts about Hip-Hop and Prison for Profit,” July 15, 2019, at

(2) They’ll die of natural causes or by any other available means (pandemics will work fine). The Mother explains:

“They will either die beforehand or die during, because they cannot incorporate the level of the love energy – because that is what Ascension is – they cannot incorporate that and it literally… you have heard of situations, especially you [K]… have heard of situations where people’s hearts simply stop or explode for no explained reason.” ( “Universal Mother Mary’s Ascension Splash!,” channeled by Linda Dillon, May 31, 2017 at



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