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We live in a Constitutional Republic. This means our elected representatives are supposed to secure our freedoms which are guaranteed by the Constitution. We’re not really going to stay free if we just sit by and watch our freedoms get taken away. 


The media today has a biased agenda. One of their favorite phrases is: “conspiracy theory”. This is a trick to make you think they are the only ones with “real” news. Don’t rely on the regular news outlets exclusively for your information. Keep in mind, all of the TV, radio and other news outlets are owned by the same corrupt elites on the planet that are turning it into a cesspool. So, always take what the news media says with a grain of salt.

If a person gets their news only from the mainstream media, their view of the world becomes skewed. They also can become easily led. 


Today’s health authorities are also often corrupt. Don’t be passive in your own health-related decisions. Learn the facts for yourself. Many of the leaders making health decisions for all of us, such as Bill Gates, Soros and Fauci, aren’t even medical professionals. Watch out for those who have “depopulation agendas”.


If you rely for any sort of advice on “authority”, it could cause harm to you or your loved ones. Many “authorities” in the world are motivated by money. Learn the facts for yourself. Do your own homework on a subject, and get your information from reliable sources if you can’t look for yourself.

Morals & Freedoms

For years people have watched as the world’s morals and freedoms eroded. It’s not too late to turn this around, but you need to wake yourself up first.





We will never be truly free without responsibility. Each one of us has a responsibility to both the present and future generations. When we see things we know are wrong, we need to do something. Don’t just watch bad things happen without at least trying to do something about it.

Each of us should have a way to contact our local, state and federal representatives. When we have questions or need help with an issue, we can email or call them. Or, we can try to do something on our own to help fix the situation.


People can actually be quite unconscious to what’s really going on in the world. Our planet is in trouble, but the way to save it is NOT through enacting more mandates and laws. The best way to fix the troubles of our planet is by raising the consciousness of its people, i.e., wake people up to what’s really going on on this planet. This will make a better, safer, cleaner, healthier, happier and more loving world. It’s really the only way.

Consciousness is akin to awareness, but it’s also attitudes and actions. Higher levels of consciousness are quite spiritual. There are degrees of being awake or asleep. Our planet’s and humanity’s survival depends upon all of us “waking up” and moving into higher levels of consciousness.

The following is a list of very effective ways to raise one’s consciousness. No matter where you are in your spiritual development, the items on this list will help you grow in a more positive, good and perfect direction.




How to Raise Our Level of Consciousness

  • Stop believing everything you are told. Learn to look for yourself, think for yourself and use discernment.
  • Develop your gut instincts and moral compass of what’s right or wrong and true or false. 
  • Be responsible for your God-given body. You will be a lot healthier if you learn to observe your own body, and give it the healthy food, etc. that it needs.
  • Begin to shift your focus towards helping others. You will be happier and probably healthier. There is great pleasure in helping others. It’s a whole different experience to think of the other guy first and yourself later.
  • Learn how to rid yourself of negative thoughts and emotions (fear, anger, hatred, resentment…). They won’t help you or anyone else. 
  • Don’t be worried or afraid. Instead, direct your energies in a positive direction.
  • Realize your thoughts have a great impact on your level of health, life & happiness.
  • No matter how active you are or what the excuse, you still need to somehow find time to BE a citizen.
  • Have courage to question norms, mandates, election anomalies, traditions.
  • Read the bible. Do you notice that Jesus was/is trying to wake us all up and raise our consciousness?
  • Forgive others. Don’t hold grudges.
  • Don’t be prideful, selfish or self-centered. 
  • Tolerate and respect different opinions and beliefs.
  • Don’t force yourself on others. Everyone has free will.
  • Be objective. Don’t focus on conflict.
  • Be honest, and be true to yourself. Don’t care what others think.
  • Use all experiences as learning experiences, helping you achieve your life goals.
  • Develop your ability to love.
  • Start using your heart vs your head.
  • Be in NOW. 
  • Watch out for evil beings, and stay away from them.


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