New York Intel (Week 2 Special): Election Fraud Report


Operation Disclosure | By Royel Madison, Contributing Writer

Submitted on December 2, 2021

New York Intel: Patriots United

Week 2 Special Report: Election Fraud Report

Helping To Keep You In The Know and In The NOW

The 2020 USA Presidential Election was overwhelmingly filled with Fraud

Our election process was illegally re-designed and changed, some of it was done in the courts but in an anti-Constitutional manner.  This was intentionally done to create an environment for rampant fraud to occur.  In addition to the election process changes, much other criminal fraud had occurred in this election.  Elections should be free and fair, accurate and trustworthy which this election was not.  Time magazine “a well-funded cabal of powerful people…working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, instruct media coverage and control information process flows”.   For years this Deep State cabal were putting their combined best, multifaceted efforts into plotting to steal this election from President Trump and the people.

News Media published much fake news which damaged Trump and censored real news in their illegal and anti-Constitution campaign efforts for the Democrats.  They spread disinformation about President Donald Trump, the Republican for the 2020 USA Presidential election. The media created fake news about Trump and Russia colluding to win the election; there was never any proof of this, the news media fabricated these untrue stories that were very harmful to the Trump conservative campaign.  The news media gave the public misinformation regarding the status of the polls by saying Biden was winning by such a large amount and that Trump had no chance which kept many disheartened Republicans at home away from the polls.


Meanwhile the news media covered up unfavorable news about Joe Biden, the Democrat for the 2020 USA Presidential election.  The media and Big Tech suppressed international corruption of the Biden family business with China, Ukraine, etc. that directly and materially implicated Joe Biden beyond all doubt. This information is conflict of interest and perhaps criminal which should have disqualified Joe Biden from being able to run for President.

Much more happened that should have disqualified the entire election.  Election observers in Atlanta were told to go home for the night, but then the workers kept counting the votes. They even counted votes beyond the election deadline.  Democrats got many states and counties to change voting systems.  Dominion Voting Systems were made for fraud and may be half owned by China; IT security experts warned that these machines can easily switch votes without the voter or poll watcher ever knowing it happened.  The voting machines used have other serious security flaws.  Also, many un-updated voter rolls that had many dead people and people who moved out of state were a security issue especially in instances when voter rolls had more voters than there were legal age voters in the state.  The election process was privatized which should not have been allowed especially since they then rigged the results.  A corrupt news media corrupted the integrity of our election.

Big Tech censored republicans and manipulated news to support political agendas. Twitter censored Trump’s tweets and republicans’ opinions.  Facebook censored conservatives as well, as did others.  They used algorithms to decrease republicans’ visibility.  Google did the same and interfered with search results. (The alternative DuckDuckGo search website should be utilized by Patriots since it is benevolent.)  In doing so they brazenly and knowingly helped to manipulate public opinion, i.e., election interference which is criminal.

Imagine if you will a world where every Tweet and Meme must be fact-checked but not a ballot.  They call it the Twilight Zone.

Democrats Party created a false flag public health crisis in order to change the voting processes, rules and laws that enabled very much more fraud to occur.  As a result of the Wuhan China virus (created in a Wuhan lab) aka coronavirus, a plandemic (a planned fake pandemic) gripped the world thereby providing an excuse for wide electoral reforms. Many electoral rules were changed by courts without the consent of knowledgeable legislators whose duty it is to write the electoral rules, i.e., which is anti-Constitution and criminal.  These last-minute reforms (combined with the fear the news medias created about the plandemic) enabled the electoral system to be flooded with tens of millions of mail-in ballots which knowingly enabled and indeed led to very much fraud. Very many mail-in ballots that were not filled out properly were still counted but should not have been.  It has long been known that absentee ballots can be the largest source of election fraud.  Some countries ban mail-in voting because it leaves too much room for fraud.  Many other election standard procedures were either lowered or eliminated, thereby leaving even more room for fraud.  Marc Elias, the Democrats power elections lawyer succeeded at having many voting laws changed in courts throughout the country.  Official Observers were kept away from ballot counting even when they did have a legal right to be there; such obstruction of the electoral process creates an unfair election which should have been nullified.  For example, in populous cities they said that they either stopped counting or took breaks but they actually kept counting without observers which caused huge increases in votes for Biden. Our beloved Constitution says state legislatures are to oversee elections but this did not happen in this election; hence, this election was anti-Constitutional.  I watched a video of workers closing the counting room then they pulled cases of ballots out from under the table and started counting them without observers present which is an entirely illegal criminal act.  Moreover, outside groups even supervised the counting of ballots without state legislatures present.

Some States’ laws say if it is shown that enough problems occurred to cast doubt on the election then a new election is to be held, e.g., in Georgia they found more than enough illegal votes to require the election to be re-done and there were more invalid votes than the margin of victory that can easily overturn the results to the rightful winner.  Democrats used Wuhan China virus as an excuse to open mail-in balloting early in September; sending out millions of ballots.  Democrats tried to falsely impeach Trump with no evidence except for fake news widely broadcasted by the corrupt news media.  Democrats created racial tension for their political party’s gain – when the policemen involved in the George Floyd killing were black, white and Asian they had their corrupt news media say they were racist whites in order to provoke riots and unfairly gain votes.  Additionally, many top Democrats started political violence by telling people to attack Republicans. These were brazenly committed criminal acts.

Corporations’ hostile to the Republicans funded illegal third-party ballot harvesting and ballot management.  Corporations also funded left-winged activists who helped create violent riots. There was widespread privatization of election systems that were funded by Mark Zuckerberg who gave $400 million and more Democratic billionaires donated to similar illegal activities. They also gave $multi-million grants to public election commissions that came with plenty of strings attached.

Cartoon of a sneaky tippy-toeing masked criminal with a big ballot harvesting sack over his shoulder.

Pfizer and the FDA actually had the vaccine ready for approval while Trump was in office but they held its release until Biden was in office to make him look good instead.  Corporations like Amazon, Microsoft, Intel etc. funded anarchist and Marxist groups such as Black Lives Matter, Antifa etc. who then went on to tear down historic figure statues, commit crimes and wreak havoc country-wide.


Courts including the Supreme Court did not act properly in defending the integrity of the election. Our courts effectively allowed election fraud to occur.  The Deep State is heavily embedded within our society.

Republican Campaign could have and should have fought harder against the Democrats elections lawyer, who very much so helped to steal this election in court, much earlier than when they did which helped contribute to the Republican loss.  Was this by design or not…

Anyway, these are criminals who are now being dealt with by the military.  This is the same in many other countries throughout the world as the cabal criminally manipulates for control of everything including control of the people.  Time magazine said the election was won by a cabal of powerful people (the Deep State or Cabal et al).

This election was unfair, had very many integrity issues and was re-designed to enable undetectable fraud.  This election was not free nor fair and could not and should not be trusted.  America’s choice was Trump but it was illegally manipulated, in many more ways than one, to reflect Biden with the most votes.  This is not right!  And it was all being observed and recorded in real time by the military to catch the criminals in the act.

We The People Do Not Concede To An Unfair, Illegally Rigged Election.  Many States are now auditing their elections and are expected to declare the real winner which is rightfully so President Trump.  Patriots cannot wait for this to happen!!  Because then he takes the helm again to really clean up the criminal, shadow empire that is so deeply entrenched, while getting the economy and our country back on a benevolent and successful track.  Trump is working very hard behind the scenes as he commands the USA military and other countries’ militaries to eliminate the cabal et al.


Donald J. Trump Tweet on June 22, 2020

President Donald Trump’s Facebook video declared the election had been stolen…because of “monstrous fraud.” “The truth is: We won the election by a landslide, we won it big,” Trump said in his video… “overwhelming election fraud.”

• Pennsylvania broke state law by suspending signature verification requirements.  And many statistically impossible anomalies that occurred for Biden in this state – we have some good videos on this to show you.

• Michigan’s Democrat secretary of state “illegally flooded the state with absentee ballot applications” even though Michigan law strictly limits the distribution of absentee ballots.

• Wisconsin’s Democrat cities deployed over 500 unmanned, unsecured ballot drop boxes.  And, over 82,000 ballots went mysteriously missing in the state.


Tim Ramthun the State Representative of Wisconsin put forward a powerful resolution to decertify the election based on large scale voter fraud evidence found: including 44,272 voters who did not show proper voter identification (which alone is more than twice the margin necessary for a republican win), thousands of emails that show election manipulation by Mark Zuckerberg’s funding, irregularities in the state’s voter registrations like 400 voters at a single address, the Wisconsin Election Commission committing felony crimes by knowingly ordering illegal voting at nursing homes, and so much more.

• Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger started processing ballots “weeks before Election Day” and also “destroyed the signature verification systems in violation of the law.”

• Absentee ballot rejection rates proved that “hundreds of thousands of illegitimate ballots” had been counted in key states, which was “sufficient to change the election results all in their own.”

• “The same phenomena occurred in Pennsylvania and other states,” Trump said. “They were accepting all of these ballots, many of which were absolutely illegal.”

• The rejection rates for ballots in most states, he added, were “magically” the lowest they had been. “The only possible explanation is that tens of thousands of ballots were unlawfully processed … hundreds and hundreds of witnesses have come forward to testify under penalty of perjury about the cheating and fraud they saw with their own eyes.”

• There is a video showing security camera footage from Georgia “that shows officials telling poll watchers to leave the room before pulling suitcases of ballots out from under the tables and continuing to count for hours.”

• 11-24-2021 Statement by Donald J. Trump, Great President of the United States of America:

The Unselect Committee issued a subpoena to Bernie Kerik, an American Patriot and great former Police Commissioner of New York City, for its Jan. 6th Witch Hunt, but didn’t realize what they were demanding is a massive trove of evidence of Voter Fraud. According to Bernie’s lawyer, these documents show significant indicators of fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election Scam, but have remained hidden from the public. It is exactly what the Unselect Committee should be interested in—if this was a real investigation.

Bernie wants to comply with the subpoena with a public hearing, and asked me to waive attorney-client privilege so Bernie can testify and provide documents, which I grant him. The Unselect Committee will not like what they asked for!

The 2020 USA President election system was rigged, the criminals were many, they brazenly committed the crimes in the light of day as if they were untouchable. Many things that the federal, state and local governments have been doing are Anti-Constitutional. The corporations, the Democrats and everyone involved in this mass crime against the people of the United States of America should be held accountable for their actions.  The solution for this lawlessness is for the military to step up which they have been doing.  The military should and is capturing those involved in this great fraud in order to process them through military courts and punishment.  The people may need to rise to help in this very important matter.  The people cannot allow the Deep State to control the system any longer as it will be complete tyranny if enough people do not act to do something about this now.  Put down the popcorn.  Be a part of this Great Purge of Evil war in any and every way possible.  Wake others now.  Help others now.  Hold the Light.


We will soon post this and much more on this topic. We also have some great videos on this to share and we will be adding more to it. We can use some financial help so that we can establish contribute more to this epic subject.

Royel Madison

Royel Madison is a Contributing Writer and a Lightworker here for the human experience and for The Great Transformation On Earth. What an honor it is to be here at this very special time. Thank you and God Bless you.


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