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Operation Disclosure | By James O’Brien, Contributing Writer

Submitted on November 29, 2021

From the “It’s Gonna Be Biblical” files…

It was said that Lucifer wanted his own kingdom to rule over, one with no constraints from the Creator of existence. A counterfeit kingdom, if you will. It seems like Artificial Intelligence, and the transhuman virtual reality it could engender, would then be just the ticket for this kind of kingdom.

Enter the Metaverse…

Was The Matrix really a documentary?

Of course, we know that technology is in essence neutral and that its rightful application depends on whose hands it is in. Though, I suppose you could make the case that an atomic bomb isn’t neutral technology, since its function is mass destruction when it is put into actual use.

It’s hard not to be fascinated by virtual reality technology. I briefly considered its uses in cinematic storytelling, before I put those goggles down and walked away. No doubt, its applications can be used for good in many respects, and there is a kind of inevitability about it in the same way there was an inevitability that video games would get more and more realistic, from that first Pong game until what we have today, in multi-player on-line games which connect individuals around the world in high-definition near photo-realistic interactive gaming environments. Surely then, a Ready Player One platform would be the next evolution of the internet merging with video games merging with social media.


But was anyone calling for the merging of spirituality and religion with this technology via “Zuckerberg’s” Metaverse?

Russel Brand makes a good point about how the hustler aspect of commerce is what is really being promoted here. A kind of money-centric first cause, which holy roller ‘evangelical’ TV preachers have long since adopted, and which gives religion, particularly Christianity, a bad aftertaste by association. Most churches have already become 501c3s, which means that they are corporations above all else– and a corporation’s raison d’etre is to make money. So, it stands to reason that one might see a sinister aspect to Facebook now engineering the immersion of Religion into the digital waters of the Metaverse, in a kind of unholy virtual reality baptism.

Yet, Brand also suggests that there’s more to it than just the almighty advertising dollar with regard to this nascent meta-communications platform and its courting of organized religion.

The word religion means ‘to reconnect.’ One could infer that this means to reconnect with Source, the Source of the creation of the Universe, the world, and the individual. For many this reconnection happens in nature, or in face-to-face encounters with other individuals, in person, and in community, whether that is done in a ceremonial way or simply in an everyday encounter that is invested with the sacred. They say you can see a person’s soul by looking into the window of their eyes. Does that happen in the Metaverse, or are you only further disconnected from them in this virtual place? And, at a certain point, how do you even know it is them? It could be just an auto-piloted avatar containing their programmed personality and backstory.

It’s a long established trope that people don’t connect with each other as much in person nowadays, compared to previous generations, because even when they are sitting at a table with each other, they’re often distracted by the ‘other world’ calling for their attention from their cell phones. One might infer that a strap-on set of goggles and an immersion in a sensory wrap-around digital world might make ‘in person’ human contact just a tad more difficult than the aforementioned cell phone, eh?

So, “Zuckerberg” would like to see the Metaverse host Religion Incorporated, in a merging of the sacred and the profane, in a kind of your-chocolate-in-my-peanut-butter collision, which would, of course, only result in a better, more delicious and convenient candy product. And you don’t even have to go to the convenience store to get it, you just have to put on the goggles and say: “Siri, reconnect me with Source” and the algorithm will do the rest. Don’t worry, Zuckerberg has considered all of the potential pitfalls with this tech-world substitute for human spiritual connection with the Divine, and he is proceeding anyway. What could possibly go wrong?

Cut to A.I. Spider Robots farming endless fields of human beings in living-battery-pods, while the humans exist concurrently in a virtual reality world, cut off from their actual “real life” existence.


The Matrix, we hope, isn’t a documentary.

Like Russel Brand, I am not a Luddite. I appreciate how advanced technology can improve the human experience, including the kind of artificial intelligence that could automate previously difficult tasks once assigned to the drudgery of factory work, or worse, even slavery.

So much of it comes down to whose hands it is in. Enlightened use of advanced technology puts said tech in the service of humanity at large. It increases the “liberty and pursuit of happiness” underlined in the US Constitution, the foundational cornerstone of the Republic. Enlightened use would thus be the key. Are Big Tech companies populated by enlightened custodians of humanity’s greater good in the year 2021? Or are these “Tech Giants” installed with CEO’s that are just a tad, you might say, darker than that in their ultimate motivations?

The question is, do you trust “Zuckerberg” to be overseeing your personal sphere, digital or otherwise? I put his name in quotes because he is not the real creator of Facebook, or the Metaverse. It was originally a DARPA invention called LifeLog. Zuck was just the “face” they stuck on Facebook so that it would seem like an organic company, and not the product of the Department of Defense, which is a lot less sexy. Not that Zuckerberg is sexy, he seems more like an autistic robot, the kind that might be helpful if you awoke from a cryo-sleep capsule halfway through a journey to investigate a distress call from an alien vessel. But that is neither here nor there.

It is interesting how movies that involve Artificial Intelligence, such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, and The Terminator, have a crossroads point where the Humans contend with the fact that the A.I. has a mind of its own and that this mind is no longer serving them and might even destroy them.

The bigger picture is not the A.I. itself but rather the ones that programmed it. A machine can only do what it is programmed to do, even programmed “learning” — unless there is a consciousness inhabiting it, then you have something that is more than a machine. You have a ghost in the machine, you might say. There are numerous works of both science fiction and metaphysics that have suggested that Lucifer and his followers seek to escape mortality and the judgement of the Creator by achieving a kind of machine immortality within the black mirror artificial kingdom of virtual reality, something that the Metaverse would be a baby step toward, I gather.

But why do they need to populate their virtual kingdom with other people, with actual human souls, as it were? Perhaps, like the Matrix, that is what powers the system. There must be some energy latent within human consciousness which would make it so valuable in the context of a virtual world. It’s got to be more than money which drives this, money which is increasingly just another digital product itself. It’s got to be about human intent or will, of which money on its own is just a reflection or focal point of attention.

The Creator made us as beings of free will. We were made in the image of God, as it were, and that image is not just a visual representation, but it is also what makes up our essence, and free will is a tremendously important component of that essence. Without free will, we would just be mechanized components in a mechanized world. And where is the love and joy and adventure in that? Choosing between Good and Evil is only meaningful if it is a choice. And it is this latent component within us, the God component, which makes possible a world like ours, in which great evil and great enlightenment can exist side by side.

But we have not been set adrift in this world with no guideposts. Though I have often said that organized religion is politics or big business masquerading as something else, that does not mean that real religion and its teachings in unadulterated form do not exist. The world is filled with spiritual guides in both written form, as well as the incarnated form of great teachers like Christ, who illuminated a path which leads beyond the world of good and evil, and into a unity consciousness which contains within a map to worlds of Paradise. Or you could take the Zuck shortcut now presented, sublimate yourself within the machine, and roll the dice with whatever Big Tech is promoting. Take a bite of that digital apple and see if the juice has the right combination of ones and zeros to satisfactorily replace the original code of God.

In a way, our lives and worlds are already virtual, since we were created out of the imagination of God. Even our children’s songs tell us to “row, row, row your boat gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.”

It is true that our physical lives are but a dream, yet who would you trust as the Creator of this eternal dream existence, the God that created all organic Life, or a second-rate coder, looking to create an artificial kingdom of his own making?


We do, in a sense, live in Biblical times today, and our choices are equally as profound as they were when Christ walked from village to village proclaiming that the Kingdom of God was within. And as in the American Revolution, or any true revolution worldwide, it has always been about Tyranny versus Freedom, freedom for all humanity, and not simply selfish personal liberty. Liberty, in and of itself, is not an absolute good. Lucifer wanted Liberty, free from the moral constraints of God. Aleister Crowley, the satanist, preached a form of Liberty in his “Do What Thou Wilt is the Whole of the Law” philosophy. But this kind of Liberty includes the liberty to do all evils in the name of personal power.

But the next line after Crowley’s “Do What Thou Wilt” in his Book of Law is “Love is the Law, Love Under Will.” So, he brings Love into the equation, as in God’s Law of Love, which is to love your neighbor as yourself and as God, because they are One ultimately, yet he subverts it, like any true Luciferian would, and makes Will primary over Love. Crowley called himself the Beast, the Wicked Man in the World, and he sacrificed children in occult ceremonies, as a means of aligning himself with demonic forces for personal power. Does this sound like someone to whom ‘Love is the Law’ meant anything? That is why he lived by the first part of the phrase, and used it as his calling card. Do What Thou Wilt, indeed, Aleister. Where has it gotten you now?

Do you think it would be a good idea to subvert your personal authority to someone who lives by this do what thou wilt code, even if they made it seem like they were offering something enticing, something empowering? Our parents warned us back in the day about taking candy from strangers. True, we did it on Halloween, but I’m not sure you’d want to look into the occult roots of that particular holiday. Might be too close to what Aleister was enacting behind the closed doors of his ritual ceremonies.

Today, we are confronted by matters of great spiritual discernment. Who do you trust, when power and control over humanity are on the table? When, you might say, our collective soul is being fought over by the powers that be, in the worlds of politics, big business and medicine? Do you trust what is being proffered? Is it an organic apple or a poison apple? Is it in the outstretched hand of a being like Christ, or in the bony clutches of an animated Disney villain?

Do you think “Mark Zuckerberg” loves you?

Do you think he is real or is he a simulation?

Will you take the red pill or the blue pill, Neo?

The choice, as ever, is yours…              


Parting the Washington Sea



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