Steve Beckow: Surviving G-Day on an Infinitely Renewable Resource

Psssst! The real geyser is in the heart!

Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Steve Beckow

November 29, 2021

Surviving G-Day on an Infinitely Renewable Resource

Day by day, things get worse, but it’s unknown to me how much the public is aware of.

Evergrande collapses, threatening markets, which we expect to collapse as well. Election fraud has been proven by several different routes. The deaths from toxic vaccines increase. Lockdowns spread. Vaccine passports loom.

A new strain of a virus which has no more of a fatality rate than the seasonal flu causes whole nations to lock down.

In Australia the cabal is practicing incarceration of the unvaccinated. In New Zealand, severe lockdowns. In Vancouver, Canada, closure of road, rail, and shipping routes. (1)

Like the troops on D-Day, we lightworkers are onboard the ships, ready for embarkation (the Reval), only to have things called for that day on account of bad weather. Only for us it’s more like G-Day (Groundhog Day). The same thing happens day after day.


I want G-Day to become D-Day.

There’s only one thing in creation powerful enough to be of definite use to keep us in any kind of trim throughout this drama and waiting time and that is love. (2) There’s only one diet, one balm, one restorative – love. I know that you know that I mean transformative, transfigurative love.

Only the touch of this higher form of love is enough to revivify us and it does so immediately. That love we have in us; love that we draw up from our hearts on the in-breath, swish around ourselves, and send out to the world on the outbreath, to make room for more love. (3)

I know of nothing that would revive us as quickly or as completely as tasting the love that flows in our very own hearts. That’s the real and original geyser, fountain of youth, gift of the gods.


“Flows in our own hearts.” I no longer see things quite that way. I now see the heart aperture (hridayam) as a door which, when opened, connects us with the higher dimensions. There, love flows freely, eternally. (4)

I’m reminded of the scene in Tomorrowland where the heroine holds the medallion and temporarily ends up in the alternate reality of Tomorrowland.


As long as the door of the heart (the hridayam) remains open, we temporarily end up in the alternate reality of this love. When it shuts, we’re back here, clucking away, scratching the ground with everyone else. (But we remember!)

The experience of this love is like opening your air-conditioned motel-room door in Phoenix on a hot summer day. The blast of hot air almost knocks you over.

The same here. The blast of higher-dimensional love whips through you, taking with it all your impurities. It leaves you pure, which means nothing added to your original design and nothing taken away. Oh, and immersed in love!

No need for med beds here. Nothing can be “wrong” with you while you bathe in the River Jordan, the Ocean of Love.

Love – not vodka, not a cigarette, not sex, vacation, money, or fame – is what we need to flourish. Love is all we need if we want to travel light. As Michael once said to me about my writing, so with love: let it be the last to fall away. (5)

Tangible, impactful, transforming love, flowing up from our hearts, where it exists eternally, waiting to be recognized, is everything we need. And it’s an infinitely-renewable resource.


(1) This latter event is looking more and more like part of an Alliance operation to round up criminals.

In the widest possible view, we have the assurance of the Divine Mother that the cabal will be defeated:

Divine Mother: [I am speaking about] those in … positions where control and abuse of power have been rampant. That will not be the platform [from] which integration of the various galaxies takes place. That is not the Plan.


I know very clearly, sweet one, as do you, if it is not [in] my Plan, then it will not occur. (The Divine Mother in “Enter the Delegations – Part 2/3,” May 5, 2019, at Reading, April 30, 2019.)

(2) And all its divine forms – bliss, ecstasy, peace, joy, etc.

(3) Love must flow. It cannot be contained. Try and it disappears.

(4) We may soon experience a heart opening, also called a singularity, ring of fire, and wave of love. Chances are it’ll be temporary for most. But for some it’ll be a full and permanent heart opening, which we know as Ascension.

On that subject, see/download:

(5)  Archangel Michael: On the list of things to do, let [writing] always be the last thing that falls off. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Feb. 7, 2013.)


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