The Mockingbirds in the Gilded Cage


Operation Disclosure | By B. Patrick Thomas, Contributing Writer

Submitted on November 29, 2021

The Mockingbirds in the Gilded Cage 

This week Simon Parkes had an interview with Doug Billings (11.23.21). During which he hypothesized that Joe Biden was possibly setting up a cancer excuse to resign. This would leave us with Kamala Harris as the new potus. Simon also said that Hillary Clinton (real/clone ?) or Nancy Pelosi would be the new vice president. Certainly, they would HANDLE Harris, thus imposing their policies on America. Theatrics aside, this never-ending show is entering the “jumping the shark” final phase. It appears that there is much more going on than is reported. Moreover, would Hilla the Hun, a known racist, accept being #2 to Harris?  

If the Clinton rumor is true, it explains Jill Biden investigating the process of removing a sitting vice president. After all, what good is Harris as the replacement president, if Obama is still maneuvering to pull the strings? While envisioning the removal of Harris is a pleasant thought. The unbelievable prospect of Clinton as president would detonate the citizenry into beating that shark to death. Because we all know Joey’s 25th Amendment removal would quickly follow.  

Simon says that Obama “did not want the Limelight anymore.” In theory, everything that happened during this Biden regime could be blamed on Obama. In practical terms, it appears, his socialist ass was handed to him by the Alliance team and his fellow party members. Not protected outside of his diminishing bubble-world anymore. The shadow prez was playing checkers to the “A” team’s chess maneuvers.  

If in doubt about Obama’s influence over this administration. Do you think a racist like Biden would appoint Susan Rice to the position of Director, for the Domestic Policy Council? How about Kamala, who called potus a racist, as his vp? Followed by Jill Biden telling Kamala to “go F yourself.” These optics are horrible, and the filled positions do not make sense, unless applying the Barack theory. Of course, Harris retaliated against Biden. She LAID down on the job, as the border was overrun by trespassers. Maybe I am wrong, and she was instead, following Mae West’s advice, “brains are an asset, if you hide them.” But where did she hide them? I have a pretty good idea, and it is reported that the sun does not shine there!  

Planned ineptitude or not, Joey wouldn’t be in trouble right now, if the border was secured. The character appraisal of Joey himself, is of a backslapping, glad-handing, and dare I say shoulder-massaging person. Using history as a guide, Joe would have appointed his old drinking buddies, instead of this America-last, Anglo-hating, people of color, no?  

It now appears that the progressive wing – the modern day equivalent of the Biblical Pharisees – of the Democratic Party has lost its struggle against the so called liberal side. The Sadducees wing of the Democratic party are about to dethrone the shadow president, Obama, and the squad. Just this past week, a sudden travel ban was instituted on some African nations. This never would have happened on Obama’s watch!  

Apparently, the dem-wits were able to control America’s bleak situation until now. But the final outcome is inevitable, as it was during Jesus’s day. This is an excerpt from my March 5, 2021 article, titled Division Versus Passion. 

“From, shipwreckedcrew’s 2-28-21 article titled, “The Biden White House Has Given Up Holding Hands and Singing ‘Kumbaya’ in Less Than 40 Days.”  

This article states that, “Some political givens in Washington as it relates to the Democrat Party: There are two wings that are not based solely on ideology — there is the Clinton Wing and the Obama Wing. These two wings of the party compete for power, not for policy primacy — they desire control of the institutions of government for the benefit of their friends and supporters.” In other words, they are DIVIDED AGAINST THEMSELVES.  

“These wings came into existence when first-term Illinois Senator Barack Obama had the temerity in 2008 to challenge the birthright of Hillary Clinton to be the first female elected President of the United States. Joe Biden seems to straddle the two.  He’s a creature of the Clinton Presidency if you gauge his ‘high water mark’ in terms of his time in the Senate, and he was the accidental VP for Barack Obama when Obama had — literally — no better choice available to him….”  

“….A fair presentation of this newly formed Democratic segregation is comparing them to the two branches of the Temple hierarchy during Jesus’s day. The Sadducees had a lot of political power because of their connections with Rome. Therefore, the Pharisees had a lot of power because of their influence over the masses of people in Jerusalem and the surrounding areas.  

Now, it is best to compare the Clinton wing with that of the historical Jewish Sadducees. wrote that “most of the Sadducees were aristocratic. They came from families of noble birth who were very well connected in the political landscape of their day. We might call them ‘old money’ in modern terminology. Because of this, the Sadducees were typically well connected with the ruling authorities among the Roman Government. They held a great deal of political power.” Believably, today this is the Clinton faction’s strong connections to the Khazarian Mafia.  

On the other hand, the Obama wing, and their radical ANTIFA and BLM are like the Pharisees, who, “were more closely connected with the common people of the Jewish culture. They were typically merchants or business owners who had become wealthy enough to turn their attention to studying and interpreting the Scriptures – ‘new money,’ in other words.” They made enemies of targeted ethnic groups like the Samaritans and the Romans. Their area of expertise was coercing and bribing individuals, and if needed, creating large mobs of protestors. Their most famous Saul Alinsky type of insurrection was arranging for the mob protest in front of Pontius Pilate. Therefore, forcing Jesus Christ to have his moment of doubt and pain. They made damn sure that Pilate washed his hands and sealed His fate. wrote that there is “a war that sees the Clinton Wing being more concerned with winning future elections (Virginia – turning point ?), while the Obama Wing wants an immediate wholesale socialist remaking of America (parents do not control their children’s education !) —and sees standing nominally between these two warring factions Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden—who this past enraged the radical leftist Obama Wing by bombing Syria and his being discovered to now be putting ‘kids in cages’ (where are they now ?) on the US- Mexican border—and when pummeled by this leftist outrage, saw the White House screaming that these children weren’t in cages, “they’re in containers….!”  Did you forget to circle back to the Evergreen containers, Psaki? 

“…Distorted propaganda having no effect on the Obama-Wing radical-socialist darling US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, who slammed Biden for his hypocrisy of jailing migrant children…. Warfare between these socialist Democrats coming at the same time the American people are awakening to articles like: ‘FBI Becomes National Joke.’…. And who are awakening, because this past week Biden’s pick of the Obama Wing operative Merritt Garland to be Attorney General shockingly said that ANTIFA and BLM attacks on federal buildings and courthouses may not be domestic terrorism because they happen at night.” Huh?  

“….Raheem Kassam of wrote, “six weeks into the Biden regime, Joe’s professed commitment to truth and transparency continues to wane, with the President of the United States failing to hold a press conference, refusing to publish his schedule, hiding visitor logs from the public, and deleting the White House pages for comments and public petitions. Cynics might say that democracyis currently dying in darkness.” Can you imagine Joey giving an interview to a hostile press, he can barely read a teleprompter. He would get a double barrel shotgun blast of hostile questions, because both sides hate him for not openly championing their causes.  

Is Joey in the middle of two hyena packs just like Judas? According to, Blessed Anne Emmerich said, “I saw the empire of HELL DIVIDED AGAINST ITSELF. Satan desired the crime of the Jews, and earnestly longed for the death of Jesus, the Converter of souls, the holy Teacher, the Just Man, who was so abhorrent to him. But at the same time, he felt an extraordinary interior fear of the death of the innocent Jesus, who would not conceal himself from his persecutors (just like Trump). I saw Satan then, on the one hand, stimulate the hatred and fury of the enemies of Jesus.  On the other, insinuate to some of their number that Judas was a wicked, despicable character. And that Jesus’s sentence could not be pronounced before the festival. Nor could they gather a sufficient number of witnesses against Jesus. Everyone proposed something different, and some questioned Judas….  

….. Judas could not help being conscious that they regarded him with contempt and distrust, for their language and gestures betrayed their feelings, and pride suggested to him to give back the money as an offering for the Temple, in order to make them suppose his intentions to have been just and disinterested. But they rejected his proposal, because the price of blood could not be offered in the Temple.  

Judas saw how much they despised him, and his rage was excessive. He had not expected to reap the bitter fruits of his treason even before it was accomplished, but he had gone so far with these” two sides and “that he was in their power (they were his handlers), and escape was no longer possible. They watched him carefully, and would not let him leave their presence.”  

Hmm, playing both sides, is this the reason Biden’s rare public appearances continually focus on Donald Trump? Is he mimicking Judas when dealing with the Temple’s leaders? The only time the Pharisees and Sadducees agreed, was in the plot to eliminate Jesus. In the same manner, the dems are only united in crucifying Trump. Whose self-imposed disappearance from public view fueled the bitter hatred between the progressives and liberals. They lost their crucifixion culprit, the patsy for their self-made problems. Obviously, their attitude is, “don’t worry about our many failures, we’ll just blame Trump – the people believe everything they are told.” 

That was then, today, Trump’s reemergence has them panic stricken. Therefore, they must get rid of the person, Biden, who never wanted the presidential job from the outstart of this coup. Consequently, condemning him (instead of Trump) for all of the disappointments suffered by the American people. Optimistically on their part, changing the narrative again, this time they’ll promise to restore order out of Joey’s chaos. Obediently, Joey will not protest with a “C’mon man,” when told to take a walk. Judas’s are used to this type of treatment, but will he be allowed to live?  

Only God knows, what will happen to him next? Using Mel Gibson’s movie, “The Passion of the Christ” as a clue. Judas after walking away from Jesus’s company of Saints, loses his mind when attacked by zombie-like children, while Satan watches. What did he do to these children? I tremble at the thought. Does Brandon also fear the visions of children seeking revenge for whatever crimes he committed against them?  

Is it a coincidence that Judas cries over the dead donkey’s corpse in this YouTube post? After all, the donkey is the symbol of the Democratic Party. 

It is almost as if the show that we are watching in Washington was scripted from using Jesus’s passion as the model. Except, this time around, Jesus will prevail, for He is the Lion, not the Lamb. Perusing the on 11.10.21, I came across a post by RumorMail titled: Makow — They are Following a Script!! ( Perhaps, the Alliance or Deep State should title their ongoing script, “The Passion of Brandon”.  

RumorMail posted (11.10.21) this article on, along with commentary on Henry Makow’s commentary, “They are Following a Script!!” 

“Reality itself is under assault. If the world resembles a bad sci-fi movie, that’s because it is one.
Cabalists (Satanists) ‘create their own reality’ and impose it on us.

We are extras in a movie written, directed and produced by psychopaths. 

Movies like The Hunger Games are not predictive programming. They are blueprints… 
…Satanism is based on inverting morality, upending reason, and indulging
their most depraved fantasies.” 


By Henry Makow PhD 

“There is no objective, verifiable reality at all. Reality is what you say it is. 

Joe Biden asked the Afghan President to ‘change the perception’ of the Taliban threat. He called America’s ignominious withdrawal from Afghanistan an ‘extraordinary success.’ (then blame Trump for any failures !) 

The point is that current events are invented in the same way as a movie script is written. They are imagined. These ‘scenarios’ become “simulations” which become ‘reality.’ Scripting is also called ‘modelling….’ 

….We are extras in a film written by psychopaths who want us gone. The scamdemic is a fraud designed to trick people into taking a vaccine that will sicken or brand them or both. They imagined this dystopian farce and are carrying it out step-by-step. 

Here are a few examples: 

1. Rockefeller Foundation Scripted Current “Pandemic” in 2009. 

In their own words: In 2009, The Rockefeller Foundation conducted an exercise to explore the future of technology in development and identify ways to better respond to emerging challenges. The results were captured in a report that includes several plausible scenarios that could impact millions of people around the world. One such scenario, ‘Lockstep,’* described a fictional pandemic that would infect 20% of the world in 2012, killing eight million people in just seven months.” 

*Lockstep Definition: 

1: a mode of marching in step by a body of persons going one after another as closely as possible 

2: a standard method or procedure that is mindlessly adhered to or that minimizes individuality 

in lockstep 

in perfect or rigid often mindless conformity – or – unison politicians marching in lockstep with the party line – like sheep 

Makow continues, “now that we’re well into a real pandemic, we see some chilling similarities between our current Zoom-centered world and Lockstep. The report predicted that telepresence technologies would “respond to the demand for less-expensive, lower bandwidth, sophisticated communications systems for populations whose travel is restricted.” Other predictions were off, including the emergence of MRI technologies to detect abnormal behavior with anti-social intent…. 

….2. UK scriptwriters like Neil Ferguson plot ‘scenarios’ for British enslavement and go-fers like Boris Johnson carry them out. 

3. CDC and FDA Admit Their Policies are Based on a ‘Contrived’ Model, not a Virus 

4. 2017 Simulation Implies Covid Vaccines are Toxic 

‘The phoney pandemic is the pretext for a marketing campaign for a vaccine that will cause widespread sickness and death.’ 

6. Coronavirus is another Live Drill. 

Hospital spokesman is a simulation Expert. Mike Pompeo said it was a ‘live exercise’ and refused to deny it was a hoax. 

WIDE FRAME (camera view) 

‘Reality is what you say it is.’ 

The world isn’t simply mad; it’s actually a contrived, perverted artistic creation. The big perspective on this, that you have arrived at, is very compelling. 

I was in Australia and New Zealand before the 2016 American election. The media there, on the other side of the world, were obsessed with the existential threat that a Trump presidency would pose. It made no sense to me. I smelled a rat. The international monopoly of “news” appeared to be setting up some kind of stage play at the global level. 

Trump is just a bit player–a former Democratic financial backer who has been conscripted to serve as a Pied Piper for the gullible disaffected, who, clinging to their own comfortable impotence, are desperate for a saviour.” Huh? 

Was that Makow or Obama speaking? The wandless Obama once said this about the deplorables, longing for the connection to a better time, when Americans were winners. “They get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.” To you two, I defiantly reply, We-the-people do not need a Pied Piper to follow. We need a Piper who puts our yoke onto the government. With the government suffering for once, from a lock down. The world will witness 250 million leaderless, gung-ho magicians, with wands, making America Great Again!  

We-the-people reject Obama’s socialist policies and government regulations and look – instead – to the Bibles wisdom for our own predictive programming: 

“Go watch the ants, you lazy person. Watch what they do and be wise. Ants have no commander. They have no leader or ruler.
But they store up food in the summer. They gather their supplies at harvest.
How long will you lie there, you lazy person? When will you get up from sleeping?
You sleep a little; you take a nap. You fold your hands and rest.
So you will be as poor as if you had been robbed. You will have as little as if you had been held up (Proverbs 6:6-11). 

Transitioning to the 1981 song titled,“Limelight”, performed by Rush, and posted on Dinar Chronicles by Yippeekiyay : – “Limelight” – IDC Musical Thought – 11.5.21 | Dinar Chronicles.  

One line from Limelight’s lyrics, “living in a fish eye lens. Caught in the camera eye,” has the same precise meaning as Makow’s mentioning of the WIDE FRAME camera exposure. The main difference is that Makow describes the producers of the script and show. While Rush’s Limelight is more about the effects of an artist performing for these causal script producers. This song is perfect for a rock ‘n roll artists analysis of Joey’s diminished psychological image of himself. 

Limelight’s lyrics    

“Living on a lighted stage.   
Approaches the unreal.  
For those who think and feel.  
In touch with some reality.   
Beyond the gilded cage.       
Cast in this unlikely role.   
ill – equipped to act.     
With insufficient tact.   
One must put up barriers (poopy pants !).   
To keep oneself intact.   

(Chorus).   Living in the limelight.  The universal dream.  For those who wish to seem.  Those who wish to be.  Must put aside the alienation.  Get on with the fascination. The real relation.  The underlying theme

Living in a fish eye lens.   
Caught in the camera eye.   
I have no heart to lie.   
I can’t pretend a stranger.   
Is a long-awaited friend.  

All the world’s indeed a stage.  
And we are merely players.    
Performers and portrayers.   
Each another’s audience.   
Outside the gilded cage

Obviously, three lines from Limelight are not about Joey. For his most noticeable talents are glad-handing and lying. So, this lyric does not apply, “I have no heart to lie. I can’t pretend a stranger. Is a long-awaited friend.”  

There must be a treachery, so evil, planned for America’s demise, that even Obama and Biden are shunning the spotlight for reputations sake. Then again, conceivably, they could fear a cruel retribution from a victorious Alliance, because of their many crimes against humanity. Nevertheless, a shift in American diplomacy is taking place, as western forces surround Russia. Right now, they are in the same position as in 2016. Obama supposedly was to handoff the baton-wand to Hillary, thus starting WWIII. Are they finally re-initiating their underlying theme of endless warfare? I guess we-the-citizens are in one of those never-endingly blind, “need to know” situations. 

Trump had an underlying theme of making America Great Again. A positive and loving message to all American citizens. His results were better than his salesmanship. Let’s face the facts, POTUS loved the limelight and the people! On the other hand, during a CNN town hall, and just four weeks into his presidency. Joe Biden offered this perception of his stature. He compared White House life as “a little like a gilded cage.”  

What, a gilded cage? Wasn’t this Brandon’s universal dream? to seem? to be the fascination? If not for the people, wouldn’t it be great to get your chicks for free? Joey’s-no-worries attitude has quickly changed. But why? It is hard to hide as the potus, especially when accustomed to being one of one hundred in the Senate. Moreover, the fun of performing by yourself has seemingly disappeared when you are commandeered. Better said is puppeteered, by people who firmly believe in Thomas Edison’s declaration.  “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Was this their underlying theme – failure? 

This is a great Cliff High type analysis, by a researcher at Colorado State University, using linguistic software to identify psychometrics. His analysis defined Trump’s underlying theme as, “the establishment, or the institutions are keeping me from protecting you (US citizens) from invaders” and that he was “beset by enemies on all sides”: 

Our supreme socialist fuehrer’s only underlying theme is we are surrounding you American taxpayers. If you do not submit to our dominion, we are forcing you into concentration camps. As the dems continue to lose, and with all of these influencers tugging at him, in this virtual reality show. Is it any wonder, Joey under the spotlight, wishes to be outside the gilded cage? Feasibly, this is the reason for his bathroom malfunction with the Pope. Was the unhidden flatulence, witnessed by the British Royals, an act of rebellion? Deep down, I bet Joey visualizes himself as Maya Angelou’s “Caged Bird” in her poem. 

Caged Bird Poem: 

“A free bird leaps 
on the back of the wind    
and floats downstream    
till the current ends 
and dips his wing 
in the orange sun rays 
and dares to claim the sky. 

But a bird that stalks 
down his narrow cage 
can seldom see through 
his bars of rage * 
his wings are clipped and    
his feet are tied 
so he opens his throat to sing. 

The caged bird sings    
with a fearful trill    
of things unknown    
but longed for still    
and his tune is heard    
on the distant hill    
for the caged bird    
sings of freedom. 

The free bird thinks of another breeze 
and the trade winds soft through the sighing trees 
and the fat worms waiting on a dawn bright lawn 
and he names the sky his own 

But a caged bird stands on the grave of dreams    
his shadow shouts on a nightmare scream    
his wings are clipped and his feet are tied    
so he opens his throat to sing. 

The caged bird sings    
with a fearful trill    
of things unknown    
but longed for still    
and his tune is heard    
on the distant hill    
for the caged bird    
sings of freedom.”  

* “Judassaw how much they despised him, andhis rage was excessive.” Potus Biden continually has temper tantrums when answering questions. I wonder if he ever read Proverbs 6:5. “Free yourself like a deer running from a hunter. Free yourself like a bird flying away from a trapper.” 

Deep down, in spite of the continuing bad news. While Joey insulates himself from the dueling dual-sided Democrats in his guilty… err …gilded birdcage. Once proud Democratic workers cannot stomach this Marxist cartoon anymore. One too many broken promises, that they one day will be free birds in a free market, has been replaced with a dependent state. Sorry, but they are leaving the mockingbird party for the Republican Freebird party. With this choice is the knowledge that one of the free-ist birds in American political history is standing up for their rights, financial increase, and pursuit of happiness.

God bless ! 
Up the patriots !!


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