Division Versus Passion



Operation Disclosure | By B. Patrick Thomas, Contributing Writer

March 4, 2021

From, shipwreckedcrew’s 2-28-21 article titled, “The Biden White House Has Given Up Holding Hands and Singing ‘Kumbaya’ in Less Than 40 Days.” 

This article states that, “Some political givens in Washington as it relates to the Democrat Party: There are two wings that are not based solely on ideology — there is the Clinton Wing and the Obama Wing. These two wings of the party COMPETE FOR POWER, not for policy primacy — they desire control of the institutions of government for the benefit of their friends and supporters.” In other words, they are DIVIDED AGAINST THEMSELVES. 

“These wings came into existence when first-term Illinois Senator Barack Obama had the temerity in 2008 to challenge the birthright of Hillary Clinton to be the first female elected President of the United States. Joe Biden seems to straddle the two.  He’s a creature of the Clinton Presidency if you gauge his “high water mark” in terms of his time in the Senate, and he was the accidental VP for Barack Obama when Obama had — literally — no better choice available to him.” In my opinion, BO must have known that Joey was a WICKED, DESPICABLE CHARACTER. Realizing that Joey’s natural inclination is to betray dedicated colleagues for 30 pieces of silver. 

“The Biden White House is now a battleground for these two factions.”  Either way, the fake potus will be labeled a Judas! 

A fair presentation of this newly formed Democratic segregation is comparing them to the two branches of the Temple hierarchy during Jesus’s day. The Sadducees had a lot of political power because of their connections with Rome. Therefore, the Pharisees had a lot of power because of their influence over the masses of people in Jerusalem and the surrounding areas. 

Now, it is best to compare the Clinton wing with that of the historical Jewish Sadducees. wrote that “most of the Sadducees were aristocratic. They came from families of noble birth who were very well connected in the political landscape of their day. We might call them ‘old money’ in modern terminology. Because of this, the Sadducees were typically well connected with the ruling authorities among the Roman Government. They held a great deal of political power.” Believably, today this is the Clinton faction’s strong connections to the Khazarian Mafia. 




On the other hand, the Obama wing, and their radical ANTIFA and BLM are like the Pharisees, who, “were more closely connected with the common people of the Jewish culture. They were typically merchants or business owners who had become wealthy enough to turn their attention to studying and interpreting the Scriptures – ‘new money,’ in other words.” Their forte was coercing and bribing individuals, and if needed, creating large mobs of protestors. Their most famous Saul Alinsky type of insurrection was arranging for the mob protest in front of Pontius Pilate. Therefore, forcing Jesus Christ to have his moment of doubt and pain. They made damn sure that Pilate washed his hands and sealed His fate. wrote that there is “a war that sees the Clinton Wing being more concerned with winning future elections, while the Obama Wing wants an immediate wholesale socialist remaking of America—and sees standing nominally between these two warring factions Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden—who this past enraged the radical leftist Obama Wing by bombing Syria and his being discovered to now be putting ‘kids in cages’ on the US- Mexican border—and when pummeled by this leftist outrage, saw the White House screaming that these children weren’t in cages, “they’re in containers!”…. 

…“Distorted propaganda having no effect on Obama Wing radical socialist darling US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, who slammed Biden for his hypocrisy of jailing migrant children…. Warfare between these socialist Democrats coming at the same time the American people are awakening to articles like: ‘FBI Becomes National Joke.’…. And who are awakening, because this past week Biden’s pick of the Obama Wing operative Merritt Garland to be Attorney General shockingly said that ANTIFA and BLM attacks on federal buildings and courthouses may not be domestic terrorism because they happen at night.” Huh? 

The once silent war is even visible now, as the corrupt mainstream media is confronting both liberal and progressive politicians. For instance, CNBC host Joe Kernan, who represents the affluent wing of the Democrat party quarreled with Socialist-Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren over her purported “Ultra-Millionaire Tax.” Wow, never seen that before! In fact, Mike LaChance of on February 16th wrote, “For the first time in a long time, a reporter actually asked a Democrat a tough question.” This was written after Senator Chuck Schumer refused to answer any of the progressive reporters’ belittling questions about Andrew Cuomo’s nursing home murder scandal. Obviously, we know that these two politicians are intricately linked to HRC. 

Raheem Kassam of wrote, “six weeks into the Biden regime, Joe’s professed commitment to truth and transparency continues to wane, with the President of the United States failing to hold a press conference, refusing to publish his schedule, hiding visitor logs from the public, and deleting the White House pages for comments and public petitions. Cynics might say that democracy is currently dying in DARKNESS.” Can you imagine Joey giving an interview to a hostile press, he can barely read a teleprompter. He would get a double barrel shotgun blast, because both sides hate him for not openly championing their causes. 

Is Joey in the middle of two hyena packs just like Judas? According to, Blessed Anne Emmerich said, “I saw the empire of HELL DIVIDED AGAINST ITSELF; Satan desired the crime of the Jews, and earnestly longed for the death of Jesus, the Converter of souls, the holy Teacher, the Just Man, who was so abhorrent to him; but at the same time he felt an extraordinary interior fear of the death of the innocent Victim, who would not conceal himself from his persecutors (just like Trump). I saw him then, on the one hand, stimulate the hatred and fury of the enemies of Jesus, and on the other, insinuate to some of their number that Judas was a WICKED, DESPICABLE CHARACTER, and that the sentence could not be pronounced before the festival, nor could they gather a sufficient number of witnesses against Jesus. Everyone proposed something different, and some questioned Judas…. 

….. Judas could not help being conscious that they regarded him with contempt and distrust, for their language and gestures betrayed their feelings, and pride suggested to him to give back the money as an offering for the Temple, in order to make them suppose his intentions to have been just and disinterested. But they rejected his pro- posal, because the price of blood could not be offered in the Temple. Judas saw how much they despised him, and his rage was excessive. He had not expected to reap the bitter fruits of his treason even before it was accomplished, but he had gone so far with these” two sides and “that he was in their power, and escape was no longer possible. They watched him carefully, and would not let him leave their presence, until he had shown them exactly what steps were to be taken in order to secure the person of Jesus.” Is this the reason Biden’s rare public appearances eventually focus on Donald Trump? Because Trump’s disappearance from public view has fueled the bitter hatred between the progressives and liberals? Wow, admittedly, someone on our side is a genius of deception, to be able to divide the Democratic party so convincingly! 




Now, the relationships of the above narratives of Joey and Judas seem to be the same. However, the outcomes are going to be totally different, this time. The number one reason being, that Jesus was the Lamb 2000 years ago; this time around, he will be a LION!  

A minor concern lately, for the powers that be, is the decision of whether the sleeping populace could absorb the horrors from a full disclosure of the overwhelming savagery of the cabal pedo-crimes. Simon Parkes, in his “24th February Update”, said in essence that the patriot leaders are undecided on this matter. 

After hearing Simon’s Update, on Operation Disclosure (2-28-21), Kat wrote, “In the enclosed partial transcript of a video Juan recorded 2-25-21, he is foretelling that the time of disclosure about the Children and Human Trafficking is upon us. 

I dread it but am also relieved. It’s been Twilight Zone-y to be aware of this despicable truth in a world of SLEEPERS. I speak to very few people now and do most of my sharing with online Patriots who have known for years what’s really been happening in the godless sordid world that was the de*ep state dem_on matrix.” 

At first, I too, wanted everyone to know about every aspect of these crimes. However, while contemplating the benefits and damages of pedo discoveries, a memory resurfaced. On June 26th, 2016, the New York office of the FBI and the NYPD raided Anthony Weiner’s house due to a sex crimes investigation. They confiscated Weiner’s laptop computer containing 300,000 E-mails linked to Weiner’s wife Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton. Also found, were child sex crimes, so severe that it made hard-core NYPD investigators throw-up. If these seasoned detectives, had so much anguish over these disgraceful crimes; what would a regular citizen suffer? What to do – what to do? I am so glad that this is not my decision to make! 

Perhaps, telling the story of the passion that Jesus suffered in the Garden of Olives can give a cue to a rightful answer to this question. According to, “the Apostles and several other persons had keys …. to the Garden of Olives, separated by a road from that; of Gethsemane, and was open, surrounded only by an earthern wall (hedgerow?), and smaller than the Garden of Gethsemane. There were caverns, terraces, and many olive-trees to be seen in this garden, and it was easy to find there a suitable spot for prayer and meditation. It was to the wildest part that Jesus went to pray. At nine o’clock, Jesus took Peter, James, and John into the Garden of Olives and left the remaining eight apostles behind in Gethsemane.  

No words can describe the sorrow which then oppressed his soul, for the time of trial was near. John asked him how it was that he, who had hitherto always consoled them, could now be so dejected? ‘My soul is sorrowful even unto death,’ was his reply. And he beheld sufferings and temptations surrounding him on all sides, and drawing nearer and nearer, under the forms of frightful figures borne onclouds. Then it was that he said to the three Apostles: ‘Stay you here and watch with me. Pray, lest ye enter into temptation.’  

When Jesus found his prayer spot, “He fell on his face, overwhelmed with unspeakable sorrow, and all the sins of the world displayed themselves before him, under countless forms and in all their real deformity. He took them all upon himself, and in his prayer offered his own adorable Person to the justice of his Heavenly Father, in payment for so awful a debt. But Satan, who was enthroned amid all these horrors, and even filled with diabolical joy at the sight of them, let loose his fury against Jesus, and displayed before the eyes of his soul INCREASINGLY awful visions, at the same time addressing his adorable humanity in words such as these: ‘Takest thou even this sin upon thyself? Art thou willing to bear its penalty? Art thou prepared to satisfy for all these sins?’   

And now a long ray of light, like a luminous path in the air, descended from Heaven; it was a procession of angels who came up to Jesus and strengthened and reinvigorated him. The remainder of the grotto was filled with frightful visions of our crimes; Jesus took them all upon himself, but that adorable Heart, which was so filled with the most perfect love for God and man, was flooded with anguish, and overwhelmed beneath the weight of so many abominable crimes.  

When this huge mass of iniquities, like the waves of a fathomless ocean, had passed over his soul, Satan brought forward innumerable temptations, as he had formerly done in the desert, even daring to adduce various accusations against him. ‘And takest thou all these things upon thyself,’ he exclaimed, ‘thou who art not unspotted  thyself?’ Then he laid to the charge of our Lord, with infernal impudence, a host of imaginary crimes. He reproached him with the faults of his disciples, the scandals which they had caused, and the disturbances which he had occasioned in the world by giving up ancient customs.  




No Pharisee, however wily and severe, could have surpassed Satan on this occasion; he reproached Jesus with having been the cause of the massacre of the Innocents, as well as of the sufferings of his parents in Egypt, with not having saved John the Baptist from death, with having brought disunion into families, protected men of despicable character, refused to cure various sick persons, injured the inhabitants of Gergesa by permitting men possessed by the devil to overturn their vats, and demons to make swine cast themselves into the sea; with having deserted his family, and squandered the property of others; in one word Satan, in the hopes of causing Jesus to waver, suggested to him every thought by which he would have tempted at the hour of death an ordinary mortal who might have performed all these actions without a superhuman intention; for it was hidden from him that Jesus was the Son of God, and he tempted him only as the most just of men.” Overwhelmingly, Satan is the master at PROJECTING his crimes onto others! 

Therefore, “our Divine Saviour permitted his humanity to preponderate over his divinity, for he was pleased to endure even those temptations with which holy souls are assailed at the hour of death concerning the merit of their good works. That he might drink the chalice of suffering even to the dregs, he permitted the evil spirit to tempt his sacred humanity, as he would have tempted a man who should wish to attribute to his good works some special value in themselves, over and above what they might have by their union with the merits of our Saviour….  

….At first Jesus looked calm, as he kneeled down and  prayed, but after a time his soul became terrified at the sight of the innumerable crimes of men, and of their ingratitude towards God, and his anguish was so great that he trembled and shuddered as he exclaimed: ‘Father, if is possible, let this chalice pass from me! Father, all things are possible to thee, remove this chalice from me!” But the next moment he added: ‘Nevertheless, not my will but thine be done.’ His will and that of his Father were one, but now that his love had ordained that he should be left to all the weakness of his human nature, he trembled at the prospect of death.  

I sawthe cavern in which he was kneeling filled with frightful figures; I saw all the sins, wickedness, vices, and ingratitude of mankind TORTURING AND CRUSHING him to the earth; the horror of death and terror which he felt as man at the sight of the expiatory sufferings about to come upon him, surrounded and assailed his Divine Person under the forms of hideous specters…. It was about half-past ten o’clock when he arose from his knees, and, bathed in a cold sweat, directed his trembling, weak footsteps towards his three Apostles. With difficulty did he ascend the left side of the cavern, and reach a spot where the ground was level, and where they were SLEEPING, exhausted with fatigue, sorrow and anxiety.  

He came to them, like a man overwhelmed with bitter sorrow, whom terror urges to seek his friends, but like also to a good shepherd, who, when warned of the approach of danger, hastens to visit his flock, the safety of which is threatened; for he well knew that they also were being tried by suffering and temptation. The terrible visions never left him, even while he was thus seeking his disciples. When he found that they were asleep, he clasped his hands and fell down on his knees beside them, overcome with sorrow and anxiety, and said: ‘Simon, sleepest: thou?’ They awoke, and raised him up, and he, in his desolation of spirit, said to them:  ‘What? Could you not watch one hour with me?’ 

When they looked at him, and saw him pale and exhausted, scarcely able to support himself, bathed in sweat, trembling and shuddering,—when they heard how changed and almost inaudible his voice had become, they did not know what to think, and had he not been still surrounded by a well-known halo of light, they would never have recognised him as Jesus. John said to him: ‘Master, what has befallen thee? Must I call the other disciples? Ought we to take to flight?’ Jesus answered him: ‘Were I to live, teach, and perform miracles for thirty-three years longer, that would not suffice for the accomplishment of what must be fulfilled before this time tomorrow. Call not the eight; I did not bring them hither, because they could not see me thus agonising without being scandalised; they would YIELD TO TEMPTATION, forget much of the past, and lose their confidence in me. But you, who have seen the Son of Man transfigured, may also see him under a cloud, and in dereliction of spirit; nevertheless, watch and pray, lest ye fall into TEMPTATION, for the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.’” 

….In the first portion of the agony, Satan displayed before the eyes of our Lord the enormity of that debt of sin which he was going to pay, and was even bold and malicious enough to seek faults in the very works of our Saviour himself.  

In the second agony, Jesus beheld, to its fullest extent and in all its bitterness, the expiatory suffering which would be required to satisfy Divine Justice. This was displayed to him by angels; for it belongs not to Satan to show that expiation (atonement) is possible, and the father of lies and despair never exhibits the works of Divine Mercy before men. Jesus having victoriously resisted all these assaults by his entire and absolute submission to the will of his Heavenly Father, A SUCCESSION OF NEW AND TERRIFYING VISIONS were presented before his eyes, and that feeling of doubt and anxiety which a man on the point of making some great sacrifice always experiences, arose in the soul of our Lord, as he asked himself the tremendous question: ‘And what good will result from this sacrifice?’ THEN A MOST AWFUL PICTURE OF THE FUTURE was displayed before his eyes and overwhelmed his tender heart with anguish.” Was this vision that of the butchery in the tunnels? For it was this vision that made Jesus say, “oh my Father, if this chalice may not pass from me, but I must drink it, thy will be done!’” 

“Amid all these apparitions, Satan held a conspicuous place, under various forms, which  represented different species of sins. Sometimes he appeared under the form of a  gigantic black figure, sometimes under those of a tiger, A FOX, A WOLF, a dragon, or a serpent. Not, however, that he really took any of these shapes, but merely some one of their characteristics, joined with other hideous forms. None of these frightful apparitions entirely resembled any creature, but were symbols of abomination, discord, contradiction, and sin—in one word, were demoniacal to the fullest extent.”  

“These diabolical figures urged on, dragged, and tore to pieces, before the very eyes of Jesus, countless numbers of those men for whose redemption he was entering upon the painful way of the Cross.” Blessed Anne declared, “Ah! it was indeed an awful sight, for I Saw the Church as the body of Christ; and all these bands of men, who were separating themselves from the Church, mangled and TORE OFF WHOLE PIECES  OF HIS LIVING FLESH.”. As to whose body parts were ripped apart from their bodies. I quote Jesus, who said in Matthew 25, “Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the LEAST of these my brothers, you did it to me.” So, in my mind’s eye, Blessed Anne foresaw Jesus being ripped apart, but, was it actually the horrors being committed against children in the DUMBs? I have heard that these poor, poor children have been dismembered, probably, while they were alive. Is it any wonder, that it was at this point in the narrative that Jesus sweated blood! 




Can we-the-people withstand too much disclosure of the terrible crimes in the tunnels? Who knows, but there are two types of personalities. The first is the person who, when passing a catastrophic car accident slows down to view as much of the carnage as possible. They welcome these visions. The other type averts their eyes, and if by accident, they saw any gore, would be awake all night. From history, I wonder if the authorities who make the final disclosure decision will save a few tunnels and force the most zealous deniers an “awakening tour”? As the German citizens suffered, while being forced to witness the death camps during WWII. 

Was there a message in the Apostles sleeping? Perhaps, maybe it was better for them to be asleep, rather than be TEMPTED. By that I mean that man is no match for the wiliness of Satan. Possibly, Jesus was cueing us that a little sleepiness is a good thing, because if enticed, maybe the tempted-awakened people start murdering anyone that they feel were involved in these crimes against humanity. Who knows? Honestly, a super-wise person(s) must make this call. I pray for them, so that they herald the right decision!  

This caught my eye the other day, so I added it to see if there is a PSYOP connection. A article by Kate Sheehy dated March 2, 2021, was titled, “Biden won White House with ‘put your DUMB uncle in the basement’ strategy…”. Is this a sly reference of Joey’s involvement in the massive underground molestations of little children? If so, Jesus already sweated out the details! 

Veering off topic for a moment, in a disgusting display on the congressional floor. Jerry Nadler told a fellow Congressman, “what any religious tradition describes as God’s will is no concern of this Congress.” Nadler’s district represents mainly a Jewish constituency. Do they believe that God has no place in the United States? If not, does Nadler think that he is a god instead. Or is he posing as a steward for the Jewish voters of his district, and that Jerry’s atheist position is the new norm for these voters?  

Nadler reminds me of Danny DeVito’s Penguin: 

Cobblepot kidnaps Max Shreck | Batman Returns – YouTube 

Moreover, Adam Schiff reminds me of Max Shreck: 

SLOW MOTION: Nadler RACES Schiff to the Impeachment Podium! – YouTube 

Back to semi-reality, on March 3, 2006, in Loveland, CO, Kim Clement predicted an answer for Joey, Jerry, and Adam. “I will not be diminished to the mind of a MAN, says the Lord. I will not be diminished to the thinking of mankind. This Nation once exalted Me and said, there is only one God. And the Spirit of God said, and now there are many little gods and I am jealous. There are many that have taken My place, a Nation that has placed idols on their street corners. And yet God said, I have forgiven you and brought to your attention that every idol shall fall when the Ark of the Covenant is placed into their midst…. 

…..And God said, watch the wind. For the north wind shall come, it shall be terrible, but God said, it shall arouse those who are dead and that have no works and have no life.”  Is this the terrible storm that has devastated the lower mid-west? “I will even take churches that have died and raise them up, says the Spirit of the Living God. Are you listening to the Lord tonight? God said, I will even raise up those who have fallen into sin, who the MEDIA have said they will never come back for they have lost their credibility (progressive censorship?). God said, who are they to tell Me who shall speak and who shall not speak, says the Lord? I will once again take the fallen ones, the ones that once had a great work but now have been humbled and I will cause them to come forth again, says the Spirit of the Living God.” 




“But listen to these words: …. For I will bring unto you a fresh wind. It shall be treacherous to begin with. The north wind, the Song of Solomon were cried out and were spoken: oh northern wind come, oh southern wind come, come from the south and come from the north and breathe and come to us that the perfume may come forth. For the Spirit of God said, the graces that I have given unto you have been covered up and DEATH has come into the lives with boredom. I am now changing that.

“For God said, I will send you a south wind that will bring you comfort as well. Therefore, let no one say, but is the Lord God in the wind? But God, the Lord, was not in the wind, as Elijah said. For the wind that I bring upon this Nation, not as I brought last year, like Katrina and others that came and buried the dead. And God said, that is over. This is a spiritual wind that I promised your President would come over the SUMMER MONTHS. A north wind to bring forth and a south wind to comfort and then God said, this Nation, its economy shall be at its top. You shall not look to men. I will multiply ministries’ income. I will multiply children. I will cause your house to be houses. I will cause your land to be lands. I will cause you to double and to multiply, says the Spirit of God. And if I do not hear a shout of victory, then something is wrong for a gift of faith has been given to you, says the Lord!” 

….“The church as we know it has been abolished. The religious system has been abolished. Its influence and its power that has stopped the prayers of young people in schools, and stopped righteousness in the legal system, God said, that power is being abolished. Because the creeds and the theology of the pompous have neatly clothed Jesus and tamed the LION of Judah. And I don’t want the Lion of Judah to be tame. I want Him to be a true Lion. I want Him to roar so the FOXES and the WOLVES can hear there is a Lion in my praise, there is a Lion in my prayer, there is a Lion in my prayer, there is a Lion in my praise, there is a Lion in my shout, there is a Lion in my work.” 

….”Do not say, we shall smell the fumes of fuel and oil from the middle east and from our own soil. Ha! The Spirit of God said, the BIG E, I told you it is not only ethanol but God said something very unusual that was buried decades ago with Einstein shall come to pass and shall be recovered and discovered and America shall be on the forefront. Science is being energized, accelerated because of the prophets that are prophesying. The economy of this nation is not reliant upon the oil of the middle east. Therefore, hear the prophet of the Lord tonight: a new source of energy. No, it will not take 12 years, 6 years, 4 years. It shall happen in a short period. And God said, the discovery shall have such magnitude to it that there shall be various deaths for the greed of men in political office and political power.” Hear that Jerry, Joey, Nancy, HRC, AOC +3, and so on and so on! 

Kim goes on, “Sam, Sam, what are you doing, Gene, what are you doing? What are these men doing? Why have they crouched together? Why do they call themselves Americans and yet they sit at a table and they try and discover how they can steal it and take it over. Oh, you would kill innocent blood. Oh there is another one, a tall stately man who says, I will run for the office of the United States of America as the PRESIDENT. God said, no, you will not, for you have tried to steal (absolutely Joey!) as JUDAS tried to steal. God said, I will stop this political perversion and I will give this Nation because of a righteous President and because of a President who prays.” Why does Kim talk about new energy sources – was it because of the north wind that froze windmills of the swindling energy policies of the Judas president? God continues His promises, “I will give you a new source of energy and your economy shall change to where you will be a leading economic factor in the world again and they shall say, at last we are at a place where we can multiply our giving for evangelism that the Kingdom may be seen throughout the earth. This is My promise to you, says the Lord of Hosts.”

“God has given the key. For I do nothing unless I REVEAL MY SECRETS to my servants the prophets. Now you have heard a secret. Use your brains, delve, discover. For I will take some of you that only have a 100,000 or 5,000 or 25,000 and make you millionaires by simply looking again to the west. What is in the west?” There’s a feeling I get when I look to the west, and my spirit is crying for leaving! My spirit wants to meet our loving Father! God continued, “go and look, there is a great discovery. There is a company that I will raise up, that I will allow you to have access to so that you may make what was supposed to be unrighteous money, handed placed into the bosom of the righteous, My people. This is the beginning of a great prosperity upon the church, says the Lord of Hosts.” 

Then “God said, do you understand the day is coming where you will not need a man to touch your head, you will not need one man to point to you to say you have this disease. There is hepatitis C, there is HIV, there are discoveries coming for diabetes, Alzheimers, all of this is coming because I am accelerating My word to perform it. In other words, when I am exalted and you see clearly and you see the way God sees, the acceleration of sickness and death stops and the acceleration of the Word begins. I will hasten My word to perform it and it will slow down sin, slow down sickness, slow down captivity, slow it down by the acceleration of My word.” 

When Kim announced these medical miracles, it reminded me of Bless Anne Emmerich’s conclusion to Jesus’s passion in the garden of Olives. Written over two hundred years ago, Anne foresaw RED-LIGHT healing. 

“When the visions of the Passion were concluded, Jesus fell on his face like one at the point of death; the angels disappeared, and the bloody sweat became more copious, so that I saw it had soaked his garment. Entire darkness reigned in the cavern, when I beheld an angel descend to Jesus. This angel was of higher stature than any whom I had before beheld, and his form was also more distinct and more resembling that of a man. He was clothed like a priest in a long floating garment, and bore before him, inhis hands, a small vase, in shape resembling the chalice used at the Last Supper. At the top of this chalice, there was a small oval body, about the size of a bean, and which diffused a REDDISH LIGHT. The angel, without touching the earth with his feet, stretched forth his right hand to Jesus, who arose, when he placed the mysterious food in his mouth, and gave him to drink from the luminous chalice. Then he disappeared.” God bless Him! 

WWG1WGA !!  


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