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Reader Post | by Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

Many awakened, no matter if longer awakened or only recently, are often in the last days/weeks/months. We are without understanding. And this has nothing to do with the fact that we have no understanding, then it would be called without understanding. Exactly this however is accused to us by many fellow men, they are also without understanding, because we have C_orona. “How can you not get vaccinated?” “Why don’t you wear a mask?” “Please keep your distance!”

But that’s not what I’m getting at, this flu issue. We’ve all been at a loss for understanding before. For me, it started in preschool and school. I’m sure you’ve all been there: everyone is up to no good, only I get caught and punished. It was always the same and got worse. Because once you were in the focus of the “educators”, you had a “stamp”, a “conspicuousness stamp”. No matter if at school or even at home, you can’t get rid of that stamp. With today’s knowledge it becomes more and more clear to me, the “society” did not get along with people like me, it did not get along with all who were “conspicuous”. I was not the only one, believe me. Today there is even a disease name for it, ADS or ADHS. And of course, there are also medications from the dear pharmaceutical industry, which is only concerned about our well-being.

Injustice runs through our whole life so far. In court you get a verdict, but no justice. Unless you have money or influence. We are shown how it works in movies and series. A formal error and a murderer goes free. A bad lawyer and you lose, although you were cheated. Series like “BULL” show that our “legal system” can do anything, but not really do justice. If I want to find the truth, why do I need a mirror jury? Why can such companies as Bull’s exist at all? Why is it that witnesses’ pasts are dug into to make them untrustworthy? Why do witnesses need to be prepared? Why are there precedents? And most importantly, why are we always shown in movies and series that good wins? Is this to instill confidence in the “legal system”?

Reality looks different, after all. And that makes me uncomprehending again and again. We were once cheated by our renter. He had not declared a basement room as living space, but rented it to us as living space, in full. We hired a lawyer and proved everything. Nevertheless, we lost in court. The lawyer had made himself unpopular with the judge because of an injustice in the proceedings, so he had turned the judge against us. That’s why we lost. On top of that, there was the eternal struggle of “poor against rich.” No chance of justice in the old world. Without understanding we read the “verdict”. We need a quantum legal system in the future, and we will get it. New technologies will ensure that no one can successfully lie in front of a court and get away with it.

In the course of my working life, this lack of understanding continued like a red thread. Often I was just in the “lucky position” to be able to observe it. When a colleague was promoted, it was not the one with the most knowledge, with leadership qualities. No, it was the one who could best kiss the boss’ ass (sorry!).And very often praise was taken for the work of others, when criticism came, excuses were made and others were to blame. That was our world, and frankly, I don’t want to have such a world anymore. The world of status symbols, of those who are supposedly better, the world of those who think they are allowed to decide over others because of more money. I have certainly made mistakes in the past, mainly because my experiences in childhood and adolescence made me decide to “fly under the radar”, that is, to be more conformist to the system. This “helped” not only in my family, school and education, but also in my career.

In retrospect, a wrong decision, because I suppressed not only my self-confidence, but also my real abilities, possibilities, development that I could have made. That’s why it was so important that I started an awakening process again several years ago. This did not happen by pure chance. No! Everything has a reason! Also, everything that has happened so far.


Today we are uncomprehending because our environment does not want to see the dangers. We are uncomprehending because history can repeat itself, although we are all so educated, so experienced. Here an example what cannot be more grotesque:

There is an exhibition at the Buchenwald concentration camp memorial: “Exclusion 1937 to 1945”.

Unvaccinated people are not allowed in there.

I’m certainly not alone in my lack of understanding, am I? Don’t those who implement these rules realize that they are also practicing exclusion? I’ m also without understanding, because really everybody had the chance to inform himself at the same time, to make himself alternatively clever. Why have so many supposedly intelligent people given up using their brains? Why did they believe only one source? Every coin shows us that there are at least two sides. Why do so many believe and trust only one source?

I think that by now I know why it all came to this. It all had to go up, to the outside. The neighbors, who now avoid you, couldn’t like you anyway. Maybe they also hate you because you are “different”. Maybe we radiate something that the others can feel. And they know that they don’t have that and just react their envy, their frustration. And we should consider that this behavior of our environment also leads to awakening. Our behavior and also the behavior of others. Since I do not believe the official vaccination rate figures, I think that there are many more unvaccinated people than we suspect. With all the media lies, why would we suddenly not be lied to in this case? Yes, there are lines outside vaccination centers, the movies and pictures show that. But then we read reports that vaccines have expired, have not been reordered or have been used up. What is being presented to us? When you see all the reports as pieces of a puzzle and put them together, it doesn’t give you a clear picture, whether it’s alternative media or the MSM.

This morning I have already read so many news again, watched movies, heard messages, if I had just woken up fresh, I would experience an absolute emotional chaos. One says the NWO has long been implemented, everything on the outside, especially the Trump, Q and New World supporters, have fallen for the next psy-op. The other one releases the next channeling message predicting us the golden age, whenever. Then the RV started, although nobody noticed, and, and, and. You know what? All this must come out, it must all come up! So that we can finally process it, tick it off. This chaos, these different statements, posts, pictures and movies, are to teach us to keep our focus.

There is a plan, a great plan! Let’s let the chaos happen on the outside, let’s process it by allowing it to happen, and then let’s say goodbye to it. We don’t need all that anymore in the new world, that’s why everything is being destroyed. The Deep State did it the same way. If they noticed, it does not go on any longer, as planned, they destroyed certain things by wars. They supported both sides and always profited. The alliance does the same. Only that this time the good ones profit from it. For a long, long time!


So please keep trying to trust! Remain calm and go into the observer position. All our patriotic efforts will pay off in the end and the end is near. So do not continue to be uncomprehending, we will soon realize and know. Thank you!

I was talking to my neighbor on Sunday, we both agreed that there was nothing good about the vaccines. She is already vaccinated, but “trusts” her doctor.

The day before yesterday she got the booster after waiting five hours. Understanding? How am I supposed to understand something like that?

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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