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The BREAKTHROUGH. Urgent update !!! ROAD TO HELL!

If you think that you have a lot of problems because psychos caused HELL on Earth, then know that psychos now have MUCH MORE PROBLEMS than we have !!!!!

We need to hold out a little more and in the end WE WILL EVERYTHING EQUALLY WIN !!!!

And psychos, in any case of this multi-level gambit, are LOSERS WITH FATAL OUTCOMES!

The vector of events turned absolutely opposite and now the machine gun of events shoots ONLY AT PSYCHES and they (psychos) are trying their best to absurdly continue their plan and can no longer achieve ANY GOAL !!!!

Their plan no longer works and they have to hurry up and do ugly things. They also have to solve the problem with protests around the world and COURTS AGAINST THE COVID SCAM (and these are HUGE PROBLEMS without a solution or a way out).

Also the Day of Justice and FULL DISCLOSURE OF THE TRUTH is approaching !!!! And the psychos will not be able to avoid it !!! Shame and prison await them anyway! And this is the happiest option! They will sit on the bench of CRIMINALS – vile, insignificant, ugly!

They are SO STRONGLY AFRAID of this day !!! Out of fear, they run in panic like idiots and attack people like crazy and rabid monsters.

The earth burns under their feet and the clock that brings them closer to death hits them on the head every second and reminds them that they are walking corpses.Absolutely ALL OF THEIR PLANS HAVE UNRELEVELY FAILED and their owners, who promised to save them when it gets hot, HAVE ALREADY BEEN REMOVED BY THE FORCES OF LIGHT !!!


NOW, the psychos were left without any support on the “island” in the midst of the fire. They themselves drove themselves to this “island” and the “fire” will very soon make a pile of ash out of them.

Psychos, like obedient slaves, try to finish their dirty games to the end, because they are used to being slaves and following orders. Their owners instilled in the psychos that they were special, and as a result, the psychos would turn into a heap of garbage.

Psychos have lost their masters and now, like complete idiots, they do not know what to do and therefore they do something and they themselves do not know what and why.

Their whole plan was initially doomed, because they outplayed themselves. They made many mistakes in drawing up the plan and these mistakes are now rolling down on the psychos in a huge avalanche.

For example, psychos came up with the idea that the vaccine must pass a trial period and only after 4-7 years of successful tests can it become compulsory. It is not known why they came up with this, they probably played with false justice, but now it clearly interferes with them. The Covid vaccine was only officially announced a few years ago, which automatically means that this vaccine CANNOT BE MANDATORY. Psychos are trying to get out, hastily adopt stupid laws and are already so much entangled in their own labyrinth that they themselves cannot get out of it. The swamp created by the psychos is gradually pulling the psychos themselves to the bottom. They kill themselves with their own hands. Stupid, hasty laws, invented in the hotbed by psychos, allegedly allow them to conduct forced experiments on humanity. This theater of the absurd scares even the most staunch supporters of vaccination.

Sleepers’ awakening is accelerating!

THE ROAD TO HELL FOR PSYCHES is also accelerating !!!!

An excellent article on the countless problems of psychos is here:

Benjamin Fulford 11/22/21 Report: Western world revolts against Satanic ruling class


Or one more stupidity and weak point of the psycho plan: these are TESTS.

These tests are not intended to detect Covid and these tests test positive FOR AT LEAST TEN ILLNESSES (including the common flu), plus the psychos have previously announced that those who have had Covid already have antibodies and they (who have had the disease) DO NOT NEED TO BE VACCINATED! Do you understand? In this way, VERY MANY PEOPLE were saved from the FATAL STICK !!!

ATTENTION: very important! Don’t waste your energy in discussions with those who have taken vaccines! If you take a closer look at those who voluntarily (!!!) and consciously (!!!) took vaccines, you will notice that these people (???) were like slightly rotten apples even before vaccination. Now all their problems with the Soul are even more manifest! They not only do not regret having given the injection, but they are dragging their own children into this abyss (vaccination)! And they do this only in order not to limit themselves and their children in the pleasures (attending concerts, restaurants, swimming pools, etc.). And these are the people whom we considered our friends and loved ones. Now they are DIFFERENT and we are DIFFERENT. We have become ALIEN to them.

How sad it is, but the time has come to say goodbye to such people … Otherwise, they will drag us into their swamp – the world of primitive vibrations!


Now another dumbness of the psychos. They CONSTANTLY BLOCK OUR PETITION about Divine intervention in the situation on the planet and the Resistance Movement has to constantly solve this problem.

It looks like the MONSTERS FINALLY BLOCKED THE MAIN PAGE OF PETITION, where there were already more than 80,000 signatures !!!!!

(minimum 144,000 signatures required).

It is difficult for us to understand WHY PSYCHES ARE SO STRONGLY AFRAID OF THIS PETITION AND MEDITATION, because we still do not understand that OUR POWER IS IN OUR ENERGY COMPONENT. We still limit ourselves to a physical body and cannot understand in any way that OUR MAIN POWER IS BEYOND THE PHYSICAL BODY and OUR MAIN POWER CAN WORK MIRACLES !!!

For example, WE CAN BY THE POWER OF THE SPIRIT move humanity to other time lines, transform and cleanse the dark energies of the Earth, change and influence planetary processes, stop hurricanes, create the future and many other interesting things!

Psychos ARE VERY AFRAID OF THIS PETITION AND MASS MEDITATION! VERY VERY AFRAID OF IT! Therefore, they constantly prevent this from happening !!!!

Psychos can not understand something in any way – NOBODY CAN STOP US !!!! BECAUSE IT’S ALREADY HUGE !!!!

Psychos can delete and block our petition a million times, and we will find a million ways to solve it !!!!

Because psychos do not know what imagination, courage, mutual assistance, solidarity, love, fantasy, creativity, compassion, kindness, self-esteem, freedom, flexibility of thinking and many other human talents are !!!!

Psychos still do not understand that WE WAKE UP AND THIS IS FINAL!

They continue their already completely failed plan and do it because they absolutely do not know how to distinguish between elementary things: perspective and hopelessness.

Their plan is dead and completely hopeless. But they got jammed (FROM FEAR) and they continue it on. The only thing they need to do now is to try to somehow save their ass !!! But they dull and continue on the hopelessly dead plan.And by this they accelerate their death many times !!!

For thousands of years, psychos have taught us to live selfishly and tried to constantly separate us.

We ALMOST completely lost our self-esteem, the need to help other people and to be TOGETHER IN HARD TIMES !!!

If humanity had not lost courage, dignity and solidarity, then the psychos could never have gotten that far !!!

Now is the time to regain your talents, strength and become HUMANITY again!


Be careful and DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TWICE !!! Psychos are constantly blocking the main page with the petition and the Resistance Movement creates BACKUP COPIES !!!!

If the main page is blocked, then subscribe in the backup copy AND THESE VOTES COUNT TOGETHER WITH THE SIGNATURES ON THE MAIN PAGE !!!!!


Updates to the petition and meditation are here:



A Short Notice to the Surface Population


Some more interesting channelings. The first channeling explains WHY PROTEST LEVEL IS DIFFERENT WORLDWIDE. For example, why there are almost no protests in China.


Today we will digress a little from our topic and will talk about the current developments at the physical level.

The cornered representatives of the world government, their field employees, to be exact, are now desperately trying to bring till final victory the human enslavement plan they have been carefully contrived for years.

In some countries their attempts have really been a success.

And now we will try to find out why it has happened and, on the contrary, why in other countries their plans face reckless opposition for the side of their nations.

As a matter of fact, my dear, pure human souls always tell the truth from a lie by intuition and especially when it is their Soul – their Divine hypostasis – that is endangered.

And if to follow this principle, according to the reaction of this or that country’s population there can be made conclusions on its population elements in terms of living beings embodied as humans, as well as the amount of clones among them.

As you see, the least opposition to the absurd and inhumane demands of the authorities was shown by the inhabitants of China who have accepted the new conditions of their existence in an almost unmurmuring way.

It is just the location of huge laboratories for clone production who were evenly distributed all over the country.

It is mainly due to this that the economy of China has revived so quickly where whole armies of clones were created for certain types of activities, with their efficiency and endurance many times exceeding those of an average man.

The same thing, on a smaller scale though, occurs in some other Asian countries with a low level of culture and education, with national and religious traditions being based on submission to the customs and traditions established from above, both social, and religious ones.

As far as European countries and American continent countries are concerned, a lot here is determined by collective consciences of beings embodied as humans.

And they are numerous indeed, as you know.

As for people with two souls in whose physical bodies human souls exist side by side with souls of other races’ and civilizations’ representatives, everything is determined by the level of these people’s vibrations.

Since all the media are aimed at filling people with fear for their life, all these negative energies are responded to, first of all, by low vibration souls in the human body because it is these energies that are native and dear to them.

Therefore, human souls are stifled and as a result of mass psychosis and fear for one’s life most of such people also become obedient executors of all the authorities’ rules and instructions.

This is what was staked at by those who have arranged this bacchanalia on Earth: they are well informed about the actual “composition” of your planet’s population.

Yet, they did not take into consideration that the pure and ancient human souls in minority will be able to turn the tide, which is the case now in many countries of the world.

The pure energy of the human Soul has turned out so powerful that has managed to outweigh the energy of hundreds of thousands of weak and intimidated creatures, which came as an unpleasant surprise to the Dragon reptiles and Orions who came to believe in their omnipotence.

This is due to this energy that mass revival on Earth is taking place.

Like fairy tale heroes all across the globe there have risen pure human Souls who are ready to sacrifice their life but not their freedom.

They have rebelled against the “Dragons” eager to enslave them and will bring this fight till final victory.

I believe in you, my dear, and know that your efforts will be a success by all means since you are supported by all the Light Forces of the Universe, with your Galaxy brothers and sisters being among them.


Personally, I am already on my feet with the last of my strength! Only spiritual practices, channelings, communication with nature helps me not to fall !!!! Around me ALL VACCINED! And not all of them are friendly)))))) Many have a slavish mind with very long roots of fear! I’m too brave for them !!! It scares them)))) And they attack …

In addition, psychos constantly attack us through the PEOPLE CLOSE TO US with the help of astral entities.

It hurts most when you are offended by a person who is dear to you. It is very difficult to be balanced if you are hurt by the person who is (lives) next to you.

It is very important to understand that those people who offend us do not act themselves, but these people are RULED BY PSYCHES through astral slaves!

But anger, resentment, reverse aggression is exactly what the psychos expect from us! Therefore, try your best, in any way, not to succumb to these provocations and avoid ANY conflicts with loved ones and people around you!


THIS IS OUR WORK (and not only that!) AT THIS STAGE OF THE AWAKENING OF HUMANITY! And from HOW we do our work depends WHERE IT WILL LEAD US!

Ascension Update: Rising Consciousness

Like many of you, I grew up thinking that being rich, beautiful, and famous were the only ways to have a happy life. But year after year of living in consumer culture made me miserable. After realizing I wasn’t getting any happier even though I was able to buy more things, I started researching happiness. I learned that attention is the engine of consciousness and that, by mindfully raising my consciousness, I could reconnect with what really matters most in life.

Consciousness is the path to freedom from the ego’s agenda. This freedom to come back to now, this freedom through mindfulness, is one of the most profound forms of freedom that exists on earth.

You must raise your consciousness to be more aware of what is happening in the present moment in order to achieve this freedom. We all have the ability to do this, but it requires practice and dedication. Here are some tips to help you raise your consciousness:

1) Practice mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness meditation is a great way to become more aware of your thoughts and feelings without judgment or resistance. All you need is a quiet place and some time for yourself. Just like any other skill, the more you practice, the better you’ll get at feeling relaxed and present throughout your day.

2) Practice active listening: Active listening is a great skill for anyone to develop, and it can give you a greater awareness of how others are feeling and make it easier to show compassion and understanding. When you’re actively listening, you’re not just waiting for your turn to speak—instead, you’re focusing on what the other person is saying and demonstrating that through your words and facial expressions.

3) Slow down: Being in such a rush all the time makes it nearly impossible to be present at the moment or really listen to others. So put your phone away while driving, try not to multi-task when talking with someone else—just be there in that moment.

4) Increase your self-awareness by becoming more aware of your surroundings, thoughts, and feelings. Observe. Be mindful of what you are doing, thinking, and feeling. Be aware of your attention and bring it back to the present moment. Practice complete awareness several times a day for 10 minutes at a time until it begins to feel natural. At least take one minute every hour to “check-in” with yourself and see where your attention is at that moment.

At first, you’ll probably get a lot of distractions from your thoughts. But, each time, bring yourself back to the present moment. You can do this while going for a walk, exercising at home, washing dishes, etc.

5) Eat healthy food for a healthy body. Stay away from junk food as much as possible, or at least limit it to occasional indulgence only. Junk food is high in saturated fats, sugar, and sodium, which can lead to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and other medical conditions that can be life-threatening in some cases.

6) Be stress-free. Stress is the biggest enemy of health and contributes to most diseases, including heart disease, depression, and anxiety disorders, among others. Meditation is one simple way to reduce stress by learning how to relax your mind and body through breathing exercises, which leads to increased mental clarity, increased energy levels, better health, and less stress in general. Take up meditation for a healthier body and mind. Take care of yourself physically as well as emotionally.

7) If you do not like what is happening around you, change it. You have the power to alter anything at all that does not feel right for you in your life or in your surroundings through your thoughts and feelings. This takes practice and effort at first, but once learned, it becomes an easy way to live your life without experiencing unwanted drama or situations in your life because when you take action on what makes you feel good about yourself and your life, these things automatically fall into place without any effort at all on your part, so remember “if it feels good, do it.”

8) Remember that positive energy attracts positive energy and negative energy attracts negative energy, so to keep attracting positive experiences in your life, be sure to surround yourself with only positive people who will support your growth and expansion into the person that you really want to be.

9) Be honest with yourself, and others will follow suit. I’m a firm believer in self-love and self-care. Yes, it sounds a bit cliché, but in this world of continuous lies, I know it can be very hard to keep being honest with yourself. But your conscience won’t let you lie to yourself. You will feel rotten inside if you are just pretending or just playing the role that others want from you instead of being true to yourself. And when you have been honest with yourself, it’s much easier, to be honest with others, no matter how high the stakes are. And being honest with others will come easier as well.

10) Observe everything as if for the first time—as if you were a child experiencing his or her first snowfall or sunset—instead of going through the motions of your everyday life as usual.

11) Have no expectations for how this practice will affect you or what you will gain from it; instead, be open and curious about where it will take you next!

We love you dearly.

We are here with you.

We are your family of light.

Aurora Ray

Ambassador of the Galactic Federation


Victory of the Light!


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