New York Intel (Week 1 November 25, 2021): Special Red Alert


Operation Disclosure | By Royel Madison, Contributing Writer

Submitted on November 24, 2021

New York Intel: Patriots United

Week 1 November 25, 2021: Special Red Alert

GRV/War/NOW/Post-GRV News and Information

Helping To Keep You In The Know and In The NOW

This new intel news source would respectfully like to post weekly on Tuesday mornings, and we could use some help.  You should find us a refreshing source from much of the roller coaster ride.  However, some of the disinformation is constructive, Sun Tzu related.  Enough said.   Many of the GRV intel providers are benevolent and combine to carry the Light; the dark is finished, their days are numbered, they never did achieve their dreams.  Thank God!! 

Okay, yes, I flew to Reno etc. to physically meet some people (NDA) yet I am at the very bottom on the sidelines next to the cheerleaders; and yes, we will be posting some related updates for your discernment.  Some sources include: a big guy (NDA) you have heard the name he does exist I met him (DOD), others connected to Elders and to ancient Trusts so confirmed those are real too, paymasters and intermediaries are waiting just like we are, a network of good knowledgeable folks, a couple different people who get the MedBeds right away good because I really need to use one, physics gurus, non-physical gurus, a few with suppressed advanced technologies and other knowledge, the internet, higher self, 5D+ life forms, and I Am That I Am.  So, this should be fun, and we could use some financing or volunteer help with setting up a website and are pending. 


Royel, a Lightworker here for the human experience and the for The Great Transformation On Earth.  What an honor it is to be here at this very special time. Thank you and God Bless you.

Strategic psychological operations are a normal part of warfare.

We, however, are not accustomed to being a part it – stay strong, hold the Light.

Truth and Courage

Truth and Courage are what evil fears.  Stop eating so much popcorn on the sidelines, and help carry the Light in this epic war.  Utilize your powerful abilities as co-creators by making our Physical Reality from our non-physical Thoughts. Thought Creates Matter.  Thought Creates Our Reality. Envision Post-GRV often to help ensure that it happens. Focus as much on post-GRV as you do on the GRV.  Also, Unite, Organize, Make Plans and Actions to help in this epic Great Purge of Evil.

GRV and The Great Purge of Evil:  Special Red Alert

  • Tweet – Greg Kelly-Enemy of Racist Bridges @gregkellyusa

What the HELL is going on down there in AUSTRALIA?  The GOVERNMENT has gone POWER CRAZY.  Hey, just because you’re so damn far away doesn’t mean we’re not WATCHING. TREAT THESE PEOPLE WITH RESPECT!  David Bowie was RIGHT about the govt.  FREEDOM!




Squared SOS Representatives of the Aboriginal Community in Australia issue International Plea for help over tyrannical Australian coercion & control.

Royel comment: 

The Australian Aboriginal Leaders Are Sending Out An SOS Signal To The World.

Many Other Countries Are Either Falling Or Have Fallen, Including Our Own Great USA. 

How much longer can anyone just sit back and let this happen?

All of you readers need to start doing much, much more.  Take actions as civilians. 

Are you going to wait until chains are on you and barbed wire fences surround you waiting your turn in line to be exterminated…by that time it will be too late and you will look back saying that you could have and should have done more.  So do more now.  The International Organized Cabal (IOC) criminals are murdering millions of people including our innocent children.  What does it take to make you stand??  Enough with over relying on a divided military that is making some progress but that needs the people to help to ensure that it gets done.  Enough with being hypnotized by the carrot and stick – get off of the RV pot!  The situation the world in now requires our action.  UNITE.  ORGANIZE.  PLANS.  ACTIONS.  Do it now please.  The world is crying for help.  There is much more that you can and should be doing.  Help this world that is falling under tyranny more and more every day.  Enough.  Time to Stand now.  Get it done please!!!

For example,

  1. Create a civilian website that explains the current events – show/prove the rampant corruption.
  2. Organize civilians locally, regionally, state level and national. 
  3. Planning what civilians can and should do now
  4. Utilize benevolent organizations
  5. Schedule events that they can participate in, e.g., protests etc.
  6. Communicate this out far and wide when it is setup. 
  7. Do not do much else during your free time except for this.  No TV etc. until we have our Freedom back on this planet.
  8. Get a move on it now, you should have done this long ago.  Rapido!
  9. Or, fund me, I am willing to start it.

Darn it, Try Harder!!!!!  Or, Risk Losing Everything To The IOC Criminals Who Are Brazenly Taking It From Us Now.

Stay Strong and United

Love and Compassion in Action! We All Must Do (Not Just Say) Now

Royel is a Lightworker for God. and are pending, we need a website, a little help please.

I have information, files, etc. that need to be upload to this website which will help many people. Thank you for your help.


Much of the above information was obtained from various internet sources which should be taken with a grain of salt.  It is entirely up to the reader to determine if this information is accurate or not, so without blindly believing the information herein, and knowing that much warfare psychological operations and/or erroneous data can be included in the herein information, readers need to do their own fact-checking research to determine what information is and is not valid, i.e., do not rely on this information for any reason.

When our day to perform actually comes, the Safe Link Website information will be made available in many places, including on our website.  Let us all help to spread awareness and move things forward to a significantly brighter, beautiful future for humanity, for other life forms and for our living being planet.

FREEDOM!!!!!  For entertainment purposes only.



Well Knowledgeable, Well Networked and Well Informed


Painting of our founding father and first President of the United States, Great President George Washington crossing the frozen Delaware River at night in sleet and snow on December 25, 1776 for our independence from Britain in the American Revolutionary War.

We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who would pervert the Constitution.  – Great President Abraham Lincoln

Do not allow any entity to override The Constitution.  Do not sit idle if and when they do – have the wisdom and courage to rise and do something about it.  Now is that time. – Royel


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