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November 19, 2021

November 19, 2021: Lord of the Three-Ring Circus [videos]

Watching world events is like a tennis match and it’s hard to know which side-show to watch. We caught a huge [plasma] moon setting this morning following the eclipse that we didn’t have the time or wherewithal to follow.

I stumbled on this posted 19 hours ago. We know some very interesting things have happened in the past during major ecliptic moments…  This looks odd, but perhaps a total eclipse on loop looks this way.

Watching current events is like playing whack-a-mole at the carny but it keeps us awake.

At least now we have things besides the friggin’ scamdemic to discuss.

Now they’re claiming that unvaccinated men can name their price for their sperm. Human fluids are increasingly valuable. Is untainted adrenochrome at a premium, too? How many unvaccinated children are there?

Antivaxers Think Their ‘Pure’ Semen Will Skyrocket in Value

We, the control group, a the “true bloods” now, you know.

Some are suggesting from conversations this guy had at the recent summit that he must have been convinced to “flip”. The convo he had with Brazil’s Jaire Bolsonaro, in particular.

Mr. Pool has engaged in a countdown but his posts usually disappear before long. I tuned in at “0:11:30:” and the next one I saw was:

Mr Pool


There are more now, and he has some psychedelic posts, that’s for sure.  The countdown continues. Let the games begin.

As you can see… we’re back on the bridge and the hailing frequencies are open. The curve balls keep flying and we’re scrambling to juggle them. I missed the Q’sDay Nov. 17 roundup because when I fired up the beast that morning my hard drive was screaming like a banshee. My capable other half was able to copy my files and immediately sourced a new tower—and as it turned out—keyboard, too. He didn’t think it appropriate that my keys no longer had letters on them and his fingers, worn down from hunt-and-peck, aren’t as intuitive as mine.

So—he spent the day duplicating my setup but as you probably know, when you start fresh like that all your bookmarks, tabs, logins, passwords, permissions, preferences, etc. are gone and it’s painfully slow to do anything—at least for me. Add a new keyboard into the mix and you have the most sluggish, awkward situation to deal with and it only underscores my techno-weenie status.

Microsoft hates me, and I was forced to get Windows 11—as if 10 wasn’t bad enough. My login with MS wasn’t current and their new operating system didn’t recognize the fact that they deducted $73 from my bank account last February for the Office pack. Go figure—so hubby had a long conversation with them to enable us to proceed with my more current email/login. It’s a circus. If their claims are to be trusted, my system won’t shut down on November 21st—but if you don’t hear from me…

A huge time guzzler was the fact that my new PC would not allow me to set up Telegram again. It wouldn’t send me the code to log in. I set it up on my iPad in less than two minutes but we can’t get it to do it on my desktop. Isn’t technology supposed to simplify our lives? Why do I feel like it’s a constant battle? Why does it take three gadgets to set up one? It’s insane.

AND, for whatever reason, the password I had for the bridge here at SE wasn’t letting me in so I got locked out nearly all day and had to get Number One to shuttle over and rescue me. All told, yesterday was one of the most frustrating days of my entire life—and I knew the crew would be worried after two days but when I finally got onto the bridge and changed my password my enthusiasm was at such a low ebb that I needed to regroup and only approved the comments.

When Mica was young and limber

In case you’re wondering… Mica has plateaued and is still limping around but insists on going for walks which we are limiting to a block or two because he lives in the moment and doesn’t understand consequences and we don’t want him to suffer a setback. Neither do we want further muscle atrophy.

I “feel” like it’s a tendon or ligament issue—and I’m leaning toward the cruciate ligament. He may have damaged it when he fell down the stairs. We ran into a neighbour yesterday who said they had surgery for that condition in both legs on their little dog who is now 15 and you can’t see any evidence of a former injury in his gait so that is encouraging.

If necessary we will go the surgery route, as much as I don’t like to put pets under anesthesia, but they have better, less risky methods now, I’m hearing and Mica isn’t old. It was only a few months ago someone remarked on his jaunty gait as he dragged me around the neighbourhood. I loved every minute and haven’t been on a pine cone hunt in weeks.

Research is also causing a lot of guilt because there were signs of deterioration in his hips that I didn’t see which could have averted this crisis and the shock of this lameness has taken it’s toll on me physically too, but enough of the personal drama. The show must go on—and what a show it is.

Things change so fast on the global scene I’m so far behind I think I’m first but I’ll share some stuff I think you’ll want to know. The Patriots are keeping the movie going with sensational characters and ridiculous scenarios that have my eyes rolling.

For example… We can now see where they were going with the ‘Poopy Pants Biden’ extravaganza and the media’s demands to know when he will have his annual checkup. He’ll be getting a colonoscopy and VP Kamala Harris will be the new ring-leader in the circus. You can bet many will say this “movie” stinks.

Well, that won’t take long, did it? I told you it changes fast. He’s back—but they laid the groundwork for Harris to take over the reins in the event that…??? What else might the physical at Walter Reed reveal? Tune in for the next chapter of Poopy Pants Goes to Washington.

Biden back after briefly transferring power to VP Harris

One of the other ops ongoing of course is the extreme flooding and devastation in British Columbia, Canada. It’s shocking. I heard on Twitter that some damaged levies in Washington State Sumas area were adding even more water to British Columbia. This headline from Nov. 17th Sky News.

One person is dead, several people are missing and thousands have been evacuated following severe flooding in the northwest of the US and parts of Canada.

Washington and Canada flooding: One dead and thousands evacuated following days of heavy rainfall

After setting alight the town of Lytton last summer when Dr. Charles Hoff was openly challenging the globalists’ vaxx protocols you’d think they’d leave them alone but since there are so many tunnels and obvious ocean access in that province and we know about the underwater base off the coast of Vancouver Island, there may be covert ops going on to clear the infestation of the… uh… parasites in that corner of Canada in lieu of the recent earthquakes—not that the Earth Alliance caused the flooding event, but if they know in advance it’s coming and can’t stop it and it suits their own agenda, I believe they would take full advantage. I recall Queen Romana advising people months ago to store food above flood level. In some parts of the Northwest/Pacific Coast it’s way beyond that. Using personal water craft to rescue livestock? Poor things.

Video captured by drone, helicopter shows what’s left of a major B.C. highway

Queen Romana is organizing aid of all kinds from generous people and many have pitched in with food, money, distribution, and transportation for thousands of stranded people as well as the relocation of animals. It’s very mountainous in the Hope, Merritt, Frazer River and Coquihalla Hwy areas of the Rockies and if the one road through the canyons is blocked/closed—those folks are cut off from any supplies, fuel, etc. Power can be out, and it sounds like it might be long-term in some cases. It would no doubt impact transportation [road and rail] of supplies to Calgary, Edmonton, etc. from the coast. Supply chain. Coincidence?

A group of humanitarian pilots will pick up stranded people in Hope and fly them to Chilliwack and then provide ground travel to your destination of choice. (Probably not Puerto Vallarta]. Free, via volunteers. Call Mark at 604-777-1292 if you are stranded in the Hope area.

I hope you can see that the advice we have given for years now to be prepared for anything and to stock up on food, water, fuel, meds, pet supplies, cash, etc. and to have a bug-out bag cannot be considered fear mongering. It’s crucial to maintain situational awareness at this time. You may not want to watch the news, but be aware of the weather, fires, etc.

state of emergency declared in British Columbia interior

People all over the world have been locked down, displaced, evacuated, burned out, flooded, dealt with ferocious hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, tsunamis and volcanoes and earthquakes—you name it. We just don’t know what the future will hold so be prudent, take advantage of this heads up you have because you’re awake; protect yourself and your family and of course help others where you can. It’s far better protection than the “fake vaccine”. Remember to check in on the elderly and disadvantaged. Not everyone is glued to a gadget all day and up on the local alerts.

Tunnels are going to be coming up in conversation a lot because the biggest back story that the general public is as yet unaware of is the global Human trafficking industry. It’s not only about sex, it’s largely also about adrenochrome; the Human-derived drug of choice for the bloodline predators. Because of the people involved, the world will find it a bitter pill to swallow and it will leave them reeling.

Another curious development I heard about was a nasty smell in Jacksonville, Florida along the water. It has some folks asking, “What if children’s museums across the US were entrance points to the tunnel network?” I don’t think they’re really “asking”. We hear that the children are safe so the bodies, if there are any… well, you can draw your own conclusions. As Q stated, it won’t always be clean; meaning they would have to do things that ethics would prevent in times other than a war for the survival of our species and Human life would be spared as much as possible.

What’s that smell? Residents angered by foul odor hanging over Jacksonville

Kevin Annett did a stinging update on the genocide in Canada, the extermination of 60,000 children at “Indian Residential Schools” at the hands of the organized crime syndicates and “royalty”. Of course no one wants to hear about child torture and sacrifice. This is one thing that will be forced into the awareness of Canadians and the world in the coming days. 18 min.

Mass Murder, Then and Now: It takes everyone to commit and conceal the crime – Annett’s Weekly No. 5

Now they’re strongly suggesting Texas will have more power outages and a harsh winter. Odd how so many of their predictions come to fruition. They love to hit Texas, too.

Feds Recommend Steps to Avoid Future Winter Power Outages in Texas

Enough of the nonsense. Enough of the carnage.

The reality of who we are and where we are is the biggest lie of all and we’ve been exploring and nudging folks to “expand their thinking” in this regard. Of course if you raise the topic of “flat Earth” the ridicule gushes all over but that is how the control freaks have controlled. Ridicule.

When you know, you know, and you’re not going to back down and ridicule is like water off a duck’s back. Using “logic” and the science we’ve been given will not stand you in good stead because we have been lied to about everything. Using lies to unravel the truth just won’t work. It’s like using a screwdriver when you need a wrench. [spanner] You’ll end up with this—and a headache.

Personally, I find the rumours, hints, and clues far more exciting than what we’ve been taught all our lives. I love the “What if…” game, while some find it frightening. Some find it threatening. Some get angry. There will be a lot of angry people after the EBS.

Phil Godlewski [not his real name] has the balls to talk about Flat Earth and the lands beyond the ice wall which he says is referred to as Terra Vista. Some very bright people listen to Phil [so called because he lives in PA?] and take advantage of his live Rapid Fire Q&A sessions. They use his yes or no answers to narrow down their hypotheses about various topics so we can learn a lot from the questions—just as we did from Q’s questions. The last Rapid Fire [below] was nearly 2 hours long and it was riveting.

Phil doesn’t believe the truth about Flat Earth will be revealed right away. [EBS] I think Earthlings/Terrans will have enough on their plate to assimilate without that little nugget of truth and agree it will come later. It’s not critical to know now and won’t change anything in our day-to-day life or help us protect ourselves from imminent threats. Will it help to say yes, it’s round—and also flat—kind of like a Smartie? I doubt it.

I believe Phil is under attack again because he has ever more relevance with the material he is prepared to discuss. The controllers don’t want people to listen to him so they have brought up the false charges against him again on social mediawhich he has already admitted to and spoken of a number of times on his shows. He’s not hiding anything. They do the same thing for all their formidable enemies, like Trump, Roger Stone, Steve Bannon, etc.

Why wouldn’t they bother to revisit the fake, phony, false charges? The cabal has attacked this Anon multiple times in the recent past to make life miserable but he keeps coming back and I’m glad he does. With 170K watching his Live shows on DLive and thousands more watching the Rumble replays, a lot of people are interested in what he has to say.

If you really want good intel, I suggest you listen to his updates. He seems to have excellent sources. If I can’t listen to anyone else’s videos, I listen to his. The rest mostly cover the side shows in the circus, anyway.

Here are Phil’s last two video updates that I’ve taken in. Intel is flowing. Someone asked if the “jab” is a chromosome. Answer: Yes. Wowzah. What are the implications of that?!

Someone also asked if we are being shown “past events”. Interesting. As in another timeline that was averted? Is that what’s running the movie projector?

Nov 15 Rapid Fire Q&A

Phil dropped massively exciting news in the update below about “media”. The end is near, and a new beginning as well. Not the behaviour of someone on the side of the enemy.

Current Events – Nov 17, 2021

Phil passionately addressed the Kyle Rittenhouse trial in the Nov. 17 update because it closely paralleled the trumped up charges against him, and I got a popup a few minutes go telling me Kyle got off; all charges dropped. Thank goodness—but we’ll see what happens with the promised violence that would accompany that verdict. Regardless, I just heaved a huge sigh of relief for that young man. There is justice but it will take time for them to heal.

Kyle Rittenhouse Acquitted On All Charges

Most of the world now knows that election fraud has been making the world go ’round for a long time and it’s about to blow up in the tyrants’ faces.

You might recall when we covered the source of some severed power cables in the Arizona desert north of Phoenix in the past couple of years. Those kind of shenanigans continue. It’s all about the comms, isn’t it? Dr. Joseph Farrell covers this update at his Giza Deathstar blog.

Oh, and I heard YouTube suffered major outages in the US yesterday. Expect it.


Just as I was wrapping it up I got an excited text that Bo Polny has made some startling claims in his latest update. The video on Themtube had a 4-minute, long-copy ad at the beginning you had no option to skip so I found this on Rumble. I have not yet listened. 1 hr. 33 min.


That’s it for today. Be sure to check out the crew’s contributions in the comments below each post. They stay on top of things more than I.

I’m hearing that some folks aren’t getting their email notifications from WordPress when we publish a new post. That happens from time to time and it’s not something I can fix because it’s all done automatically by WordPress technology and list management.

Folks will have to go to their WordPress subscription page and try to re-subscribe, or just come to our website every day. It’s a better experience than reading a “newsletter” from your in-box with no comments or illustrations, isn’t it? I just paid $450 to renew all this technology and support for Starship Earth and the Captain’s Blog so I hope people are using it. We only post on the Captain’s Blog occasionally as a satellite ship due to time constraints.

We’re into the final two weeks of November so something big has to break. With that I bid you a fond adieu until our next transmission.  ~ BP


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