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First a question, then I will close this post with one between a myriad of answers.

Is Sunday the first or last day of the week?

We have come to a metanalytic moment, so I will retro crush my previous posts:

Hello guys & girls,

I just felt the need to say what i had to say, so please have care and try to understand me to your best.

*Expansive understanding is advised for multiples meanings ensues.

I can already feel this planet changing. The energy, the vibration (vibe), the evolution of our people! It´s an ongoing process, i know, but by doing the now we determine the future, which is readable to some.

My message is simple: to have the big picture in mind, always. If we are to stop being laughable to unified species (basically everyone that matters in the galaxy) we need to be unified ourselves! As one species, one people. And if this is going to happen at the end of this chapter in our history, then it´s crucial to happen sooner than later (or we may have swimmed all the beach, only to die in the sand)

Why? Because non-union causes wars and preventable problems, like sabotage and secrecy. Which causes its own wave of damage, like supressed technologies. Basically we are trying to exit stone age, but we are being dragged back by OURSELVES!

The Alliance+Humanity has to speed up any bureaucratic and/or purelly procedural matters, if we want to pass the final tests before the next age! Why? Think with me: If at the end of the next few years, we will NEED to have only one country, one nation, one people, one currency (before we cancel “property” altogether), for the whole planet, to finally be free, why lose days and months dying on details over divisions of power? We are at a race for survival as an species, folks! Not nations, not cultures or religions, but species!!

Understand, there will be no one with power over other. For we will have freedom, of the true kind! With no human greater than other, we being equals for the first time! Know that there will never be liberty while someone IS or HAS more than other.

And if this will happen, we are looking at the last priests and kings of this world. Let those titles go. Even if you hold one of those titles, let them go. For your happiness will be greater at the end of the road, when we will all rejoice the arrival of light to our beatiful and precious GAIA. To evolve as a person and species is to become the king of ourselves, which is far superior than being king of rabbles and war-torn places. True power is to achieve ALL that you are! Not half of what others pretend to be!

LOVE you all! Thanks for your attention!

Ps. While well dressed ones rides with expensive suitcases, up and down, to achieve nothings, people, true LIVING people, suffer and starve. Just in this should be all the reason for the expediture of the liberation of mankind..

First and foremost from misery. (A preferred method of mine is UBI=2k a month to everyone on earth) Then, when people are fed, and finally, alleviated from so much scarcity, it would be the RIGHTFUL time to start freeing people from the mind control, teaching them that to love is the way, and the hidden realities, the truths that have been denied to them for so long.
For we are one,
so each one of us,
impacts all of us.

My first post was a blast, I loved it. Fire from the heart, really. Just the messenger kind o thing, but a message i was proud to deliver. Don`t care who read it.

It was only necessary to say it. It was enough. So much so it was the only post i didn’t reread before doing this 5th. I trust those words does not require too much re-reading, some matter if it was the opening and biggest one.


This one was concise, probably because my earth energy is the most “in building” status. With a nice dance of ideas and concepts, entertaining yet with a “keep wondering” vibe, although short. But i believe it achieved its goal too.


This one came to me like the element, totally at its time, which was quiet fast. The beauty of it was “easy of translation” more on that later, or at the start.


This circular brainy enumerated post was too cool not to post. Maybe it was a nice moment too. This post was simple yet so dense. I believe someday i will read it in the future and find new significance(s).

Then we come to this post itself. Loved to be at this rushed peace i am right now. Love all of humanity. Whatever it is. It´s paid. I loved the experience.

May God be with us all.

Answer: Depends


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