Miracle of the Sun: 10.13.1917 to 10.13.2021


Operation Disclosure | By B. Patrick Thomas, Contributing Writer

Submitted on October 12, 2021

Miracle of the Sun – 10.13.1917 to 10.13.2021 

I came across enlightening information, while researching how the cabal uses entertainers as opinion influencers. For instance, Benjamin Fulford wrote on 10.4.21, “The Chinese are also battling the KM in many other ways. The crackdown on mega-stars, for example, is designed to thwart the KM tactic of using “celebrities,” to manipulate public opinion.” Ben’s info follows the media’s war with artists like Dave Chappelle, Rose McGowan, and Nicki Minaj. Who are rebelling against the authority of the deep state. My research took me back to Israel Cohen’s 1912 AD plan to overcompensate Black artists and athletes. Thus, from a pedestal, they would persuade the severely cabal-oppressed Blacks to blame white people for their lack of resources.   

Anyway, my research was sidetracked from Cohen by thought-provoking discoveries of other aspects during the 1910s. 

There are two possible connections of the old and new, that I will post at this time: 

#1: First Shots 

October 27th, 1917, the first shots fired by American artillerymen on the front-line during WWI. It was noted that the (Irish?) soldiers were whistling the song “Tipperary” when arriving at the front. That was until an (English?) Officer yelled at them, “stop that noise.”  Source: The Evening World, New York City, Saturday 10.27.1917 


October 27th, 2017, the second mention is a message under the heading of “Windsor Tower, Unleash the Storm.” Thankfully, permission was given for the “Q” movement. The post stated, “begin posting and expect major impact. All shall awaken!” This was the first shot of the “Q” movement’s war against the deep state. Happily, for us, the next day started the rousing of sheep! 

Now, this week’s Fulford article (10.11.21) titled “First shots of WWIII fired on polish/Belarus border as collapse of EU begins.” A coincidence? Who knows, but (IMHO) the first shot was fired 10.27.2017 

# 2: October 13th 

From this morning’s Judy Byington post: Today at 5 pm EDT Mon. 11 Oct. a massive solar flare was due to hit Earth that could take out the electrical grid along the East Coast. 


As on the other occasions, the seers, Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta, first saw a bright light, and then they saw Our Lady over the holm oak. 

Lucia: What does Your Grace wish of me? 


Our Lady: I wish to tell you that I want a chapel built here in my honor. I am the Lady of the Rosary. Continue to pray the rosary every day. The war is going to end, and the soldiers will soon return to their homes. 

Lucia: I have many things to ask you: if you would cure some sick persons, and if you would convert some sinners… 

Our Lady: Some yes, others no. They must amend their lives and ask forgiveness for their sins. 

Becoming sadder, Mary added, “Let them offend Our Lord no more for He is already much offended.” 

Newpaper article about the Miracle of the Sun 

Then, opening her hands, Our Lady shone the light issuing from them onto the sun, and as she rose, her own radiance continued to be cast onto the sun. 

At that moment, Lucia cried, “Look at the sun!” 

Once Our Lady had disappeared in the expanse of the firmament, three scenes followed in succession, symbolizing first the joyful mysteries of the rosary, then the sorrowful mysteries, and, finally, the glorious mysteries. Lucia alone saw the three scenes; Francisco and Jacinta saw only the first. 

The first scene: 

Saint Joseph appeared beside the sun with the Child Jesus and Our Lady of the Rosary. It was the Holy Family. The Virgin was dressed in white with a blue mantle. Saint Joseph was also dressed in white, and the Child Jesus in light red. Saint Joseph blessed the crowd, making the Sign of the Cross three times. The Child Jesus did the same. 


The second scene: 

A vision of Our Lady of Sorrows, without the sword in her breast, and of Our Lord overwhelmed with sorrow on the way to Calvary. 

Our Lord made the Sign of the Cross to bless the people. 

Lucia could only see the upper part of Our Lord’s body. 

The third scene: 

Finally, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, crowned queen of heaven and earth, appeared in a glorious vision holding the Child Jesus near her heart. 

While these scenes took place, the great throng of 70,000 spectators witnessed the miracle of the sun. 

It had rained all during the apparition. At the end of the conversation between Our Lady and Lucia – when the Blessed Virgin rose and Lucia shouted, “Look at the sun!” – the clouds parted, revealing the sun as an immense silver disk shining with an intensity never before seen – though not blinding. 

This lasted only an instant. Then the immense disk began to “dance.” 

The sun spun rapidly like a gigantic circle of fire. Then it stopped momentarily, only to begin spinning vertiginously again. Its rim became scarlet; whirling, it scattered red flames across the sky. 


Their light was reflected on the ground, on the trees, on the bushes, and on the faces and clothing of the people, which took on brilliant hues and changing colors. 

After performing this bizarre pattern three times, the globe of fire seemed to tremble, shake, and then plunge in a zigzag toward the terrified crowd. 

All this lasted about ten minutes. Finally, the sun zigzagged back to its original place and once again became still and brilliant, shining with its normal brightness. The cycle of the apparitions had ended. 

Many people noticed that their clothes, soaking wet from the rain, had suddenly dried. 

The miracle of the sun was also seen by numerous witnesses up to twenty-five miles away from the place of the apparition. 

The Consecration of Russia 

In order to forestall the damnation of many souls and God’s chastisement, during the third apparition on July 13, 1917, Our Lady of Fatima while speaking to Lucia dos Santos offered as a solution the devotion to her Immaculate Heart, the Communion of reparation on the First Saturdays for five consecutive months, and Russia’s consecration to her Immaculate Heart. 

The Blessed Virgin warned that, if her requests went unheeded, World War II would break out and Communism would spread its errors throughout the world, provoking wars and persecutions of the Church. Finally, she promised divine forgiveness and the triumph of her Immaculate Heart, which would be followed by Russia’s consecration and conversion.

Dave at the X22 Report (10.11.21) shows a 12-second-long video from Dan Scavino’s tweet (@ 45 minute mark) of a beaver shouting, “Russia – Russia.” Another coincidence? 


There probably is too many asleep, even for #s 44 & 46 to awaken with their foolishness. Perhaps, this “solar flare” will turn into another “miracle of the sun” moment that KICKs the dormant awake with a spiritual fury! After that, good luck cabal, with your murderous plans! 

God bless ! 

Up the patriots !! 


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