I Give up–and, it’s Not What you Expect!


Operation Disclosure | By Gman757, Contributing Writer

Submitted on October 10, 2021

I Give UP – And, It’s NOT What You Expect!

Just over a week ago, I became a bit depressed for the first time in a couple of years. As a result, I have made a conscious decision to give up on the idea of Red Pilling anyone, and leave that task to the Earth Alliance, who seem to have a good handle on awakening the masses.

Before I get further into the whys, I would also urge all of you to join me in this decision. For, you see, that in the process of awakening the masses, you first have to lower their vibrations even further. And, in the process, you are lowering your own vibrations.

It is absolutely critical that those of us who are already awake to come together and focus on LOVE and raising our vibrations. Did you know that the unconditional Love of Source (God) is not only good for us, it is also a WEAPON against the Dark!

They cannot stand the Love vibration, and they cringe in the presence of love. Michael Jaco understands this very well. It has kept him safe, and victorious, throughout much of his Military and Intel careers.

So, I urge you that if you believe in prayer, or if you prefer meditation, then spend as much time as is practical over the next few days. If you are a writer or a Video journalist, urge your readers or listeners to do the same.

If you would like more information on my Meditation methods, please read my article: Ascension? Meditation? Prayer? The Choice Really is up to “We The People” WWG1WGA


In your Meditation/Prayers, with intent, do a clearing, then build a golden mirror around yourself and family. Specify the mirror will reflect any negative energy in kind, but allow the free passage of Love energy in both directions (this is one of the things spoken of in Ephesians 6:11 out of the section 10-18).

Finally, visualize the pure and perfect white light of LOVE of Source emanating from the Galactic central Sun, passing through our Sun, then through the Earth (Gaia’s) core, and finally to your Crown Chakra. Let this Love and Light move to your Heart and from there send it to Everyone, including the Dark ones. It will lift up the folks that are of the light, while weakening the Dark.

The Whys

The threefold reason for this decision is first, my 51 year (50 was prevented by the “Rona” in 2020) high school class reunion was held on September 25. Just prior, during a discussion with a close friend from high school he was repeating the lies from MSM as the statistics on the CV and Jabs.

He flat refused to accept my research, and ended by stating that he was eagerly awaiting the availability of a Jab for his 5 year old grandson! Since I expect that my audience is mostly already awakened, you can imagine my horror and anger I felt at that point. So, I gave up, and made no further attempt to reach him.

Second, at the reunion, I was having a conversation with a woman, wearing a mask, who was our valedictorian or salutatorian, and retired from a career in Radiology. So, I made a really dumb assumption that due to her level of intelligence, that she might be receptive to logic. I then said “you know that the mask is kinda like trying to keep out mosquitos with a chain link fence”.

I was totally shocked by her reaction! She, in a bit of a huff, said “that’s crazy! I don’t want to talk about it“. At this point, I realized that this was not about intelligence. Rather, it was about the effectiveness of the Clowns mind control programs. I really do not believe that she would be a willing participant in the genocide attempt.


Third, and this is not about red pilling, but rather is about keeping my vibrations at a high level. One of my most valuable “Readers Digest” type sources of information bought into a PsyOp published by AIM. More about this, below. The bottom line is that it left me depressed and I wasted a couple of days attempting to convince BP that this was a PsyOP.

Yet again, I have been mulling the right time to release this article. Yesterday, I got my first hint.

Kabamur’s Star father, IKAI, rarely speaks directly to the Human population, but he spoke on 10/8 for the second time in a month. In reading this post on Disclosure News Italy, IKAI’s post in the Pleaidian Collective series, sounded as though the Shift to 4D was imminent.

Note that IKAI is not only Elder of Taygeta, but is also Commander of the Pleiadian fleet that is engaged in assisting our ascension. He also mentioned that he is currently spending a good bit of his time in a cloaked ship over the Sedona, AZ area.

Also, from that site, the Shumann Resonance charts have been blacked out for the past 29 hours. I have read that the equipment at Tomsk, RU goes dark when the frequency or amplitude is too high to provide accurate readings.

I got my second hint from Dr. Georgi Stankov”s site when I read Pallas Athene’s latest messages. After clicking the link, scroll, if necessary, to the English version of her messages. There should be two of them. And talk about imminent, they put the great Shift at hours to days away!

I mentioned, above, that a part of my depression was due to a post on Starship Earth The Big Picture. First, and most importantly, this was on me. I allowed another person’s opinion to affect me in a negative way. BP and I are both are of the opinion that we should look at the message, and not the messenger.

My issue was with the message as I saw in it the typical “Spook School 101” for hit pieces (some truth, a few items of distorted truth, mixed with a fewer number of outright lies and innuendo). BP did not interpret the video in the same way. I was also biased against AIM due to a previous issue when I researched similar hit pieces against our favorite anon (17), in early 2018.

So this is, overall, a petty non-issue with me. BP is still one of my Go-To information sources. That said, I intend to reduce my time spent in following geopolitical news from any source. BP writes about more than the news, frequently including spiritual and SSP topics.

Over the past couple of days, BP’s posts have been extremely short, and a lot of Love has been flowing from the crew. BP has a Golden puppy named Mica that had a trip to the Vet the other day. Mica has been having some issues with pain and arthritis. It appears that BP, with the help of the crew is getting a pretty good handle on the supplements and meds for Mica.


With that in mind, I am going to take a spiritual approach to my suggestions for Mica. I will begin with a question/food for thought to BP, “Molly, have you considered the possibility that your higher self, along with Mica’s consciousness, decided to slow the flow of news that is of lower frequency, and focus you and the crew on the Love vibration for a few days?”.

I am really sincere in posing that question. If you will go back to my article on Meditation, I get into the topic of healing with the Violet light of source. Additionally, with the mood of the planet right now and indications of the War ending, as well as the imminent ascension/transition to 4D, it is important to spend extra time on healing and spreading the Love of Source.

Everything I have written here is just my humble opinion, but I believe that it shared by many others. It is going to take all of us that are awakened to raise our vibrations, to share the Love to raise the vibrations of the rest of Humanity.

It’s crunch time, folks. Gaia is ascending, and either we raise our vibrations and go along for the ride, or don’t and possibly wind up in another 26,000 year incarnation cycle. After I submit this article, I will be meditating and sending healing energy and Love to Mica, Molly, the Earth Alliance, and the rest of Humanity. Join me… Please?…

Love and Light — WWG1WGA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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