(Reader: SJB) Q Post Decodes: Red October


Reader Post | By SJB

-The Emergency Alert Post lines up with this October 15….which falls on a Friday!!
-The Anniversary of RED OCTOBER is 11-07-21 and lines up with 10-17-21 on the Q CLOCK.
-An old Trump Twitter Post lines up with Giant Red Wave coming with a 1 year Delta…10-17-21.

A message to you all:  Everything that the Q Team does is by the NUMBERS….Everything!

The GCR will be NO different!!  If you believe they are going to give money to folks before they tear everything down, then it’s coming soon……If you are in the camp that the GCR will rise from the ashes, then In my opinion, we will NOT see it until 11-2-21 or 11-3-21.  ALL BY THE NUMBERS…..Supposedly, the world will be United again by 11-11-21….This day is the 103rd anniversary of the WW1 Jesuit Ritual….again….ALL BY THE NUMBERS!!

The Jesuit Rituals/PsyOps have been in our lives since before WWI…..They have permeated everything in our lives….Politics, Hollywood Deaths, World Wars, ALL SPORTS, ALL Scare Events that have been done to us!!  and I do mean ALL…..NFL and TOP College Sporting Games are still being RIGGED Today. They were done by the NUMBERS!!  So, the Q TEAM has been reversing these Rituals by doing the same thing back……This is NOT an opinion….THIS IS TRUTH!!!  Just wait until all those coaches and players are brought to light for all the years of RIGGING….Why do you think Vegas gets the betting line right so many times??  These people will NOT be able to walk down the street!!  LEARN GEMATRIA!!

The DATE for the GCR was decided years ago….There has been NO changing or moving the dates like the Guru’s have suggested.  Nobody has any advanced knowledge and those who are talking bonds have NO IDEA how bonds work!!  Bonds have a Coupon and a Maturity Date attached to them….Do NOT FALL for the BOND Tales…..People are NOT in meetings or waiting every day for years and years.  This is NOT what is occuring.  There is NO GREED occuring because there is NO negotiating…..Everything is SET IN STONE.  Rates are NOT on front screens or back screens or side screens….They are NOT moving around and changing with every breath…..Again, the solution to this has been done for a long time!!

Lastly…..STOP trying to analyze the supply of money and blah blah blah and Iraq cannot RV with X amount of Dinar in circulation……The GCR is JUST ONE of the methods being used to Redistribute Wealth amongst the people….IT WILL NOT MAKE SENSE TO US!!  Again, it’s just a means to get money to others…..Digital Currencies will be another……and debt reduction is an obvious channel as well……It is going to be NESARA/GESARA(esque).  NOT everyone will be granted full debt relief…..Do you think it would be fair to give millionaires and billionaires full debt relief??  Absolutely NOT!!  Many of these loans will just be re-done using the new system without FAKE money creation that the old Federal Reserve system has used.  Ron Giles has explained this NEW GOLD BACKED SYSTEM eloquently In my opinion!!

Some banks will still be around for a year or more…..But…sometime in 2023 we will all be asking What is a Bank?  The amount of wealth that was stolen/hidden from the world is astronomical…..However, if such wealth is going to be bestowed on the people, then Hard Assets will be highly inflated for some time…..The return to 1950’s prices CAN NOT happen overnight!!  Remember, inflation does NOT care what money is backed by!!  PERIOD!!  Too many dollars chasing too few of goods is what defines inflation.  The ONLY way to fix this is the SUPPLY SIDE!!  It will take time to fill supply chains that will be in high demand once this kicks in!!  Many of us have chosen projects that will help some of those dilapidated supply chains!!

THEORY:  Mr. Trump was Jesuit educated and I think it was DJT’s turn to gain power….AND…THEY thought he was one of them….Little did THEY know that he and the Q Team would take them out from the inside…..JUST LIKE THEY WERE DOING TO US……FROM THE INSIDE!!  That is why it seemed he was just going along with the status quo for so long….It’s why for so long we were at times mad at him…..and it’s why so many of us thought he was just one of them…..He WAS SUPPOSED TO BE!!!  He was NOT installed by our military….he was installed by the Jesuits who thought he was one of them!!  His election was by the numbers AND so was JB’s.  I would bet that he did NOT actually get the votes required to actually win….it was part of the Jesuit Rituals where they could just INSTALL whoever THEY wanted through election fraud!!  That is why the Q Team/White hats have spent so long showing us how dumb we have been!!  Is he reinstalled?? or is there a new election??  I think both!!  But the world had to be made pissed off beyond belief and ready to go and have a REAL ELECTION to forever change our elected officials!!

I am NOT going to say be Patient….WE are past that!!  Go to your faith, go to your family, go to your friends….or come here…..WE all have a place at the table!!  Remember, WE are the UNDERDOGS who are craving a shot at perhaps our own redemption by being able to benefit others…This has taken a toll on ALL OF US!!  THIS NEW WORLD WILL TAKE SOME TIME….BUT ONCE THE FLAME IS LIT AGAIN…..IT WILL NOT BE STOPPED!!  HAVE YOUR PLAN OF ACTION READY TO GO!!  WHEN IT GOES IT WILL POP UNLIKE SOMETHING WE HAVE EVER SEEN!!  THINK BIG……START SMALL and GROW your PROJECT after you have PROVED THE CONCEPT!!  If you fail at proof of concept, go another direction until it works… IT WILL BE GLORIOUS!!!

A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO MY FRIEND DANIEL…..Thanks for the chats and support!!



BTW….Here is a video link below that IMO is JFK JR.   He is Minus48…..Juan O Savin is 107….so 107 minus 48 equals 59.59 is the 17th Prime Number…..Hello Q…..That long video will BLOW YOU AWAY!!  

Negative 48( JFK JR ) : Mike – Red What A really red month goes hot…. – YouTube


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