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Reader Post | By Stefan

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you have time for me again!

Being clueless is nothing bad at first. Unless one is in acute or imminent danger and does not see it coming. A few years or decades ago it was not bad to live in the land of the clueless. There were always dangers everywhere, but the inhabitants of the Republic of the Clueless were able to live their so-called “lives”. The majority had jobs, paid taxes, paid higher and higher prices with diminishing quality, could fly on vacation and “recover” from the work weeks in two or three weeks. A small percentage of this bulk was doing very well, over half were doing well, and the rest were barely getting by on what was left in wages and salaries. The other part was unemployed, living on unemployment benefits or on welfare. These residents were also subject to constant hostility; they were a marginalized group, often portrayed as lazy and comfortable. This is how one deals with its minorities in a country of the clueless. The weakest is attacked the most violently. The “society” that everyone helped to create and allowed in the land of the clueless knows no togetherness. Only against each other.

But for some years now there has been a movement, a patriotic movement, that wants something different, something new, but also familiar. A community. With the help of other countries, which also had clueless people as inhabitants, more and more momentum came into this movement. The “rulers” of the Republic of Clueless registered this, of course, and began a campaign of division and disruption with the help of their state media and the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. With all means this movement had to be kept small and insignificant. At first, everything that came from there was ignored, then patriots were ridiculed or laughed at, finally the fight began. By all means, against human rights, against laws (even their own), against all reason. And this campaign worked. Because there were too many clueless people and the few who got a clue were deliberately misinformed and rigorously divided by gatekeepers. We are in that phase now, the “And in the end you will prevail” from Ghandi’s quote is still missing. But it will come.

The number of topics where there are still massively clueless people is almost endless. In banks, financial institutions, ministries, administrations, authorities, companies and groups, insurances, stock exchanges, in the precious metal trade, in wholesale and retail, in online trade, in organizations and associations, there are many clueless people. Especially bad are those who call themselves experts, no matter what area it is. We can’t really believe or trust anyone anymore, because almost everyone is in the dark. Who now thinks to have to interpret into this text that I think to have a clue, is wrong, but so wrong. I am also clueless in many areas. But not when it comes to our future. What it looks like, what innovations there should be, for me and communities, that’s what I can’t be clueless about. Because I visualize. Not the HOW, but the end result. I can care less about the HOW, I don’t have to know everything, nor do I have to follow everything that leads me to my goal.

Let’s take the new financial system. The clueless either don’t know anything about it or only part of it, and those who have already dealt with it also only know important points. Myself included. Not everything about the QFS can be found everywhere and there is a lot of misinformation. But do I really need to know everything about it? Isn’t it enough to know that it will end everything that has gone before in the financial world? Banks, stock exchanges, seizures, theft, hacking, etc.? Sole access to my account, freedom in my decisions. With or without cash, everything in my account, I alone have access to it. Unless I am so stupid and give my account access data to others.

Money is energy and we will use this energy only for good. And it will bring good back to us. And if cash is abolished, who will it hurt first and foremost? The banks! Who will still need them if there is no more cash? There will be no more banks, how that happens is unimportant. What is important is to deal with the new. The same applies to the state simulation in the land of the clueless. It is at the end or already dead, the clueless still go to vote or fight against the simulation. Or get upset about the machinations, which are all illegal. How and when the end comes is unimportant. What still has to happen until then is also uninteresting. Who still suffers or must suffer, has not to interest us actually. This sounds harsh and inhumane, but honestly, do you know why people have to suffer? Do you know what the reason is? We always project ourselves and our ideas onto others. An example of this is that some of the future currency exchangers want to make projects abroad, in the so-called third world countries or poor countries.

Personally, I don’t worry about this because I know, or think I know, that these countries will become just as rich as the previously beleaguered exchangers around the world. They will be equal to or even above the so-called industrialized nations. Our whole present world will change massively and there will be no more rich and poor countries. The populations, every single person in these poor countries will be better off than ever before. They are also still clueless, but that will also change quickly. They will learn (or have to learn) very quickly to be rich and independent and free. There is no need for any of us to come as benefactors or patrons. The positive side of this is that it will also automatically end the whole refugee situation. The money, the wealth, the financial independence and freedom will only be there in the homeland. So will the necessary task of building up the homeland. And patriots like to do that, it is what they want to do for their homeland if they want the homeland to do something for them.

Every person in the whole world had a chance, whether ten or more years ago or now in the last two, three or four years, to free themselves from cluelessness. The emphasis is on HAD. But, incredible as it may be to some, the clueless still exist. In masses! In different stages, to be sure, but they really do still exist in masses. We have, each at different times, forgotten to think or to reflect, we have given up or criminally neglected our personal responsibility. And many still do so today, every damn day. My country of the clueless proved that again on Sunday. And because we abdicated our personal responsibility, we also abdicated responsibility for others. And now we want to take the liberty of thinking for others? We don’t even know what it’s like to take responsibility for ourselves and others. If that were the case, the state simulation would have ended long ago. All this is my opinion, my view. I do not consider myself to be better than others, I was and still am clueless in some things. Self-knowledge is the first way to improvement, so the next step is to get clue.

A quote from Anonymous, published on 27.09.2021, fits to this:

„The plan to save the world is a plan to activate YOU to save YOURSELF while the largest ongoing military operation is taking place to eliminate satanic and non-human entities controlling a hidden global criminal syndicate that has been enslaving humanity for centuries.

The operation to get rid of farms for the collection of human resources, human trafficking and the toxification of all aspects of human consumption is something that happens on a spectrum invisible to the public.

Covid is a depopulation program of the Deep State, but was deployed and used against the Deep State – a “setup” that awakens humanity from spells, trance and illusions. Awakened souls are activated to become another pawn on the chessboard. Now there are billions of awakened pawns. Big pharma/technology/media/banks/government are participating in this-the fall of these industries is unfolding. A real psyop (psychological operation) is to make everything look only like a psyop, while a secret war is waged with the least number of civilian casualties.

The art of war is to win it in advance.”

The old world ends – a NEW Earth grows up. And we were here absolutely not by chance“

So transform from a clueless person into a game character, OK?

“When a desperate situation calls for a special skill,you bring up that skill even though you had no clue before.”
Napoléon Bonaparte

“We are the most informed and at the same timethe most clueless society that has ever existed.”
Peter Turrini

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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A huge thank you for all the support so far! You are great and in my heart!


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