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Date: Tuesday, 28-Sep-2021 20:14:40

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Link to the newest radio interview of Ed McCabe missing from previous post:
The Natural Grocer 9/11/21: “Are Oxygen and Ozone Therapies effective in treating illnesses and disease?” http://www.naturalgrocerradio.com/shows-podcasts/

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Especially NOW – Your Llife Depends Upon The Choices You Make Today!

Dear Fellow SOURCE Beneficiary,
Blessings upon you and yours!

20 years after the 911 tragic attack on our Constitutional Republic, we continue to salute your courageous longstanding forebearances.

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Those of you here since our humble beginnings will remember the early publication of our famous “O3 Vs. AIDS” The History and Suppression of Ozone Therapies.” With this publication, a significant blow was leveled at the anti-LIFE elements barking like dogs among us as our truth caravan rolled on.

No offense meant to dogs, mine is curled up in my lap!

By O3 Vs AIDS’ publication circulating, many lives were changed for the better. Your downloadable no strings FREE copy of the meat of this rare sought after publication can be found RIGHT HERE: https://www.mroxygen.org/files/O3VsAIDS2021.pdf

Download away, get some for your friends! You will be amazed at the details of this blatant chronology of over100 years of suppression of Active Oxygen Ozone Therapy – by insanely ignoring it – even today.




Put it in your water, put it in your air, put it in your colon, put it in your blood. Insufflate it. Drink it. Eat it. Bathe in it. Put it in your car.

Safely And Quickly Clean It ALL Out!

Vitamin C Makes Natural Body Peroxide

Peroxide Floods You With Active Oxygen!

Today, I write with gratitude for SOURCE having put this Active Oxygen Therapy into my heart and mind for you, OUR Beneficiaries.

We have been given, discovered, and invented THE Natural ANSWERS to ALL OUR Health Challenges that WE all face while here! Not surprisingly, our real answers come from Nature – and she is always surrounding us with her love.

Source – Nature loves us, and always provides solutions for Her children, especially when some get lost in an old dead end time loop of ancient fear programming. Many may seem to lose their way back to Her…

You must listen closely:
There are two paths you can go by while here, but you always have time to change the road you’re on!

Those graduating from here are scheduled to be increasing in number from now on. Some will say victims of their own freewill contractual choices.

Some will say unlucky. Just remember, with what we now know about Active Oxygen, Minerals, and Energy, if there’s a heartbeat – there is still time to change the road you are on.

To use the Active Oxygen, Mineral, and Energy Oxygen Crown Jewel Therapies correctly; We MUST always align WITHIN OUR HEARTS, and use the most PERFECT SUBSTANCES, in the RIGHT AMOUNTS and remember to take them CORRECTLY, and CONTINUE to take them for LONG ENOUGH to ACTUALLY REACH AND REALIZE THE FULL BOUNTY OF NATURES BENEFITS AVAILABLE!

You Might Have Missed The Latest News!

But no worries, you can still listen to the original podcast 1 hour interview of MrOxygen on the Natural Grocer 9/11/21 Radio Show out of Pheonix http://www.naturalgrocerradio.com/shows-podcasts/ on local AZ radio, which was also broadcast worldwide via the web.

We covered how Active Oxygen works in the body to help keep your immune system functioning like an invisible iron wall while keeping ALL disease causing anaerobe bugs out (and they ARE ALL anaerobes at some portion of their lifecycles). ALL the while FLUSHING poisonous toxins out too.

We also covered all known ways you can apply ACTIVE OXYGEN in your life and get your free natural immunity boosted.

We also announced the new breakthrough FDA component approved FAR INFRARED FIR Relax Sauna that users report quickly both DETOXIFIES AND OXYGENATES!. And, we explained on my site how you can easily and inexpensively set one up in your home for your own daily free on demand personal Active Oxygen therapy.

We also give our listeners a $100 off discount coupon if they want to order a FIR Relax Sauna, and you can also get 15% off our major MrOxygen products from Momentum98.



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