Genetic Vaccines as Transhumanism


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on September 7, 2021


Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

mRNA “Vaccines”, Eugenics & the Push for Transhumanism

Mary Shelly’s story of Dr. Frankenstein creating monsters is as real today as Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Man That Was Used Up” presages the synthetic man. These were prophetic writings. The synthetic man is the prototype of transhumanism. Transhumanism challenges the Biblical concept that God made man in a perfect manner, and his physical decline or illnesses are based not on his own errors or original sin in the Garden of Eden for which reason we die but primordial genetic deficiencies that can be cured by aided “evolution” . The evolutionary concept is man came from an ape and had evolved into a higher species based on the survival of the fittest.  The thought is that this evolutionary progression can be aided by genetically creating a new man that will be immune to disease and aging and live forever. At least that is the idea completely thought out.

The survival of the fittest doctrine came from Jeremy Bentham’s economics of free market competition leading to the emergence of the fittest company that would destroy all the others. (This, of course, is impossible based on the Biblical concept of the just price. But as we shall point out, the Bible has been destroyed in our society by the judicial system.) Darwin merely applied this to biology saying that the species developed from the lower animals to the higher ones culminating with man by struggle as in business competition resulting in the strongest company surviving and the other weaker companies just dying. The goal of transhumanism is to aid the biological evolution of man into higher and higher species. The genetic vaccine really is not a vaccine at all but an effort to change the genetic structure of people to make them superior enabling them to ward off diseases like viruses. In theory genetic vaccines can wipe out all disease and the supporters of this theory, Geoffrey Epstein or Bill Gates, can sin all they want but being transhumanized they will feel no evil or punishment. This is largely based on Francis Galton’s eugenics movement and was of course a primary basis of National Socialism in Germany.  We are dealing her mostly with theory here but the actual genetic vaccines now being used are a bioweapon to reduce the world’s population as demonstrated in footnote one. Population reduction of inferior human species is part of the program of today’s followers of Francis Galton.

The fallacy in Darwin’s doctrine was addressed by Houston Stewart Chamberlain who wrote a quite interesting book entitled “Die Grundlagen des neunzehnten Jahrhunderts” or “The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century”. Here he says we find an two equal possibilities which are man evolved from the lower species or that lower species descended from man. The evidence can be used both ways. Therefore, Darwin proved nothing and was an idiot. If you look at his profile with his sunken forehead reflecting his hyper-degeneracy, he has the appearance of an ape. (Here we refer the reader to the work of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Johann Kaspar Lavater entitled: “Physiognomy” that explains this phenomenon: the face reflects the soul as in the “Picture of Dorian Grey”.) In Darwin we have descent from a man to an appearance of an ape in one generation. This parallels in a sense Einstein’s “Theory of Relativity” in that the earth being the center of the universe with the sun and the moon and the stars circling around it or the earth rotates on its axis neither of which premise can be proven or so he thought.  What Einstein was saying was not quite different from Cardinal Robert Bellarmine who said Galileo had not proven his premise after having examined his writings at the request of Pope Paul V. The telescope cannot prove anything here. It could not be scientifically proven at that time if the sun went around the earth or the earth rotated so we relied on God’s Holy Scripture which was not disproven.  


What was really going on was that the usurers were looking for a justification of their control mechanism of usury being licit. If the Bible was proved wrong on geocentricity then usury could be regarded as licit as the Bible was fallible.  In Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice Shylock did not demand his usury in court as that was not his main issue but control of Venice through usury that Signor Antonio was standing in the way of so Shylock wanted him dead. It is no different today for if the international financial system is challenged as when Colonel Gaddafy wanted to go to the gold standard as Dr. Mahathir bin Mohammed advocated without usury, he found himself dying in excruciating agony. He proposed this in 2009 to the African Union as its President and by 2011 he was dead. My sources say he was against usury also and so he clashed with the fiat dollar through which the US controls the whole world via CHIPS-SWIFT or should I say the Rothschilds and colleagues since 1776.  (See our “Who Hold The Balance of Power In The World” available on request. 88% of all world transactions pass through CHIPS-SWIFT with the dollar on one side.  I presented a paper on this in Dubai and the Saudi Central Bankers came up to me to say my presentation under the essay “Goethe, Faust and the Euro” available on request was superior to that of Mahathir but the Saudis could not adopt it or end up as Gaddafi. They were warned by the US many times.

Today we have proof of geocentricity in that the earth has been proven to not travel around the sun as it does not move at all according the the interferometer experiments of Michaelson-Morely who could not measure the aether resistance of the motion of the earth around the sun. It was a long established belief in science that in order for the light to travel from the sun to the earth it had to be carried by the aether just as sound is carried by the air on the earth. Einstein then made the revolutionary pronouncement that there was no aether which meant that the light traveled without a medium of transmission which was theoretically impossible.  This was latter refuted by Georges Sagnac by using the same interferometer to measure the rotation of the aether moving around the earth with the stars, sun, etc. which was called the Sagnac Effect. He measured that rotation by the aether around the earth in about 24 hours by its resistance thus proving the aether was there. This meant that Michaelson-Morely had absolutely proved the earth did not move around the sun. This still leaves open the relativity question as to whether what Georges Sagnac had measured was the earth’s rotation or that of the aether itself but it did decisively proved the earth did not move around the sun. I conducted my work on this subject with the physicist John Archibald Wheeler who totally agreed with these findings.

In the interest of being purely objective, I circulated the above paragraph to my Nobel Prize winning friends and here is the reply of Arno Penzias:

“M&M began the modern investigation of light, but had no way of detecting the quantum properties of space. This is very heavy stuff, that I don’t pretend to understand completely.” Arno Penzias.

Here is a write-up on Arno Penzias


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John Archibald Wheeler

David Lifschultz


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