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Reader Post | By Stefan

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you have time for me again!

Even if again wildly with dates is thrown around, what, when where and how should happen, we have (hopefully) become more careful, right? But so slowly should creep and all a feeling that it will not last much longer. Whether or not there will still be false flag actions by the Deep State doesn’t really matter. The global family of patriots is more tense than ever, you can feel how everything is crackling. For those who haven’t yet, get infected by others. “Nothing is happening after all!” will soon be over, those who could see, who attentively connected all the dots, could see how much is happening, even behind the scenes. The Alliance, like Hansel and Gretel, has distributed breadcrumbs for those who see. I admit that I, too, have not always kept track or noticed when things are happening in particular. I thank the channels, the contacts, the sources that I was allowed to gather to complete my puzzle.

I have also fallen into disappointment many times because it is not always easy to ignore something that is spread through a worldwide community, especially when it comes to dates. I can not prevent, or only with a lot of effort, that I focus on a date. Especially since it is also related to visualizing, which I always recommend. The military never shows us everything even on the websites where you can watch air traffic. But meanwhile (thanks to fufmedia with team) we can calculate: If tankers are in the air, but other planes are not visible, who are they refueling? And they always fly nice laps, elipses or loops. So we can assume that other planes are in the field.

The old world will die, or is on its deathbed. It’s all just a matter of days now. Stock exchange, banks, governments, fiat debt money system, petrodollar, media, etc., that will not exist anymore or so in the future! Also our life, as we know it so far, will end. So-called “experts” are allowed to let off steam once again in the media, as far as earthquakes, seaquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions are concerned. Sorry, my mistake, earthquakes and seaquakes are not reported in the media. I guess there are no experts for that or they are not allowed to. Certain groups, like us patriots for example, could come up with new conspiracy theories. About the volcanic Eifel, where I live, experts have now said that volcanic eruptions could happen very soon. Yes, that’s the way it is with the media. The only thing they are really good at is lying and is fear mongering. And still many fall for it. I don’t want to know how many of my fellow people in the area are already thinking about how to sell their house and to whom. The media and their “experts” can’t be wrong. We know, volcanic eruptions, C_ovid flu, unsmurfed, climate change, lava flows, etc. . Always sensationalist scaremongering. But also all this will be cleared up and terminated. Soon!

Unfortunately, this is also all nicely taken over in social media and there is also more and more scaremongering. I know few channels that keep and also want to keep their readers and subscribers in confidence, in the belief in a good end and in the positive. When I already hear or read “Stock up for four weeks, two or three months or even longer,” my stomach turns. First, a more or less well-run household always has enough food there for a longer period of time. Secondly, these channels do not consider that there are also awakened people who simply do not have the money to stock up for such a long time. And third, the most important point: does anyone really think the military will allow people to starve? Because they didn’t read the channels or they couldn’t stock up?

It’s the same thing to warn about long-term power outages and advise people to protect themselves from them by buying generators. Honestly, who among us has the money to buy such a device? There cannot and will not be prolonged and widespread power outages! How should the EBS work, if TV and PC’s do not work? How is communication supposed to work if the power is out everywhere? Are people supposed to freeze because the heating systems don’t work without electricity? Yes, there will be short-term disturbances in the power grid, but this will not last long and only because the switch to free energy is being made. The free-energy generators have been driven through Germany for weeks/months, probably Europe-wide or worldwide. So in those points we can trust the military, I think. Anything else would be a disaster, which should no longer be necessary. I suspect the takeover of control both in stores, and in logistics as far as food is concerned. So that there is no looting or other unrest. And taking over the major utilities so that there are no shutdowns or sabotage there.

I’ m firmly convinced that the roads to the new world have been prepared for quite some time. Every arrest that takes place now takes us one step further. And arrests are taking place, you can believe me. Just because we don’t see it yet doesn’t mean it’s not happening. It’s called faith. And just because we’ve all fallen for false interpretations of the Q drops, since 10/28/2017, doesn’t mean we have to wait endlessly for more deltas and it drags on for more years or months. Moreover, I’ m sure that it was really all planned much earlier, for example, for last year. Or for the first half of 2021. So many have been wrong and even more have believed it and are disappointed. For me it is certain that it will not take months or even a year. How is this going to work? We have already passed the POINT OF NO RETURN. The Alliance had not considered in the last few years that too few people have awakened yet, so they decided to allow certain things to still happen, to put on a show so that there would be more.

In the meantime, and with diminishing opposition, the alliance military has been positioned worldwide, has been waging a war for all of us everywhere. A few days ago I read a post, it was reported that German soldiers can’t imagine how nearly 2 million soldiers of the 17 nations can be “hidden” here. That would have to be noticeable.

That’s how they are! They live in a completely different world: “It cannot be what must not be!” People, and these were not low ranks, they were middle ranks. So it is true that, first, not all military people are initiated, or second, military people still belong to the dark side. But that is not important. What is important is that the alliance military has full control. Over everything and over everyone!

While here in Germany many still dream of a new and better party system, or of an empire, or of a new constitution, again in commercial law, of a victory of the Greens, the Social Democrats, the Christian Democrats in the upcoming election, nations have met in Athens, secretly for the MSM, but visible on Flightradar. Here we can nevertheless again only speculate what and who met there, but certainly it was not for a coffee or tea. Under guarantee something was discussed or even decided here, which concerns the future of Europe and the world. Then we hear and read about a capitulation of the cabal, about a possible resignation of Biden and already panic-like, prayer-mill-like repeating of the MSM that there was no election fraud in America. I can only smile at that and look forward to their imminent demise. The bottle of champagne I’ve had in the fridge since last November is almost screaming to be opened.

The first domino will fall, everything that happens after that will happen furiously, we won’t always be able to keep up. Stay calm, get excited about little, try to recharge your batteries. We all, no matter what state of awakening we are in, need our strength. We will have to catch many people, answer many questions about why we saw this coming. After the fall of the first domino we will really get a Red October and we will need all our forces to process all this. Let’s trust in the plan, in the alliance and in the military. We will not have it worse than now. And this will soon end and improve! The new world has long been prepared, we just have to let go of the old world. For everyone else with, this will not be easy! But we are strong and what we can not do alone, we can do together. Even across borders!

“Well-being wearies the spirit,Difficulties educate and strengthen it.”
Francesco Petrarch

“Be yourself the change you wish to see in this world.”Mahatma Gandhi

“Hoping is the wrong attitude. We create!”
Doc Helm

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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