Juan O Savin: Do Not Take this Clot-Shot on Pain of your Death! (Transcribed by Kat)


Operation Disclosure | By Kat, Contributing Writer

Submitted on September 24, 2021

Enclose a 9-23-21 transcription of a Juan O Savin and David Nino Rodriguez video.

It’s so important I rushed it out so everyone could read it.

Juan O Savin’s WARNING about the mRNA Gene Modifier masquerading as a “vaccine” is literally life or death information.






Everyone is facing a line in the sand. EVERYONE.

Lose your job or get the shot.

Leave the Military or get the shot.

Don’t travel or get the shot.

Then you get the shot. A month later you have to get another shot AND wear a mask. Then you need a third shot and have to wear at least one mask and you’re still not safe from people who haven’t been vaxxed?!

In this transcription Juan O Savin said, “THEY WILL NEVER STOP” until you are dead.

The other day I lost two longtime friends (it’s been coming a while) because I refuse to have a VAX. I refuse to wear a mask unless absolutely necessary, like for grocery shopping, and because I believe c-19 is the REASON and JUSTIFICATION the deep state demons are using to herd and badger everyone into taking the mRNA Gene Modifier that is NOT IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM a vaccine. It IS a killer. That is now a proven fact.

My friends were horrified with me. They tried to persuade me to IMMEDIATELY get TWO mRNA Gene Modifiers so that I wouldn’t ENDANGER anyone. They said I was ignoring “Science.”

I asked another friend, who has taken 2 clot-shots, “What do you make of the chain link fences and barbed wire around the Capital Building, the Supreme Court, the Congress and the White House? Why do you think all those soldiers are standing guard?”

He replied, “Hmmmm. I haven’t really thought about it.”

And there you have an MK Ultra’d mind. Incurious. Flabby. Unused to questioning. Unaccustomed to thinking at all, much less outside of the demon matrix box. And this is not an un-intelligent man. Just deeply under the spell of the MSM.

It broke my heart to lose my friends. Part of it was also because I wouldn’t meet with them for a meal or whatever. I’m unclear about all the effects of shedding but we know that’s another aspect of this deadly shot.

My sorrows, however, are NOTHING compared to the Navy SEALs, or people who are losing their jobs because they refuse to take the VAX.

Juan O Savin’s advice is ride it out. Play for time. Justice IS coming.

Very soon, Juan says in this interview, people in Political Office, CEOs of companies, Team owners, coaches, players and Administrators from colleges are going to have to come out and publicly apologize to family, friends and colleagues for persuading them, urging them, to take this killer-shot.

I highly recommend this 4 minute video from one of the world’s great anti-vaxxers, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.


7-25-21 Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and Dr. Andrew Kaufman

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
“It is impossible to make a vaccine that is completely safe
You ARE going to injure a certain amount of people.
Government is going to mandate this product.
No matter how grievous your injury or your child’s injury.
No matter how toxic the ingredients
No matter how sloppy the line protocols
No matter how negligent that company
…Zero consequence if they kill you or injure you for life.
There’s no liability
& for every medical product,
the biggest cost is paying liability at the back end.
… They don’t have to safety test them
& there’s no reason to make it safe
There’s no consequence of giving you
a really dangerous vaccine.
With all the mandatory consumption of that product
If you can get a vaccine on the CDC Schedule
It’s worth a billion dollars a year to your company.”

Dr. Andrew Kaufman:
“This vaccine has 3-needles.
The needle in the middle is the typical type
that the material would flow through.
But the other 2 needles on either side
are actually ELECTRODES
& this creates ELECTROPORATION.
The electricity causes the cell membranes to create little holes.
Then genetic material can enter the cell through those pores.
in the local area where they’re injecting this…
Remember, I was talking about the fact
that this genetic source material is UNDETERMINED.
The things that keeps coming back to my mind
about Bill Gates,
is he made a statement to the effect that
through vaccines & family planning
we could reduce the world’s population by 15%.
15% of the world’s population
Is somewhere around 1 billion people…”


FTR I’ve never had a flu shot in my life and never had the flu.

My medicine cabinet consists of Tea Tree Oil and Traumeel. Lately I’ve started drinking Pine Needle Tea and daily take a teaspoon of Mint Chlorophyll liquid drops. That is the full extent of my “medicine.”

As well, I’m a vegan and my diet is organic everything from farm stands, although I eat eggs occasionally. I don’t eat anything from a box, can or plastic container and now that we know the deep state demons have been putting Human remains in our food, thank God I’ve stayed away from manufactured “food.”

I only mention this because it isn’t hard to remain healthy even through this hellacious period we’re in where deep state demons are constantly attacking us mentally, Spiritually, the weather, and trying to wear us all down so we will SUBMIT to their sorcery, SUBMIT to their wickedness and kill ourselves with their poison.

As Gene Decode said months ago, “This is not like WW1 or WW2. This is war for Earth. This is war for the Solar System.” This is war with the most diabolic demons I’ve ever heard of.

According to Juan O Savin, it may get even worse before it gets better, but there is so much we can look forward to:

-Tomorrow, 9-24-21, the Maricopa Arizona Election Audit results will be released.

-The Supreme Court of New York has DISMISSED the Dominion case against Rudy Giuliani. This is a win for Patriots.

-Il Donaldo Trump on Telegram (who everybody knows is President Trump,) suggested we shut down the government NOW, as in what difference would it make?

The Durham indictment of Michael Sussman was a tad anti-climactic because it was only one tepid arrest but in a 9-19-21 video with Michael Jaco, Juan O Savin postulated about what he thought it actually meant:

9-19-21 Juan O Savin
“The attorney for Hillary has been charged.
First shot from Durham across the bow.
He only got one charge.
What’s that indicate?
That [Michael Sussman’s] agreed to a deal.
If he hadn’t made some kind of an agreement
Durham probably would have made multiple charges.
What’s that tell to everyone else in the loop?
It tells THEM that Sussman’s given them information to save his own skin
at the expense of everybody else.
Now a few days goes by, they call their attorneys
& start saying “Hey, I gotta get a deal,
I’ve got better information
I know they’re coming for me.”
They may have been forewarned by a friend who testified
In front of a Grand Jury.
So people have been on the horn with their attorneys the past couple of days.
With that in mind
there will be additional indictments that will be served
of an escalating type.”

9-19-21 Juan O Savin and Michael Jaco


As well, on the video with Jaco, Juan underscored again why the 80% + consensus in the American population was crucial to reach for Q Team. We are currently in the 70%+:

9-19-21 Juan O Savin
“You have to have the population having consensus
that something is wrong in the government,
it’s out of control,
& we have to re-take the helm somehow.
That the Federal government is somehow a captured operation
off its rocker.
Doesn’t mean we don’t need government.
We are a union of states.
Right now the Federal Government is mandating things
in violation of the Constitution
which is the contract with the American citizens.
The Fed Govt exists at the pleasure
of the union of states.
If the Fed Govt is in violation of the Constitution
the states individually have the right & responsibility
to override, supersede & protect the citizens.
That 80% +
is a very precise number in the computer models.
At that threshold you may have some civil disturbance
but you don’t have Civil War.
That’s why President Trump didn’t sign the Insurrection Act.
He did step down and allowed congress and the courts to certify Biden.
Consensus is building.
I don’t believe that the big moves that are coming in the country
are 6-months, a year out.
because the country won’t survive long-term
in this current mode.
It will happen very very quickly.
Anticipate that what’s going to happen here
Is going to happen almost INSTANTANEOUSLY for us.”

Juan was driving in Palm Beach, Florida, during the interview with Jaco, and he passed President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago. I snapped the image:

-Q The Storm Rider had a ton of news today but I’ll only enclose some highlights:



>Pentagon Confirms Fauci Created & Released COVID-19..



_Maricopa County election audit team will present their findings to the Senate President and Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee
_Sidney Powell: The court has given us a two hour deposition of Dominion’s Eric Coomer (security director of Dominion voting system)
_Facebook Chief Technology Officer Mike Schroepfer announced he will be stepping down from his role after 13 years with the big tech giant.
_Republican Maricopa County Official Resigns After Secret Recordings Surface
_Cambridge data leak, Facebook board bribed Federal Trade Commission Billions of dollars to not sue Zuckerberg
_EXPOSED: Wuhan scientists planned to use “skin-penetrating nanoparticles” to unleash “chimeric covid spike proteins” into bats in China
_Drs. Peter Daszak and Anthony Fauci must be ARRESTED, as new intel emerges documenting planned coronavirus enhancement and deployment..



It’s All coming back [EXPOSURE]
[EXPOSURE] >> HRC  It’s all going to come down

Kamala demands investigation into Biden Administration for handling of Border crisis<<<

(The whole thing is a show as Q said//) >>> all actors….we all know this was coming…



[EXPOSURE] >>>bringing light to the darkness RED OCTOBER> The Hunters BECOME the HUNTED [CRASH]

_DURHAM<< the indictment/connection to Clinton begins .. This REPORT leads to OBAMA and will eventually connect. Big tech. & FAUCI and the Plandemic/// TREASON at the highest levels
_General MILLEY Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff of the U.S. MILITARY being,[exposed TREASON]>inside a planned  SILENT COUP of a sitting President. Donald J. Trump
_KAMALA HARRIS demands investigation into Biden Administration over borders crisis>>>Snake eat Snake
_ MILITARY Soldiers Start to band together after Resignation from U.S. military offer vaccine mandates >> Rise of the soldiers>> The U S. MARCHES ARE COMING//
_white HATS> Project Veritas drops MAJOR BOMBS against the VACCINES lies and FDA collusion


“We have only begun”..

FAUCI, GATES funded groups & Peter Daszek come before the Pentagon & DARPA in 2018
and ASK for permission to release the COVID-19 GAIN OF FUNCTION CHIMERA<<


FAUCI being thrown under the bus<< cover up begins<<<<<
~~~~~~~~~RED OCTOBER>>>



There is so much going on right now, and we can all feel we’re in the END GAME of this phase, but most important of all—and this is why I’m rushing this transcript out—most important of all is our HEALTH.

When it comes to covid, Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine have been proven to work. Just ask President Trump who took Hydroxychloroquine when he “had” covid.

I was sent these links and haven’t used them, but I understand they’re reliable:





You can call the number on the websites or iChat and I’ve heard they’re very helpful.

I remain an optimist and know the best is yet to come.

I know there is a beautiful new world on the horizon for us.

I know there is remarkable NESARA / GESARA or however you want to title the wondrous changes outlined in that law.

We can look forward to an Infinite Quantum world: QFS, QVS, QES, Starlink, RV, GCR, no more IRS, no more Income Tax, no more FED, miraculous new Technology—an ascended demon-free New Earth.

Juan O Savin has also said we’re in the second Jubilee Year where EVERYTHING is RESTORED.

I know he’s correct. You know he’s correct. Starseeds, Lightworkers, Patriots and Enlightened Souls know he’s correct. It’s simply a question of WHEN and only God knows WHEN.

With blessings of Peace, Health, Abundance and Happiness unceasing.

This is Kat

Over and out



9-23-21 Juan O Savin & David Nino Rodriguez Important Update

This video was taken down from YouTube but it was re-posted by Jodie Newell so this is the link to her youtube channel but it’s the Juan & David vid.

Transcribed by Kat

Juan O Savin: Please please this shitball that they’re trying to get people to go along with please think about it again…

A police officer in England, very respected, has a real history, was asked to join in a meeting with major political & medical players, & he said what he heard them talking about in the meeting was all the injuries coming from the shitball & that they immediately needed to pause & do an assessment.

If they’ve already done the clot-shot once please think think think about doing it again.

First time it damages heart muscle that NEVER repairs again. Over time you get a second one it’s twice as bad. Third one is like a death sentence, early death.

In the weeks, months, years to come, for all these people it’s going to be like the angel of death is hovering over them.

The data is compelling & overwhelming of this having a horrible effect. People need to re-think this. Listen to guys like this who’s in a meeting with all these medical & police, asking, what are they going to do in England to pause this?

In the U.S. 1/3 of our Navy Seals, I think I heard 40%, REFUSED to participate. You want a court martial or early out em, that’s fine BUT THEY’RE GOING TO LIVE.

What is the impact in the Military? Is that a service-wide number? If the elite of the elite are going to pass? What’s our situation? Especially with what’s happening in in the South China Seas. The Australian Defense Minister said the other day that war with China is a possibility.

Firefighters saying no.

6:33 Somewhere not too far out in the future we’re going to have people in Political Office, CEOs of companies Team owners, coaches, players, administrators from colleges, all these people are going to have to come out & apologize to their friends & families who they cajoled, pushed to do this because of the problems we’re very aware of that are coming up to this.

David Nino Rodriguez: That’s exactly what they wanted (the deep state demons)

Juan O Savin: That’s exactly right. When you’re dealing with evil a lot of people are in denial that people could be that bad.

Problem is they’re comparing themselves to demons. You’re comparing something that isn’t comparable.

Evil is its own zip code. You cannot compare what they’re thinking. They have a mentality to destroy, to kill us off because they want to own the planet.

The Georgia Guidestones were put out by Ted Turner.

The Georgia Guidestones say we have to reduce the population of the planet to 500 million.

That means 14 out of 15 people today must die. They mean right fucking now. Get your head out of your fucking ass. Wake the fuck up. They’re doing this to the whole world.

You wake up or you die.

DNR: What do you say to the people who already took it?

JOS: Once the material gets inside your muscle & blood cells it’s designed to turn your body into a factory for spike proteins.

10:47 They’re looking at the things that tell you there’s an effect on the heart, When they see that in the bloodstream after a month or two the levels continue to go up. That’s because the damage is ongoing to the heart muscle & it keeps going up.

11:38 People have different weaknesses.

12:16 In children we’ve seen where the heart literally explodes.

Several of the heart doctors have talked about the cases they have with this bizarre happening.

It’s insane.

Here you have people in other countries talking about that, experts here talking about it, this is not going to go on for several years. This is coming to a head right now.

If you’re thinking about it, delay, hold off.

Lose your job or lose your life? That’s the choice.

13:48 At the end of the day, I don’t care if the Apostle Paul tells you to do something. If it doesn’t make sense then you’d better not do it.

There is no excuse. No acceptable losses. People have to DECIDE they’re going to protect themselves. Think for themselves. Do the research.


People who are survivors will tell you the survival instinct kicked in.

At the end of the day, you are the Captain of your own body, your life. You have to take ownership for that. The captain at the end of the day  is the last authority to whatever happens on board his ship.

At the end of the day you’re responsible for deciding yes or no.

15:18 And you do have control. Nobody is standing over you with a gun. They’re trying to force it on you by compelling & making it so hard & threats, etc.

[Nuremberg Code Article 6 Section 3:
No government can mandate or force medical treatment
without individual consent.]

15:42 Somewhere in here the Constitution is going to be obeyed. Justice is going to be served.

Hold on.
Hold out.

DNR: Are doctors going to be held accountable later?

JOS: I don’t know if they’re going to be held accountable except by citizens before God. It may be a hard choice. But you still have a choice. If you don’t… You could be right but you could be dead right.

16:45 I’m just telling you, there’s more and more evidence of a very compelling nature that’s coming out every hour, every day.

I just want people to think again. Don’t be an easy victim in what’s about to happen. At the end of the day it’s going to be your life.

17:50 The numbers are still significant enough that [the deep state demons] are NOT pulling it off. Enough Americans are not doing it.

First they say, do it then you can go to work. Then you can take you mask off.

Then you have to do it again. Then you have to wear a mask anyway. They have no intention of stopping EVER!!

18:08 THE FDA DID NOT APPROVE THIS. All they did was extend the emergency use authorization. That’s all they did.

It was not proven safe for use in Humans. You are still in a test program. NOTHING WAS APPROVED FOR HUMAN USE BY THE FDA. It’s still an experimental treatment.

It’s an mRNA Gene Modifier. It turns your body into a factory for spike proteins. It is NOT a vaccine. It is a completely different experimental drug. All the stuff they’re comparing it with is based on falsehoods.

19:36 I was talking to a very close friend. He’d held off, but we were talking last night, “Well, we were going to go skiing, then cruising, so we decided oh fuck it, we just did it. My girlfriend got sick for a day or two but she’s OK. That was 3 weeks ago. Well, yeah, we were going to away this weekend but my girlfriend has a doctor’s appointment. She thought she was pregnant but she’s having a blood flow issue.”

Oh my God. That’s a side-effect of getting the stupid-ass shitball!!! What were you thinking?!?
Fuck!!! Pissed me off. I’m telling you. It brings tears to my eyes because these are friends. Please….

Dr. Tenpenny is doing a fantastic job out there. Several more are doing similar things.

They’re doing the Lord’s work. Lives are on the line. A lot of people don’t understand and they’re getting worn down in just going along.

We have to fight through.
Please please please think again.

22:06 There is some AMAZING [great wonderful] stuff going on I wish I could talk about but I just can’t. I know if your listeners knew about a couple of the things they’d be jumping out of their seats cheering right now [with happiness.]

22:25 Look. It’s a fight. It’s a fight. THIS IS FOR ALL THE MARBLES.

These others [demons] are fighting for their life too. They know if we succeed with some of the stuff we have going on right now they’re going away FOREVER.

22:47 Beyond Arizona, there’s a lot of work to be done to explain what’s going on there.

There’s other work going on in other states.

There’s something unrelated to that that is just stunning, amazing. A number of the players whose names you’ve heard are working behind the scenes they have a great plan.

The other team, they DO have a plan. A well-developed plan. And they’re doing a pretty good job of it so far. They’ve succeeded to getting us to this point. And we’re not even fully on the ropes.

23:51 Chess Is a game of attrition. And if you have multiple levels going on you could have whole boards nearly cleared while you’re working the equations. But as you keep going along, there are fewer and fewer moves.

Think of Capone. If you get the books & records & all the accounts. That’s pretty good.

If you have surveillance videos, camera shots, all the crew doing the dirty deeds. That’s great.

But if you get the accountant. Now you have them 3-ways to Sunday. Enjoy the show.

24:54 The show—it’s not just entertainment in this particular case.

There’s a certain moment here where we’re going to be dancing on things but there’s also still a couple of good gut punches coming. The fight isn’t over.

You gotta decide that you’re gonna live. Justice IS coming. Anybody thought this was going to be easy, a cakewalk, that they were going to give up and put the cuffs on.

25:33 No. They’re not going to do that. This is about Justice. There’s a lot at stake here. And we have to have that kind of mentality.

25:52 Justice is coming. People may wanna have a lynching. It wouldn’t work right for a lot of the population that’s been fooled into this.

The [Military] Trials themselves are part of understanding what happened.

Not just for this generation but for generations to come so they have a point of reference.

26:26 We read stories in the Bible, stories in History and we learn from them and we aren’t as vulnerable the next time.

26:29 But the bad guys do too. They know that populations, people tend to be similarly susceptible generation to generation, it’s human nature.

Every so often you have to relearn hard lessons and it has to be branded into your soul, into your being in such a way that you pass it on to your children and your children pass it on to their children’s children. That’s just the way it is.

You’re fighting monsters and this is about justice. There’s a lot at stake here. Justice is coming. This is gut-wrenching… The worst is yet to come.

Everybody grow up. Grow up. This is war.

DNR: Like people getting hauled off to camps & shit?

JOS: In some countries that’s true. Might even be in some states before we get it all over it.

But it’s not going to take years. It’s not going to take endless months. This is all coming to a head RIGHT NOW.

27:47 When you’re in a combat situation, somebody acting like it’s just a street fight, paddy cakes & you’re gonna go home with a few cuts and bruises & the other guy does too? That’s the wrong mentality.

28:00 You have to be very strategic. You have to work together as a team. You have to cover each other to get to the right outcome. Think and work as a team.

28:13 It’s not about a couple of players doing everything. You have doctors around the country saying different things. Why? Some get cut off here, some get cut off there, but they get the word out.

28:46 When we put the movie THE CALLED out, the day after January 6th. We gave it away for free & said download & share. Over 5 million people have seen that. You go look at individual sites there were up to 2, 3 or 400 thousand. Other sites 2 or 3 thousand. Cumulatively we got it out to everybody that wanted to see it & it’s still out there.

29:33 That’s the same thing with this message. They pull it down some places but it pops up somewhere else. You’ve got doctors coming out of the woodwork, putting their careers on the lines. Nurses that are walking away from their jobs. They have mortgages. They have families.

To make a point they’re willing to put it all on the line. Make a stand.

Somewhere down the road we’re going to have to honor those people. They put it all on the line.

If you listened, God bless you.

If you didn’t the consequences—the blood is on you, on your family & that’s the way it is.

That’s where we’re at.

DNR: Well, what a warning. People have got to listen to you.

JOS: I’m hoping they will.





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