(Reader: timjoebob) Alex Jones Says DARPA/Pentagon Blow Whistle


Reader Post | By timjoebob

Well, now…so what? The damage is done. Blowing the whistle on CV-19 now is like the firemen arriving after the house has already burned.

So, just why is it that it’s ALWAYS AFTER THE FACT that someone comes out and spills the beans? Hmmmm?

Remember, it’s an Agenda. It’s a play. The world is a stage and we all play a part. We all have our script whether we like it or not. Our lives are what they seem to be whether you’re rich and famous or a bum in the gutter or a NPC (non player character) meaning you’re a nobody who’s just trying to stay out of the way of the ones who’ve got skin in the game because you’re expendable. But, everyone could be expendable when the major players get rolling and some of them get their way…..by changing the script in the middle of the play.

Scene 9 billion—Act 1 billion

This is not Scene 2—Act 3

Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Move the goal posts. Change the rules. Kick that can further down the road….for the billionth time.

Now, all of a sudden, some big guys are talking? Give me a break. C’mon, man. The game these guys are playing don’t have you and me involved in direct communication. It’s all mysterious and convoluted of course.

Nothing has changed since ancient times. It’s beyond 5D chess no matter how you dice it and slice it. 5D chess is just another distraction. Planet Psycho goes much further than 5D chess and when it stops nobody knows.

You watch. This will drag on and on and on and on into the next forever. The more convoluted the better…..more confusion…more distractions.

What the hell. They can’t even bring out the real, honest-to-God truth about 911 and make it mainstream because the truth would freak too many people out. Please, give me another break, will ya.

Lies. Truth. Truth. Lies. Lies. Truth. Truth. Lies. It’s all the same to them.

I’d love to be wrong about this information…I mean…distraction. ..about how much actual truth comes out and WHEN.

We’ll just have to wait and see if anything or anyone gets their come-up-ins.

Stay frosty everyone,



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