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Operation Disclosure | By Thinker2, Contributing Writer

Submitted on September 22, 2021

Dear IJ (Institute for Justice),

In response to:

A federal agent tried to shoot an innocent man. Will the Supreme Court allow accountability?

You (IJ) can’t fix anything until you throwaway your BAR Card (You are hostages)!

Don’t take this personally, but you are insane, and here is the proof… (By insane I mean you believe things which are FALSE!)

Statutes which make people EQUAL are Law, Statutes which make people UNEQUAL are Fraud (Color of Law)! Fraud Vitiates Everything!


“We hold these truths to be self EVIDENT, that all men are created EQUAL…” – Declaration of Independence

Evil people want to be above the Law (Unequal). People like those found on the Supreme Court of the United States who violated the Constitution to LEGISLATE “Qualified Immunity” from the bench! This is not the first time the SCOTUS VIOLATED it’s mandate. The SCOTUS can be found on Dunn&Bradstreet as a PRIVATE Corporation. If the SCOTUS is making Law, who the F___ is going to undo the FRAUD? The BAR Mafia? BAR = BRITISH Accreditation Registry – The BAR is an Unelected Corporation in a Foreign City State making “Law” (Fraud) as a Monopoly. The BAR is a Criminal Enterprise! THIS MEANS YOU “Institute for Justice” or are you too brain washed to see it?

1981 the Supreme Court ruled (Warren v. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA) that POLICE are there to protect the financial interests of the State and municipal corporations only.

1982 the Supreme Court held (Harlow v. Fitzgerald) that federal government officials are entitled to qualified immunity.

1999 You are a slave, Neo. In a prison you can not smell, touch or taste. A prison for your mind. – The Matrix

You most likely got an education in “LAW” (FRAUD). So no one taught you how to read symbols. The symbols below point to one or more Antichrist deities with names like Satan, Apollo, Lucifer. These entities would be laughable if they were not plastered on every Government office in Washington D.C. By Antichrist I mean Anti-love, Anti-peace, Anti-equality… Aleister Crowley put it best; “Let do what thou wilt be the whole of the law.” Freedom / Liberty to the degree of stepping on everyone else’s freedom. This is the very definition of the BAR Mafia. (This rule is for thee, not me.) Any time the BAR is involved the Foxes (666es) are investigating themselves.

BLACK’S LAW Dictionary is a Dictionary for the Law of Feudalism, not Common Law. (BLACK = Satan = Satan’s Law Dictionary)



If you need it explained; BLACK is the color of Satan (Saturn), Judges who wear Black Robes are Satanists / Grim Reaper / Death! The BAR is a Satanic institution! The BAR was established after 1649 when King Charles 1 was executed for Treason by Parliament and Oliver Cromwell. At that time the King of England was the Unelected Supreme Court. Today we have the Unelected BAR Mafia with a Monopoly of Law and Justice! – The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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