(Reader: Liberty) How to Stay on your Feet? Thank you timjoebob, Letter for DeeDee McKay


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How to stay on your feet? Thank you timjoebob, letter for DeeDee McKay

Dear timjoebob!

I wanted to answer you earlier, but time flies so fast now that I barely have time to do anything. It seems to me the days click like seconds. Thank you dear for your sincere response. I am glad that we have found mutual understanding and I am willingly to read your notes))))

(Reader: timjoebob) Response to Reader Liberty about Sad Philosophy

Letter for DeeDee McKay

Hello dear! Your last message was not addressed to me, but it resonated in my soul, so I am writing to you.

I understand your despair very well … All this happened to me before and in general we are all very tired and can hardly hold on on my feet.


In my environment, EVERYONE IS SLEEP, and some are even in a deep “coma”)))) I spent a lot of time and energy to show people the light, but here, where I live (Germany ) all people close to me were vaccinated …. It was very painful … Then. And now I understand that we have no right to demand anything from anyone and interfere with their personal life plan. There is a law of free will and we must abide by the laws of the universe if we plan to live on a new earth.

Of course, I counted on building a new Earth together with these people and now I was left completely alone … But nothing, there will be others!

In addition, I constantly have to fight off the slaves of the devil in education, because they are very obedient in following instructions and their ability to think, analyze and make decisions outside of instructions is absolutely atrophied. They constantly harm our children, drive gender politics and other nonsense into their heads from kindergarten, force them to wear masks and test them three times a week !!!! In my confrontation here I am completely alone, in my family I have no support.

Everyone thinks I’m crazy, well, or at least weird)))) I’m used to it, although I don’t understand HOW CAN I GET USED TO LIVE IN A CRAZY HOUSE ????

All these stories and even worse, everyone has. And if you dwell on this, you can go crazy.

The Forces of Light warned us that it would be very turbulent, so it is VERY IMPORTANT TO INCREASE YOUR VIBRATIONS AND CONTACT YOUR HIGHER SELF TO STAND IN THIS HOLY WAR !!!! 

Most of us didn’t take this advice seriously and that’s why we are shaking so much now! Just imagine this explosive mixture: the Earth, the collective consciousness of mankind, and also each person is cleared of three-dimensionality! And it is very painful, as if cleaning a wound without anesthesia!


Plus, we are still in the energy structure of a dark genius, thanks to this system, energies are still being pumped out of us and influencing us, including through the implants that are installed in every person. before birth !!!! This is still happening because we all allow it !!!!!

Our energy bodies are constantly flooded with guests from the astral plane. Astral entities provoke us to negativity, and also populate the energy bodies of the people around us and through them attack us to knock us down !!!!

Of course, everyone wants to live, because provoking us to negative emotions the astral is just trying to survive !!!!

When this structure collapses, it will all disappear overnight.

In the meantime, the only thing we can do to protect ourselves is to raise our vibrations, cleanse every day, put up protection and try to balance!

The Forces of Light have only recently begun to clean the lowest layer of the matrix and there there are still millions of hungry disembodied entities that feed on us (our negative energies).

Of course, it’s not easy for everyone to stay on their feet in such conditions!

But our Souls have chosen this sacred path of liberation of the Earth and our Souls know exactly what it is we can do it!

Now is not the time to deflate, now is not the time to give up and fall !!!!! We are in the final !!!! This is our job !!! And God and the whole Universe are VERY COUNTING ON US !!!!

Many people think and want everything to be done for us by our saviors. It’s impossible. For example, because the forces of Light cannot violate the Universal laws or because they can transmit and fix Light on Earth only through our bodies!


They help us as best they can! But this is our business !!! AND WE ARE THESE SAVIORS WHO ARE ABLE TO PULL EVERYONE OUT OF HELL !!!!

If it’s hard to cheer up and get up, I always remember the victims from underground bases and tunnels. When I only guess THROUGH WHAT HELL THESE VICTIMS HAD TO GO, then my blues and whining immediately dissipate !!! Compared to what these victims have gone through, our life is just a wonderful journey along a slightly bumpy road! We came here for them and for the sake of STOPPING HELL ON EARTH!

No more wasting energy on someone. Everyone who could wake up is already awake! Those who are in an energetic “coma” – they can be woken up ONLY by an EVENT !!! And those who will not be woken up even by the Event will continue their journey of life on another Planet.

We still continue the ray of truth, but without fanaticism and attachment to this. It is our job to convey the truth. No more.

The event will happen exactly when IT WILL BE FAVORABLE FOR EVERYONE, OR AT LEAST FOR THE MOST !!!!!!!!

WHEN IT WILL KNOW ONLY GOD, BECAUSE ONLY GOD SEES THE ENTIRE SITUATION IN GENERAL !!!! And if this has not happened yet, then we have not yet prepared everything for this !!!

Do not forget that we are at war !!!! Disinformation, betrayal, manipulation are typical of war! Therefore, we filter all information through a sieve and keep our mouths closed (I mean we don’t waste energy on arguments, beliefs, etc. of other people).

Very little time left !!!! Now we need to prepare very well for the Event. Imagine that most of the people on the planet have no idea WHAT IS HAPPENING !!!!! And then, unexpectedly for them, an avalanche of truth will fall on these people and the whole world will collapse !!! Most of the people on the planet will “fall” and many will even die from the shock.

Others won’t be able to climb on their own! God has only hope for us! We must stand firmly on our feet and shine, so that everyone can see us in the dark, rise up and follow us !!!

Let’s keep working! We continue to move along the road ….!


God bless us!

(Reader: DeeDee McKay) Message to all…

Victory of the Light!
With love, Liberty


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