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Reader Post | By timjoebob

Excellent response. You’re right on much of what you wrote and it’s appreciated and respected. But, you know, sometimes the world eats away at your core like termites on a foundation. Sometimes I write so fast at trying to get a point of view across that my attention is blurred by emotional and mental states of distress because of something that I’ve read that triggered me into a rant. It’s an ego fear response.

My ego gets triggered. Yes, I’m appearing as human, but we know that doesn’t really matter. The ego is the biggest, baddest problem in the Universe because we humans mostly are guided by the ego and not the Spirit. So, we vasilate between the ego thought system and the Holy Spirit thought system, but mostly the ego system, most of the time. But, in the end, there’s only two thought systems: the ego or the Holy Spirit. That’s it. We choose to be guided by ego or Spirit. The two thought systems are mutually exclusive.

One system is love. The other is fear.

Yoda said, “Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” ….. Wise words from a movie so rarely expressed in Hollyweird.

One is all encompassing. The other is separated and fragmented…fearful…fearful of losing something. In my case, I’m a little anxious about losing freedom and liberty. I want so much for the world to be healed from this disease of the mind, not from a virus that doesn’t exist. It’s never been isolated, so, therefore it doesn’t exist. CV-19 does not exist. But, the poison vaxes do. The death jabs, they exist. We know Covid exists and has been in the public domain for decades…just not CV-19.
CV-19 is a blatant lie.

Check out Dr. David Martin, Tenpenny, Mirkowitz, Butar, Shiva, and a whole host of other highly reputable authentic doctors who can’t be bought.

The ego-driven thought system is why the world is soooooooo weird. Egotistical egotists echoing egotistical ecstasies…for thousands of years. Yet, the Spirit keeps calling us to come up to Its’ thought system of reality…the true reality where ego is non-existant. It’s incredibly difficult to stay in the thought system of Spirit when the ego is still in control of everything else. It takes years of practice to gain the upper hand over it…basically, a lifetime. I’m still a work in progress as I’m basically a skeptic on all things pertaining to planet Psycho. I believe the Universe is hell because it represents separation from God. Hell literally means separation from God. I believe Gods’ Heaven is outside of the dream we’re dreaming. Heaven is outside and beyond time, space, and form where there is no separation, only oneness. That’s why the Holy Spirit calls to us to wake up from the dream by using Its’ thought system. Planet Earth will remain planet Psycho as long as the ego retains power over the collective consciousness on this planet. I stand firm.

You’re a beautiful person. I think you’re operating on the Holy Spirit thought system, at least most of the time, and have a positive attitude. Your gentle explanation of thoughts about my post was well received. And, yes, I read your posts.

I’ll continue to post my thoughts as well.

Well done, Liberty. More please.



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