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Tilt – RE: People of the “Lie”: Spaceships, Aliens, and your Future

Why in the world refer to Angels as Human Aliens? Did an Alien great Mary? Angels are just as natural to our world and universe as is man.  We each have our own one and only Guardian Angel, our dearest of friends.  Did Aliens console Our Lord?

Why refer to Angels as higher universal man?  Man and angels are two entirely different creations of God.  Our Lord died to save man, not Angels.

Why does Our Lord require a spaceship?  What’s it built of – who built it?  Noah built his own ark – I wouldn’t doubt that he had help from Angels.

Since when do Angels require a spaceship?

Did I miss anything regarding our soul?  I see lots of “dimensional” talk here, but don’t seem to hear about the soul. After all, that’s Satan’s grand prize – our eternal soul, not our body.


Pope John Paul II

… “3. The reference to the “primacy” of Christ helps us to understand that the truth about the existence and activity of the angels (good and bad) is not the central content of the word of God In revelation God speaks first of all “to men… and moves among them, in order to invite and receive them into his own company”, as we read in the Constitution Dei Verbum of the Second Vatican Council (DV, 2). Thus “the most intimate truth … both about God and the salvation of man” is the central content of the revelation which “shines forth” more fully in the person of Christ (cf. DV, 2). The truth about the angels is in a certain sense “collateral”, though inseparable from the central revelation, which is the existence, the majesty and the glory of the Creator which shine forth in all creation (“seen” and “unseen”) and in God’s salvific action in the history of mankind. The angels are not therefore creatures of the first order, in the reality of Revelation, though they fully belong to it, so much so that sometimes we see them carrying out fundamental tasks in the name of God himself.”

“Providence then embraces also the world of pure spirits, which are intellectual and free beings still more fully than men. In Sacred Scripture we find important references to them. There is also the revelation of a mysterious, though real, drama concerning these angelic creatures, without anything escaping divine Wisdom, which strongly (fortiter) and at the same time gently (suaviter) brings all to fulfilment in the kingdom of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We recognize above all that Providence, as the loving Wisdom of God, was manifested precisely in the creation of purely spiritual beings, so as to express better the likeness of God in them who are so superior to all that is created in the visible world including man, who is also the indelible image of God. God who is absolutely perfect Spirit, is reflected especially in spiritual beings which by nature, that is by reason of their spirituality, are nearer to him than material creatures, and which constitute as it were the closest “circle” to the Creator. Sacred Scripture offers abundant explicit evidence of this maximum closeness to God of the angels, who are spoken of figuratively as the “throne’ of God, as his “legions”, his “heavens”. It has inspired the poetry which present the angels to us as the “court of God”.”

From a Fellow Patriot


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