The Credits are about to Roll


Operation Disclosure | By Wayne Miller, Contributing Writer

September 17, 2021


We’ve waited a long time for the movie to end, and now it appears that, the credits are about to roll. At last, we appear to be at the end of “IT” if we’re not, it may be time to question whether or not “IT” will ever come. I say it WILL, and we are soon going to be moving out of darkness into the light that can only come to us by our trusting the one true God, our Heavenly Father, who is the ultimate head of our White Hat Alliance.

The times we are living in will ultimately bring us to realize that we are the most blessed generation in the history of the world. We know that the head of the snake has been severed, and we are about to see the slithering remains come to an end.

Many sleepers may never know that they were mere assets of a corporation, and had never, until recently, been citizens of a Constitutional Republic. Our nation, perhaps at this time may be the laughing stock of the world, under the actor playing president, but history will show the USA, under President Trump, to be the the head of an Alliance, that will create a world that we Christians will view as almost a Heaven on Earth. 

On this blog we’ve seen a lot of timelines come and go, we’ve noted there have been the misuse of tenses from time to time, that may have had you scratching your head. We’ve noted that dates didn’t always align with their corresponding days of the week, but if you are reading this now, it’s because Judy has kept our interest level up, so for that alone we owe her a debt of gratitude.

It appears the Durham Report is about to make it into the public domain, and also AG Sessions is coming back into the narrative. Unfortunately, my short term memory isn’t what it used to be, but I seem to remember both AG Sessions, and Gen. Mattis being a part of a military tribunal at Gitmo beginning in January of 2019. Gen. Mattis later was viewed as a bad guy, but seemingly has since fallen off the grid, leaving me to wonder if that may have been disinformation or at least misinformation. I guess time will tell. But, with Session’s sudden appearance, along with the timing of the Durham report, and the soon coming results of the audit (‘s)  major things appear to be happening.

With very positive messages from Q, and Trump, i.e. Trumps calling us to 21 days of prayer, and saying the Storm is Upon Us, and Q asking us if we are ready for the pain, and talks about the BOOMs coming in the next couple of weeks, it appears the time is upon us.

I’ve mentioned some of my own questions in earlier articles, and I’m eagerly awaiting clarification to these questions, such as:

1. Why does Trump continue to push the vaccines. I’ve heard many explanations, but to me, they always come up a little short.

2. Where are all the rescued children and adults?  Millions of children and adults have been rescued, and millions of parents and the military that has made the rescue, must have leaked some information.

3. Why are we still seeing Chemtrails?

4. Since money will soon be somewhat of a second nature, why am I still getting 3 or 4 requests per day for donations to President Trump? There are more questions but hopefully, I’ve given you enough to see my point.

Now on the positive side. I know we are viewing a different sun in our skies. I feel certain we are just now moving into a new age. And I invite you to begin looking at the brightest stars in the sky on a clear night. See if you you notice blinking red, and green lights, coming from these “stars?”. No matter what you read on the Internet, stars do not have blinking lights and there are no gases in the atmosphere that makes it appear they do. Now anchor yourself in a stable position and see if you don’t see the stars move. I’ve read, and I believe it’s true, that we are seeing spacecraft in our sky. There’s more I could add but at the risk of sounding as if I just escaped the asylum I’ll hold that info for another day.

It’s my belief we are coming to the culmination of “The Plan” and will begin a number of years as we transition into a new world. Make it your major plan to Trust in the Lord!

Take care, and may God bless you all.




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