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Sad philosophy. Reply to timjoebob’s post “Stay in a bright atmosphere?”

Dear timjoebob, I am writing this as an answer to you, although your article was not directly addressed to me.

But lately I have written about it often ( “stay in the Light”) and it turns out that your note is indirectly addressed to me))))

I really like your sense of humor. A person with humor usually has a kind heart. Of course you are right that the bad guys will not disappear from our light physically.

All criminals must and will be punished.

Freeing the Earth is a team job. Someone is doing dirty work (freeing hostages, cleaning tunnels, arresting and judging scoundrels, etc.), and someone holding the Light in various variations: waking people up with truth or their art, or participation in global meditation or personal meditation or simply raising their vibrations or protesting against tyranny …

ALL participants in this struggle for the freedom of the earth are EQUALLY IMPORTANT in this process and very important FOR THE FINAL PURPOSE !!!! There are no saints or sinners here. Everyone does their job for the COMMON GOOD. 


My appeal was to those who can master it – to hold the Light, because it is these Pillars of Light that contribute to the Earth receiving and fixing as much Light as possible (energies of high vibrations ). And then the darkness will not be able to unfold their new crimes and their plans will not be able to be successful. They will not have the energy support to do this.

Energy is a precious thing. More important than earthly jewels !!!! Why do you think they tortured the victims in cold blood before killing them? They extract energy from the victim and they did not have enough emotion at the same time. This is their work for the benefit of their owner and the feelings of sacrifice are absolutely indifferent to them. How we humans do not care when we cut off a chicken’s head when we want to cook soup out of it. I know many will think of how killing a chicken or a pig can be compared to killing a baby. The chicken isn’t human, is it?

And for them a human child is like a chicken for us … 

This is such a sad philosophy … By the way, someone saw with what cruelty pigs, bulls, cows, calves, rabbits are killed ????

Well, yes, let’s leave us humans, let’s continue about evil reptilians and our fight against them …..


The only thing that is desirable is that even when performing the dirty (and one of the difficult!) Part of the work, it is advisable not to turn into these vile creatures. You have to try to remain who you are – human.


This is our distinguishing feature from them. It was always difficult for me to have episodes describing the release of hostages from the tunnels … When I only imagined WHAT they had to go through … It still hurts me … I also think about the holy warriors who are very brave, risking their lives descended into these tunnels and cried from the shock of what they saw and suffered from mental trauma after what they went through …..

It is always very, very painful for me, just a shock !!! although I’m just just an observer from the outside (reader), not a participant !!!!

These warriors acted according to the circumstances and killed the enemy as well. This is physical war too. This is natural in such a situation.

But nevertheless, we must also reflect on the fact that those evil entities who organized this are low-developed civilizations and they are exactly what their dark creators created them: obedient, indifferent and ruthless slaves …

They do not know how to survive otherwise. … They have an underdeveloped energy system and they CANNOT, even if they wanted to, develop to a level to which human development is possible.

I will give some examples for thinking about:

should we hate a mentally ill person who attacks a healthy person and kills his?

Should we hate the jackal that kills and eats the beautiful doe?

Should we hate ourselves because we are happy to grill an animal that went through incredible torment and suffering before becoming a piece of meat to grill? Everything is very relative. We need to ask ourselves questions, find answers, see mistakes and forgive, correct these mistakes …

Everyone who is going to go into the 5th dimension in this physical incarnation should raise their vibrations and develop, wake up spiritually. In a physical three-dimensional body and with a three-dimensional head, this is impossible.


Well, if an increase in vibrations is inevitable, then why not start right now, especially since the chaos created by the dark just now needs to be transformed and neutralized.

And yes, I will repeat myself just in case)))) ALL the work of ALL participants to liberate the planet is equally appreciated! Nobody gets stuck in 3D))) Everyone can go if they can prepare the body and mind. Otherwise, the body simply cannot bear too high vibrations.

In conclusion, I want to say that I am infinitely happy that I live in such great times – the transition from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of Light, to the Golden era of humanity!

Victory of the Light!
With love, Liberty


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