(Reader: timjoebob) Stay in the Light Vibe?


Reader Post | By timjoebob

Oh, yeah! That’s really easy. Just stay in that love vibe and all the bad guys will eventually just…..disappear.

Yep, soldiers will just stay in the love vibe while they eradicate the most vile creatures to ever walk the planet.

With guns drawn and RPGs zipping through to its target to blast the bad guys off the planet, they’ll keep that love vibe and the light shining strong. By staying in the love vibe it will quicken the event of kicking evil off the planet…..juuuuust as long as the ammunition doesn’t run out. Ya gotta love it.

Don’t get caught up in the negative vibes and somehow evil will just magically disappear.


So, let me get this straight. The ones that are going to be responsible for eradicating the evil doers are probably just going to be remaining in the lower 3D and not advancing to 5D like all the pure higher vibe people…when the fact is if it were not for those pesky lower vibe warriors doing the dirty work all the higher vibe people would have to just figure out how to vibrate more intensely to force them off the planet because everyone knows the bad guys can’t remain on planet Earth (Psycho) with vibrations so high. Am I right? Hell if I know. Who does?

This I have to see, however.


Soldiers helping to lift the vibes of planet Earth by using force and destruction against the bad guys are responsible for helping lift the higher vibe people out of a hell hole because higher vibe people can’t or won’t or don’t dare get their hands dirty. But because they’re soldiers they’re not worthy of moving to 5D consciousness because their vibe of eradicating the enemy is too low. Right? I don’t know. Who’s benefiting the most?

Yeah, that works for somebody, somewhere. But, that philosophy doesn’t jive..

The bad guys have to be removed physically by force. They are not going anywhere. They are in this to the death. …and we should be, too. Make no mistake, this is it. If we lose this little party, there won’t be many people left that give a holy flying rat’s ass about raising their vibe when jack-booted thugs are running the show on this planet like it has been for tens of thousands of years. It’ll be just business as usual on planet Psycho.

The Messiah is physically missing in action right now but will pop in and save the day at some point…..people are hoping.

Don’t hold your breath.

I’m all for the Messiah showing up…and I actually believe He’s already here and has never left…..His Spirit hasn’t gone anywhere. He’s still pure love and continues to call to us from outside of the dream. He’s awesome and will never leave us. We just have to raise our vibration to His level. He calls to us to come up to His level and people keep wanting Him to come down to their level and save them. That is a misguided thought, however, when you really think about it. Hmmm. I wonder.

Stay in the love vibe. It’s a good thing. But remember, in times of war all bets are off when it comes to saving our asses. All is fair in love and war.


Good luck everyone,



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