(Reader: Liberty) Do Not Buy Any More Tickets to this Show



Reader Post | By Liberty

Do not buy any more tickets to this show!!!

The Forces of Light constantly ask us to raise the frequency and not be drawn into the provocations of the dark!

September is a decisive month!

Now it is VERY IMPORTANT TO KEEP THE LIGHT! A high-vibration tsunami is rushing to Earth, and if we shine at this time, then the force of this tsunami will be enormous!

WE TOGETHER, being in the LIGHT, will be able to end the anarchy and chaos that the dark ones have organized on Earth now! The time has come! Hold the LIGHT!


The ruling elite knows very well that September will be decisive in the confrontation between Good and Evil.




There are several reasons for this, and the main one is that the Earth will be covered by an energetic “tsunami” of the highest vibrations.

Therefore, now the main goal of the world government is to maximally lower the general vibrational background of the Earth in the hope that it will equalize new energies and they will be able to reflect this powerful energy blow.

And yet, representatives of the shadow government are trying their best to manipulate world events in this way in order to sow chaos, panic and fear among people as much as possible, to form a response “tsunami” on Earth from the energies of the lowest vibrations in the hope of “muffling” this saving energy wave for mankind.

Now the governments of many countries of the world are taking actions so absurd and illegal, that they cause discontent even among the most law-abiding citizens.

Operation to reduce the population of the planet enters its final stage, already turning into an open genocide against humanity, which causes the anger and indignation of a reasonable part of the Earth’s population. the most effective “weapon” of globalists to collect the low-vibration energy they need.

Add to this the artificially induced “natural” cataclysms that they arrange selectively in the form of punishment for the countries that do not obey them.

So, against the background of general chaos, pain and suffering of people, they try to finish what they started, without stopping at anything.




What they had planned to do for decades smoothly, cunningly and unnoticed by people, now they have to carry out in an emergency mode, forgetting about being careful and not hiding anything.


Ascension Update by Aurora & The Galactic Federation

We would like to emphasize the importance of not letting yourself get pulled into the current narrative.

As usual, things are not as they might appear at first glance.

It is so easy to be dragged down into worry and despair about the events on your planet. This fear should not be your “place of residence”…

The dark forces are trying everything to regain their power and they will stop at nothing. Everything is designed to keep you stuck in the 3D matrix construct of fear and control.

And yet it is crucial for your own good and specifically for your ascension vibes to keep vibrating higher.

If you succeed in raising your frequency and keeping it you will quickly see that beyond the lies and web of illusions.

You can imagine it like a puppet theater in which actors play different parts. Some are the bad guys and others pretend to be the good guys while the actual good ones are absent from the scene.




The dark forces have always used holographic inserts, staged events, and all kinds of trickery supported by the mainstream media outlets that they own and control to create a reality for you that would bind you to their magic spells. Literally.

Do not buy any more tickets to this show.

Be peaceful, be kind, be compassionate, and be patient.


Victory of the Light!
With love, Liberty


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