(Reader: Liberty) A Kick of Truth, Do I Need to Save those Who are Drowning?


Reader Post | By Liberty

A kick of truth. Do I need to save those who are drowning?

We are desperately trying to “save” people close to us (and the whole world) from those dangerous traps that psychos have set everywhere.

But more and more often the life and reactions of people push me to look for an answer to the question:



Gradually I’m starting to realize that our constant imposition of the “truth” on other people annoys these people! Even if it is really true and even if it is very important and can save their lives – THEY DO NOT WANT THIS TRUTH!

It only causes tension and feeds our ego (we are more familiar than others, and they are “sheep” who need to be saved). That is, our assertiveness causes negative emotions on all sides, and this is a BRAKE, POSTPONES THE PROCESS OF RELEASING THE EARTH FROM OLD SYSTEMS AND POSTPONES A LONG-AWAITED EVENT!


People don’t want our truth!

Many people are afraid of this truth! Many do not want to go beyond their usual life! It is enough for many to return to the “freedom” that they “had before” and then they again calmly continue to fight for survival as before!

Many do not understand at all HOW they will live on the New Earth and are afraid of it? That Golden Era, which we are waiting for, may seem like a real Armageddon for many inhabitants of the Planet! If you ask people what they would do if they were wizards, they will have very few decent answers. The dark have treated everyone so that people do not know how to use freedom and abundance FOR THE GOOD OF ALL!

Those WHO had the potential to wake up have already woken up! We wake up the “dead” and waste the precious life force of the Planet!

First, they DO NOT believe us, because reality and our truth are a VERY BIG DIFFERENCE! LITERALLY MISS!

Secondly, we absolutely don’t know WHO is next to us !!! Yes, don’t be surprised! We don’t even know who our loved ones are !!!! A huge variety of different civilizations are embodied on Earth – star seeds, people, reptilians, semi-reptilians, Orions, plus clones, etc., etc. Until we have learned to listen to our Higher Self and communicate with it, we CANNOT DETERMINE WHO IS NEXT TO US!

We also don’t know the life plan of their Soul! THESE ARE TRILLIONS OF VARIATIONS! For example, many Souls are not ready for the high vibrations that are filling the space now, they WILL NOT BE ABLE TO TRANSFER IT, and therefore they want to die and be born again in order to move together with everyone into the fifth dimension.Or reptilian civilizations. They have only 4 chakras and they cannot awaken, as it happens with people and go into the fifth dimension, physically it is impossible for them and vaccinations do not pose any danger for them.


In short, you can give a thousand examples. Conclusion: by our obtrusive salvation, we interfere with the divine Plans of Souls. And this is a violation of the Law of Free Will!

By violently constantly “saving” others, we make them passive and put them on our necks. We are hindering their development. Because a person PROGRESSES only when he leaves the COMFORT ZONE, INCLUDES ANALYSIS, INTUITION AND TURNS INSIDE!!!

Also, we are constantly distracted by this and lower our vibrations, our own evolution, and also TAKE PLANETARY LIFE FORCE! AND BRAKE POSITIVE TRANSFORMATIONS ON THE PLANET!

I foresee the question: what to do?

Are we supposed to calmly watch people close to us succumb to deception and manipulation and kill themselves? Answer: OF COURSE NOT! We must tell them the truth, and if they are ready, they will accept this truth and want to know more! They will find more information from us or themselves.

We shouldn’t be imposing all the time, because it can even stimulate a person to do the opposite to prove to us that we are wrong!

And besides, our fanaticism in spreading the truth makes us very “strange” and our loved ones may even start to “worry” about us. They think we’re out of reality or playing a conspiracy theory. It scares people! And fear is not our friend!!!!

Below I am quoting a channeling on this topic that my Soul prompted me to do. I am not quoting the entire text. Whoever is interested and close to this topic will be able to read the entire text at the link below.

I want to add that I really love you, I love the world, I love the Earth! We must try to evolve, live with our hearts, ACT FOR THE GOOD OF EVERYONE!!!! It will be much more beneficial for the common cause if we walk in nature in a balanced state, sending love and light to the whole world, than if we fight with a neighbor, proving to him that he is a donkey because he decided to get vaccinated. You can try to explain this to him with respect and love, but if it does not work out, mentally send him love and ask the Higher Forces to help him.

It’s time to part with EGO and MEET THE SOUL!


The whole Galaxy is waiting for this step from us !!!!

Ashtar: Don’t Look Away On Your Walk

 !!! don’t get attached, don’t pay attention to dates. The process continues, there is nothing more to add, everything will happen at the right time, and everything will be as planned. We weren’t late. Understand that when you raise your vibration, when you position yourself as Pillars of Light, as a source of nothing but love, you are speeding up the process.

  !!! if the environment interferes with your energy, book yourself , create armor, create walls around you, and the energy of this environment will no longer affect your energy.

 If people just do not walk the way you would like, just stop watching them walk, pay attention to your gait. Your gait is at stake, not someone else’s. Many times you lose your balance as you walk off a lighted walkway and look away. The road is always forward, but you have a habit of looking away. And when you look away, many things catch your eye, especially anything you think is wrong. So you stop walking and find a way to say something, energize it, bring some information to change the energy that you thought was wrong; thus forgetting about your walk.

  !!!!!!!! At this point, it is more than important that you pay attention to your vibrations, because as everything is extremely accelerating, the imbalance becomes very strong. Because the amount of incoming energy is huge, and it accelerates everything it finds, be it positive energies or negative energies.

 So again, I ask each of you: Pay attention to your own travels; don’t look the other way; I don’t want to change the world; I don’t want to change people, they are what they are. And if they have not learned by now, they will also reap the benefits of their slowness, neglect, rejection of the teachings. Don’t worry about others anymore. At this point, the path must be looking forward, not to the side.

  !!!!!!!!! on this road leading to the fifth dimension, the closer you get to the end point, the brighter this road is illuminated. And the more you illuminate this road, the more this light is reflected in everything. And this is how you help those who are still in the back, lagging behind, or those who don’t understand anything, or those who don’t want to understand, or those who don’t want to do anything.

 It won’t help anyone. On the contrary, when you are out of balance, this car goes backwards. And this backward movement takes away the Light from the Whole. Everything is proportional; if you generate Light, it reflects on the Whole. If you do not generate Light, you take Light from Everything.

  !!!!!!! Forget about others. Now is not the time to try to pull someone’s hand. Everyone has been warned enough. And I assure each of you that those who are behind and allegedly need help, we are looking for them, and they will receive help if they ask us about it, but we do not want you to get out of balance. because of someone else.


 !!!!!!!!! When you stop the car, ostensibly to help someone who is at a loss, you connect with this energy of doubt, fear, peace; it doesn’t matter, you are related to it.And I assure you, this is not a high vibration energy, and automatically you are on your way again. I’d like you to think about this a lot.

 !!!!!!!! It’s time for isolation. Many will think this is selfish. No, it’s not. Because now is a different time. Do you want to help your brothers and sisters who are walking behind? Radiate the Light, that is what you have to do. Don’t talk, don’t take anyone’s hand, everyone must find their own way. I understand this. It’s time for those who love the lung to turn around. As long as you stop the car, jump out and go there to help, they will never change because they know they will always have help. You don’t help them, you force them to always remain the same, without looking for anything, without doing anything, without changing, because you know that someone in the future will always stop and come to your aid.

 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If you still think that this is selfishness, each of you understands it the way you want, but now is the time to take a look at everyone’s path. So I will quote again, do not get attached to dates, because in fact, everything always depends on the vibration of the planet. And I assure you that you have done little to raise the vibration of this planet. Few are concerned about this, few walk this road and radiate Light, few. The vast majority are more concerned with jumping out of the car and helping, presumably thinking they are actually helping, than moving forward and emitting Light.

Victory of the Light!
With love, Liberty


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