James Rink and Michael Jaco: Med Beds, Future Intel, Timelines, Space Programs


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Date: Monday, 13-Sep-2021 23:49:09

Michael Jaco – James Rink – Med Beds – Future Intel/Timelines – Space Programs (Video)

James Rink, Kimberly L, and Jenny Lee on the Michael Jaco Show

August 13, 2021

Rumble — Original Upload Date: July 25, 2021

Topic: SSP, ET Disclosures, and Future Timeline Predictions
Courtesy of the Michael Jaco Show


James Rink is a super soldier, meditation practitioner, researcher, author, and video producer.

His YouTube presence; Super Soldier Talk has helped awaken humanity to the secret activities of the covert government.

Uncovering topics such brainwashing, trauma, milabs (which stands for military abductions), and covert harassment; all of which he has had to endure his entire life as a product of Project Surrogate and Ultra MK Milab Super Soldier experimentation.

His book Lone Wolf chronicles these projects.

He has also produced Change is on the Horizon which is a three-hour video documentary covering a variety of topics delving into banking, finance, constitutional law and NESARA – which is the National Economic Security and Reformation Act.

He spends his time perfecting the “Neo Meditation Device” at:


This is a chi energizer that helps users relax during meditation so that they can integrate themselves.

Jenny Lee is a international remote viewer, medium, seer, teacher and healer.

She has been working with the families to find missing persons assisting law enforcement cases for 12 years as of 2021.

In the process she often uncovers corruption with high level elites and sometimes even law enforcement.

Jenny has some recall of memories of being in Orion with the ascended masters such as Jesus.

Jenny predicted President Trump being elected in 2016 but her predictions have been wiped from the internet.

She’s the author of a book ‘Walking in Humble Spirit’ which is a manual for your spiritual path and adventure on this earth.


Her website:

Kimberly is a milab experiencer and Super Soldier who was abducted by the CIA at the age of 5.

The United States military/Secret Space Program had brought Kimberly down into a multitude of underground bases and forced her participation in several unacknowledged, black projects using MK Ultra mind control and the splitting of her consciousness into many different alters using torture and technology tactics and is still considered to be an active, secret space program/military asset today.

Some of the nefarious government/SSP projects programs that Kimberly has been involved with include Project Looking Glass, (Montauk), Project Witchblade and Project Seagate.

Kimberly is also currently a participant in off-world military corporations and other secret space fleets like Dark Fleet, Shoreline, Monarch, Umbrella and Kruger.

Kimberly is a professional psychic, healer and remote viewer and can be reached at:

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If you like to learn more about super soldiers and milabs please visit:


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James Rink, Kimberly L, and Jenny Lee on the Michael Jaco Show



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