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Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice of you to make time for me again!

The day before yesterday I had a ZOOM call with three great people. We talked about ZIM, about Ron Giles’ LWS, but also about what is currently going on with us, against us and around us. It is not only important to inform yourself as broadly and comprehensively as possible, while keeping your heart 100% activated to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff. It is also important to exchange information with like-minded people. Because especially in these current times, one quickly becomes lonely when one has begun the awakening process. This was also a topic in this ZOOM call, which I really enjoyed. Until now we only knew each other through mail, so a video conference is almost like a live meeting. Even positive vibes can be felt and spread with something like this. Since I do this regularly with another group of great people and look forward to it the day before, I know what I’m writing about.

Among other things, we had the topic of attitude and faith. It was triggered by my saying that I feel guilty, or never know how to handle it, when I want to watch movies or listen to music that is by outed cabal artists. My examples were movies with Tom Hanks, Matt Damon and others, music by German artists like BAP, Die Toten Hosen or Herbert Grönemeyer. These are just a few examples of actually good movies that these artists have made or music that has good lyrics and good melodies. I’m sure you have other favorites, other movies, other music, where you feel the same way I do now. It’s hard to deal with that, I think. On the one hand it’s music, it’s movies that trigger positive feelings in me, on the other hand I know that the artists are either not people or bad people. So on the one hand, consumption triggers a guilty conscience, even though, in times of file-sharing, one no longer supports the artists financially. On the other hand, a refusal to consume has for me the stale aftertaste of a book burning, i.e. an intolerance.

This topic will occupy us intensively in the future, or rather it already occupies us in the present in particular, where everyone “shoots” against everyone, where one must put every word, every gesture, every text on the gold scale, in order not to be called a gatekeeper or cabal. Am I allowed to stop listening to a song (“Sit and wait” by Sidney Youngblood), whose lyrics fit perfectly to all of our situation with the RV, besides being nice to listen to, because the singer might be a pedophile? Am I allowed to stop watching a movie like “We’re Buying a Zoo,” which I find very good, very insightful, very profound, and therefore good for me, just because Matt Damon or Scarlett Johannson are blacklisted?

Our new world will become much more tolerant, we will learn to forgive faster and more intensively, we will learn to respect our opposite, whoever that will be, to respect his otherness. Every person is individual, has individual tastes, ideas, assessments. Only in this present world, any tolerance, any forgiveness, any objectivity has either been taken away from us or we have forgotten it. Today, we may misjudge a person because our EGO sees something in him that triggers it, and then we judge or condemn him. In a flash, we are subjective. For example, I had a contact who misjudged me (for whatever reason), insulted and attacked me. After some time a question comes from there again. I was perplexed both times, reacted both times maybe wrong, but maybe right. I don’t know the motivation behind it, but have registered wrong vibrations, already in advance. Nevertheless, I forgave the contact, I don’t know what made him react that way.

The crux is always our attitude, we discussed that the day before yesterday. The attitude and the belief. If I feel good about music and movies, if I draw positive things from movies or music, if I block out the knowledge about the artists, so I concentrate only on myself and my emotional world, I can’t care who the artist is or what he did. So it’s about how I’m set, what I believe, not about the knowledge. So it is not only with the consumption of productions, but also with everything else we do for ourselves. So also with vaccinations, with nutrition, with vices, like smoking or drinking. If I get vaccinated and have in the back of my mind that it will harm me, it will harm me. If I smoke and fall for the negative propaganda on cigarette packs about what smoking can do, it will harm me accordingly. If I think nothing is happening in the world after all, if I think we will never get out of this dilemma, this mess, how will it happen?

When I look at the past, for example my favorite people, the North American Indians, I understand what is wrong today and what we will do right in the future. The Indians smoked, killed animals to have meat, hides and other things for their community. They drank alcohol and used drugs as well. But the crucial points are: they did it in moderation and they didn’t believe it was harming them, nor did they have a negative attitude about it. They lived with a completely different attitude, with a completely different belief in themselves and their environment. And if the European conquerors had not come, who knows, maybe they would still be living today as they once did. Their attitude was their life, their survival, their deep connection with nature. They met every negative incident with a primal confidence of improvement, be it weather, natural disasters or even the white conquerors. They also intervened in everything themselves, for example in the case of drought with a rain dance. They were self-reliant, while the conquerors considered them naive and stupid and exploited them accordingly.


So our conclusion from all this should be that we can decide for ourselves what will harm us or not. Our attitude, our belief influences the vibrations that surround us. In addition, or that is the law of resonnance. We always attract into our lives what we think, what we feel, what we focus on. If I get up every day and think that, for example, the RV has not been started again, how will it come? Especially because there are probably thousands who think the same way. That is put so, whether we believe it or not, into the morphic (or morphogenetic) field and works there. We should, with all understandable impatience, slowly really have understood that we all can influence our future. Our own, but also those of the others. Only and alone with our own attitude and our faith. Also the belief in help, in support is important. And this will come, especially in the countries like Germany, where the cabal and their henchmen are still “enjoying” their last days. Everything around us is vibration, so let’s make this vibration positive!

If I think I’ m something better, I devalue others. This may seem like something positive for me at first, but the negative judgment of others will eventually come back to me. This is where the vibration goes in a direction that could eventually harm me. Unfortunately, I know many who think this way. Rather, let’s focus on putting our individual skills at the service of the new communities without expecting or demanding anything in return. Everyone is important to all of us in the future, because everyone has skills that others can use. No matter what it is, no matter who it is. If we put that in the field, what else can happen to us? And conclusion to the films and songs is: If it does you good, you should consume it, you alone decide with your attitude, your faith, your vibrations, what happens to you! PERIOD!

On the subject of trusting the plan, I found two good quotes. Perhaps an explanation of why everything happens so supposedly slowly. Sunzi, the art of war is only a part of the plan, everyone has already experienced how badly something can end, if one acts hastily. I wish you, or rather all of us, a positive attitude, the belief in a beautiful future and a soon end of the show with a happy ending. (Thanks to Urs for the template to the article).

“He who wants to take safe steps must take them slowly.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“The slowest who does not lose his goal out of sight, still walksmore swiftly than he who wanders without aim.”
Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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A huge thank you for all the support so far! You are great and in my heart!


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