Overpopulation? Nonsense!


Operation Disclosure | By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on August 23, 2021

Overpopulation? Nonsense!

It is claimed by certain circles again and again with pleasure, that the earth is overpopulated.

And because many humans do not take the time to think, which numbers are really behind this, this argument is repeated by far too many people and by this receives step by step more justification. Even “Gurus” like e.g. Sadghuru use this argument in interviews (“people are nice, but there are too many often hem”) and secretly give the Davos circle nevertheless right.

This circle of the WEF in Davos claims that in order to protect the earth and to be able to give humanity a future, it is necessary to ensure that overpopulation is reduced.

Now in 2020-2022 it has apparently come to time to fulfil this plan. The expected effect of the Corona “vaccination”, expected by some (also by me), not by all, will possibly ensure that more than half, possibly even more than three quarters of the earth’s population will disappear within the next maximum 10 years.

I would like to help you to understand the numbers correctly and to give you arguments to meet everyone successfully in a discussion about this “overpolpulation”.

The technology of today, freely available and visible to everyone, allows with the help of solar energy and / or wind energy a “vertical farming” in container-format, anytime and anywhere with any number of harvest cycles, sufficient to feed quite a few families in a very small space.


Now let’s play a little with the statistics.

Let’s assume we divide the earth’s population into an “average” of four people per family. Yes, there will be larger and smaller families, but let’s keep the math simple.

Let’s further assume that these families would feed themselves from their own land. Technologies, such as those that have recently come to light, that can produce food from basic materials much like a 3D printer, are left out of the equation. Of course, such technologies would have another BIG impact on this calculation.

4 people per family, independent with their own food on their own soil, and some space for house and garden, more than most have today. Let’s say 2,000 square meters of land for each of these families.

Let’s take the number of people on this planet today as the basis of our calculation.

7.8 billion people. Divided by four people, that comes to 1.95 billion families.

Each of these families gets 2,000m² of land and house and Vertical Farming.


For this we need 3.9 trillion m². That sounds like a lot, but it’s actually not.

If we convert this number once in km², we get 3.9 million km².                                         

Let’s take the state of Texas as an example.

Texas has an area of just under 700,000km².

If we make a simple calculation, we find that we need about five times Texas to settle and feed the current world population. And not just somehow, but organically and healthily.

So we could easily bring all of humanity to the U.S., house everyone there on just a few states, feed them healthily, and leave the rest of the earth to the animals.

Or we add a little space for common use. Cultural facilities, sports facilities, roads, trails, forests.

But even if we double the required space, most of the continents are still unpopulated.

Yes, there are cold lands and deserts on earth.

But honestly: Vertical farming with solar energy already enables us to grow food even there and even to filter water from the surrounding air, so that everyone everywhere would always have enough water.


And these are just the technologies that are already freely available and visible to anyone who can do a google search.

It should be obvious to everyone that suppressed technology for power generation, replication of food, 3D printing of whatever parts would drastically change this picture for the better.

Suppose we were to do this with the situation and bring all the NOW existing people to Texas and the surrounding area. Suppose further, for whatever reason, half of the continents were NOT usable. That would still leave space for 18 times more people on earth than there are now.

Assuming we could actually make all the land masses usable, we would have room for even 38 times more people.

1.950.000.000,00families á 4
2.000,00space needed for feeding a family in m²
3.900.000.000.000,00m² needed in total
347.810.500,00familes in Texas space
5,606501241How many Texas is needed to house the worlds population
148.000.000,00km² World,00,00split by half,00families in the world
18,97factor of today
75.897,44factor when using all space available

Yes, that would be tight.

But NOW we are still FAR away from overpopulation.

Now you can still argue that we are already using too many raw materials than we are actually allowed to.

Let’s take a few examples here.

We are currently in the process of banning combustion engines worldwide because they are “so harmful to the environment”. Instead of this technology, we are told that cars with batteries are much better.

Well, it should be clear to anyone with a simple google search that the environmental footprint of a car made this way is far worse (!) than that of a car with an internal combustion engine. The required rare earths, heavy metals, water (!) and others do not make the current technology greener, but only “different”.


It is also only an intermediate step.

But nobody tells you that.

Nicola Tesla had already presented a car with an electric motor but without a battery in the 1920s.

“Without a battery, well then it doesn’t drive at all”?

No, this car drove over 140km/h fast (at that time already!), with electric motor – and with an antenna! An antenna for FREE ENERGY.

Of course, this technology was suppressed.

The people, some of the richest people, who wanted to promote this technology, went down with the Titanic. And their buddy who “had” to cancel the trip in the last minute (J.P. Morgan, owner of the Titanic and its sister ship Oceanic, which was used for this insurance fraud and mass murder) and therefore survived, then cut off Tesla’s accounts, thus ensuring that Rockefeller could take over.

Electric cars with antennas ARE THE FUTURE. Free energy IS the future in EVERY field.

So why should we settle again for a technology that will again damage the earth even more, that will consume resources we would be better off using elsewhere, or not using at all?

“We need the transition period so that there is no turmoil.”


What you also keep hearing from Davos is the “useless eaters” argument.

So these people want to divide the world into roughly 3 parts. Them, the “ruling class”, the “useful eaters” (about 500 million people) and the “useless eaters” (about 7 billion people).

After now roughly  in the last thousand years, quite clearly in the last hundred years, mankind world-wide was educated and raised with the help of the schools and led by the leading “class” to dulled, stultified yes-saying people, who consume everything, which they are forced to love by TV advertisement, this “leading class” wants to blame the people, that they have become those brainamputated consume-animals that they forced to become?


If one does everything for the fact that humans learn only lies in the school, to say YES to everything, which comes “from above”, never to question anything, not to think out of the box, then this “one” lost EVERY right to complain afterwards about the result.

Apart from that: why ruin and loose 7 billion possible valuable thinking customers?

Yes, there are billions of people out there who don’t understand what is happening right now. You can even say that they are “too stupid” to understand.


These humans have genes, which would be suitable to accomplish outstanding mental, human and social achievements.

They only must be educated accordingly!!!


“But that takes decades”



We see from the example of Germany how successful re-education can be. The textbook for such a scenario has long been printed. It takes 20 years to get a person to the end of his schooling, and another 10 to get him to the end of his education through apprenticeship or university.

30 years. In 30 years we can manage to raise a new generation of people, who then reproduce themselves always to new, well(!)-educated USEFUL eaters, which we can then use everywhere, even in space for the good of the universe.

We see in Germany, how within 30 years after the end of the war a completely new people was created. Through educational measures. And then after that, the death blow was given by immigration. Now there is truly a new people in Germany. Or rather a new population. Because it is no longer ONE people.

Do we now want to occupy ourselves for decades with even more lies in a “necessary transitional” phase with electric cars and any other illusions supposedly useful for the good of mankind? Should we allow that billions of carriers of valuable genes are to be killed just because the “elite” wants it that way and the actual rulers in the background (above the cabale) simply let them?

Shouldn’t we rather have the balls once (ONCE, only ONE TIME!!), and simply say to all people:

“People, you have been lied to. For a VERY long time. It is ALL different than you think and you have been told. Here are the facts. Live with it. Now. Peacefully. We are sorry that it took us so long to free you from these people (cabal)”.

Perhaps we could then say, in the aiming for a strategy for a tumult-free, but still radically fast transition: “Anyone who wants to become part of our new world from now on, peacefully and without wanting to kill a few people first out of anger about bein lied to for so long time, will get 1 million USD from us”.


With that, he could then buy his family those 2,000m² of land and the necessary technology that he needs to be able to live a healthy life from now on.

How are we supposed to finance something like that?

Let’s do the math!

We need about 1950 trillion USD for the above mentioned number of families.

The estimated private wealth of the Rothschild family is 500 trillion.

Now, add to that the Rockefellers, the Morgans, and others, who have been sucking everything from the earths population for the last hundred years, and we’ll have the money together pretty quickly, I would say.

And this is just the official money supply M3.

What about M2? M1?

Or even M0??

There is ENOUGH money!


What we need are people who have the balls to tell the truth.

People who do not simply repeat “arguments” of the opposite side unchecked and thus give them justification on a broad level.

Let us finally put an end to the lies.

Let us finally put the truth on the table and make all technologies accessible.

We want to start a space age? Well, let’s do it! It’s all there. For ALL. Now!


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