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Reader Post | By Sid S.

The political issue of the day is the manner in which our ersatz President of the United States, Joe Biden, surrendered U.S. interests to the terrorist group called the Taliban in Afghanistan and had our troops pull out and leave so many people in harm’s way who wanted to leave—including thousands of Americans. It is a disaster. He left behind something on the order of $85 billion in armaments, vehicles, helicopters, and all kinds of other high tech war tools for the Taliban to take over. This thing has turned out to be an international disgrace for the United States and for our government and our military. The press, who usually supports liberal/socialist/communist politicians, is going crazy over all this calling for Biden to resign, but as hated as he is now, Kamal Harris, the ersatz V.P. is hated as much, maybe even more–confidence in our Administration is approximating zero.

My problem with all this madness surrounding this obviously incredibly incompetent, bungling, and disastrous U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan is understanding who is really behind it all… and is it happening the way some power manipulating our severely compromised Administration wanted it to go? We must remember that at a recent press conference, Biden started out by saying he was instructed to take a question for a certain press person there. Instructed?? Instructed by whom? Who gives the President of the United States instructions on what to do?? It seems to me that all the frenzy of the press is dancing around the real issue and, on purpose, not asking the real hard question. The real question it seems to me should be: Who or what is the real power behind Biden and all the liberal/socialist/communist people around him? With this bungling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan what was achieved by globalist/communist forces now so prevalent in our nation? Here are a few things that were achieved by these enemies of freedom and of the U.S.A.:

  • The United States was embarrassed and manifested to be weak and a poor ally, and Biden’s appearance and actions have made us look like a bunch of incompetent and completely unreliable idiots.
  • Biden and his people have diminished the military of the United States by destroying the morale and the capacity of our servicemen and women
  • The Taliban was now given Afghanistan to rule and reign with their bloodthirsty terror and further diminish the United States and the free world—terror will undoubtedly increase in the world now as the U.S. has proven to be weak and incompetent.
  • The Taliban will now become a serious enemy to the U.S. and further encouraging terror and jihad against the free world.
  • The Biden Administration and the military leadership just handed over about $85 billion (with a “b”) worth of high-tech equipment and firepower to the Taliban, all of which will soon be used against us, and against our only ally in the Mid-East (Israel), and all the free world.
  • On and on it goes… look what Biden and his people have done to our economy. They have taken steps to destroy our economy and makes us more and more dependent upon other nations, many of which are hostile to us.
  • There is more… much, much more…

All of these things meet the objectives of this shadowy and evil globalists group with their version of liberalism/socialism/communism which they have used to infect our society for at least the last sixty years. This dark and evil power, I am starting to believe, is obviously what is directing… and instructing, our very compromised Administration. Their objectives are being met and it is all covered over with this blanket of visible incompetence by the Biden administration to hide the real cause. The press then does their job and focuses on the Biden Administration’s failures and never mention the root problem, as ordered—as I am beginning to believe.  Is it even possible to identify exactly the real power and cause behind it all and call it out for what it is and report on it and not dance around afraid to call it what it is? For now, apparently not.

We need to understand that the worms of evil of this dark and destructive power have for at least sixty years been boring their way in a calculated and well-planned crescendo through our educational system as the tap root and then into our entertainment, our political infrastructure, and our institutions and in some cases even into our western religions. Now look what we have in our nation. We have a whole generation of young people who have no clue what the United States of America is. To them the United States was founded upon evil and must be corrected and punished—an incredibly horrible lie. Their religion is to be “woke” and be politically correct such that they cannot see nor understand what is right and what is wrong. Their level of understanding and acceptance of traditional morality is almost nil. Their understanding of the family as the foundation of society is almost nil as well. They have no clue of economics nor history and how a good solid and true knowledge of those disciplines might help them see what is wrong with liberalism/socialism/communism and the disaster to which it will all lead.

We are forever dealing with symptoms rather than causes. I think that any faith-based person will agree that the over-simplified causes of our problems are these four basic things:

1. The gradual turning away of our people from the basic Judeo-Christian faith upon which this nation was founded… a general gradual rejection of religion. (A basic tenant of this dark evil force is religions are bad for people. “The government will take care of you, not some ethereal god”.)

2. The decline of the moral conduct and beliefs of our people. (Again, this is promoted by this dark evil force.)


3. The gradual repudiation of the family as the foundation of society. (This evil force teaches that the government is your parent and the source of your family.)

4. A repudiation of the concept of the nation-state. We should be a one world government and one people under a “benign” clique of very wealthy powerful people who know best what is good for us—and who control their succession. (Thus destroy the idea of the United States of America—do away with the nation state and morph it into this one world government for the benefit of mankind. All so-called sovereign nation-states do is separate people and cause wars.)

To all my brothers and sisters…Americans… make no mistake, we are at war, a war between freedom and self-determination and our basic faith vs. the evil of totalitarianism (meaning the result of the path from liberalism to socialism to communism). Right now, it looks like we are losing the war because not enough good freedom-loving people have stood up and said… enough is enough!! And then taken action to turn the tide. Will they ever do that? We’ll have to wait and see…unfortunately, there is not enough time to wait. This war is existential, meaning our very existence as a nation is dependent upon a victory, a total and complete victory, and we must never, ever forget, as freedom loving Americans, in God we trust!

Sid S.


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