(Reader: GK) Kalmes Conspiracy 5: Luciferian Hoaxes (Fraud) Dominates Historical Narratives


Reader Post | By GK

The sooner you get it through your heads  that almost ALL historical narratives are scripted mind-ops that are meant to instigate violence or social revolutions, the sooner you might actually contribute something worthwhile to humanity’s collective soul and need for truth. Such as stop repeating the lies that help the liars, and pass on the unpopular truth.

Being the unpopular speaker of truth does suck, no doubt about it. But you have no choice unless willful ignorance is a choice you are proud of.

In this episode I allude to many events that are likely scripted hoaxes that probably helped insidious legislation such as the talk that followed Laurie Dann’s rampage on the Northshore of Chicago. Immediately, her shooting of a young man led to the war against the second Amendment.

I was pretty close to this stunning tragedy in that I met her at the tavern I bartended at, and because I experienced the news coverage moment to moment, and had some friends who knew her who told me stuff.

And I also tell stories about Jeffrey Dahmer and the Woodman brothers who hired Ninja Hitmen to kill their parents near Santa Barbara California, All 3 of these stories had made for TV movies made about them. The made for TV movies are usually an effort to drive home certain narratives that have some sort of propaganda for fear and legislation. I cannot say what parts are true and what isn’t. Some of it appears very true.

Remember Mayor Rahm? Never let a good crisis go to waste?

I speculate in part 4 and part 5 about the Billy Goat curse of the Chicago Cubs and the end of it in 2016. Here is thinking out loud that will no doubt be very unpopular to normie cub fans,. At the end of this video we see Joe Maddon the Cubs manager speak of the ’17’ minute rain delay. His words sound as though the gnostic Illuminati wanted to tell us it was they who ended the curse.

How? By making sure the Cub opponents stood down wherever necessary. I have noticed something in sports for decades and it is one team winning while the other seems to be losing purposefully.

Betting lines never stop taking bets right up to the moment. Taking bets on every minute and obscure eventuality from, will it rain and for how long.

If you follow David Hawkins he has stated there was betting on body counts on the day of 911. Apparently they use Wallstreet shell companies to take bets.

What could be more diabolical and evil than this?

So it is in my studied opinion we have more than man made evil creating events, but something supernatural, like spells and perhaps gods, demons, angels and non-human beings lending their energies to the weirdness we experience.

The Bible said so, “principles and principalities”

Speaking of Jesus, Paul writes to the Colossians:

For in him all things were created,
In the heavens and here on earth.
Things we can see and things we cannot—
Thrones and lordships and rulers and powers—
All things were created both through him and for him.

He is ahead, prior to all else,
And in him all things hold together . . .


Sadly I lack the faith to surrender my human ego to this concept. Maybe one day.  As for now, I am defeated by my disappointment in humankind and their God.

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