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Reader Post | By Michael Murdock

These were shared with me and I am sharing them with you for one reason. We ALL need to be informed!!! The first picture with the PLAN on it, it’s TRUE. Just look around, read the papers, listen to the news and see what you’re being fed daily by the media. They’re in the business and being paid to lie to you daily.

Covid was created for the vaccine. Not the other way around. Covid was created to instill fear in the public and for the government to get someone to create a vaccine and for some reason we’re supposed to believe this vaccine will cure and control covid. They’ve never produced a vaccine to control the common cold. Why? Because to do so would be financially destructive to so many companies. Just go look at how many different things are on the market for colds, flu, colds and flu, severe cold, severe flu,
daytime cold medicine, nighttime cold medicine, etc. MORE AND MORE. HUNDREDS of companies would go broke, thousands would be out of work if they cure the common cold! COVID is another one of those things. Don’t fall for this!

BEAT COVID RECIPE – Worked for ME, I beat this in a little over a week and NO I have not had any vaccine. 

Okay let’s go through the list of vitamins. These are all taken daily. You can spread them out to keep your stomach in check so it doesn’t overwhelm it. 

VITAMIN C take (3) 1,000mg tablets (chewable)
VITAMIN D3 Extra Strength 5000 IU take (3) tablets or capsules
ZINC take (3) tablets or capsules 50mg
Lastly I take 3 Multivitamin tablets that i got from Walgreens. 

NOTE: Generally all of these are a 1 tablet or capsule per vitamin per day dose, I increased that to 3 tablets of each per day of my own volition. No DOCTOR told me to do this. I prayed on it and this was what I put together. It helped me. If it helps you, great. I am sharing this because it worked for me. I am in the extremely high risk health category. Sleeping outside has reduced my immune system effectiveness, but I still beat the virus and did it quickly. 

Basically you’re smacking the “virus” with a sledgehammer of vitamins and you’re helping your immune system gain strength to combat this thing..

Taking this many vitamins at one time causes some people to vomit. Be careful. Take them all during the day, space it out, just doe the entire group before the day ends. After a day or so your stomach will forgive you and you’ll get used to it.

Lastly, get plenty of sunshine, breathe fresh air (not with a mask), and I drink a LOT of water each day, I drink 6 20 oz bottles of water and really I should drink even more. 

Many may not like Walmart for the water, if you don’t and you have a 99Cent store near you, go there and get water cheap like I do. You can chill yours, I can’t since I don’t have a fridge in the car.  

Okay, this is all I have for today! I am praying for each of you. 

God Bless you this day and always. 

Michael Murdock, US NAVY VETERAN or $veteran on CASHAPP or Michael-Murdock-22 on VENMO, if you’d like to help me with a meal or gas this week.


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