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Submitted on August 9, 2021


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Since the US has lost Iraq and Afghanistan, they may be making efforts in Yemen and elsewhere (see article below). They say they want to follow the Russian example in Syria of using air power but not ground troops in coordination with allied forces. This may happen in Afghanistan. The problem the US has is the Russians will not go into a situation unless the government is popular. Their primary purpose was to stop Brzezinski who had failed to draw them into another Afghanistan at Kiev in 2014 as Zbig had planned because of their massive rearmament which was to be combined with crashing the oil price which was ordered anyway to hurt Russia so Zbig decided to try his hand in Syria to draw Russia in to stop Zbig’s natural gas pipeline from Qatar to Europe to destroy Russia.  Hence Russia moved into Syria. In Syria the people were behind Assad but in Afghanistan the government had no support anywhere except where they could bribe the participants.  

Essentially the support the US had was with their partners in Afghanistan in their heroin operation. People wonder why we were there so long, that is twenty years. That is because of the lucrative heroin operation. The CIA, DIA, US military brass were involved and the heroin was flown out to Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo and overland to Pakistan Ports for backhaul by the trucks that supplied us. That is why there is no patriotism in the military high brass whose only goal is to make money. The allied intelligence agencies distributed it from Camp Bondsteel and the Pakistan ports, and in the US the police departments watched the Mafia distributors receiving their cut. George Floyd was a runner who was holding back heroin money.  

9-11 was used to restart the heroin operation though initially gamed to invade Iraq. Iraq was later justified by false WMD claims.  If the WMD claims were true there could have been no concentration of force for the invasion of Iraq as one nuclear bomb would have wiped out 200,000 troops. This applies to North Korea.  If they give up their WMDs as Libya and Iraq if they have them, then they have no deterrent defense against the US which is why no one will give up their WMDs to avoid nuclear proliferation once they have them. The sanctions on North Korea have been counterproductive as the ostensible purpose was to pressure them to give up their WMDs as part of the anti-proliferation effort but the pressure of the sanctions forced them to sell the nuclear and hydrogen bombs to countries who will pay good money for them that they need because of the sanctions. I can give you a long list of nuclear bomb recipients if you need it. If Ray Dalio is correct that the US faces Civil War, the first thing the rebelling states would do is buy nuclear bombs from North Korea. Pakistan is another sanction failure as they have sold their nukes to many buyers. By the way, missiles go with the nukes as part of the package for both Pakistan and North Korea. The 64,000 dollar question is where is the heroin going now?  Mullah Omar shut it down as anti-Islamic but he has passed from the picture and it will depend on his successors. Are they as pious as he?  We shall see.

We should admire the piety of Mullah Omar.  The act of hospitality in Islam started when Abraham gave the tender calf to Ishmael to dress it for his three guests (Angels) as you must honor your guests (see Genesis 18:7). Osama bin Laden was a guest of Mullah Omar and he told Bush he could not turn him over to the US without a showing of evidence. This was the correct procedure. Bush denounced him with scorn but simply could not furnish the evidence as there was none. After all, this was concocted at the meeting that I attended.


As we know, Osama had nothing to do with 9-11, and when I attended the deep state meeting on 9-11 I was told Osama was picked as a failed CIA asset to blame to justify an invasion of Afghanistan to restart the heroin operation. They knew that was not enough for me and then said he killed our CIA people. 9-11 was an inside job to justify the invasion of Iraq but the CIA wanted to restart their heroin operation first as their price to cover up the failure at Building Number Seven. They used the classic principle of misdirection of Harry Houdini by having Building Number Seven blown up later in the day as the demolitions were there set up so the building fell into its footprint the only problem being no plane had hit it, but covered that up by doctoring the boarding tapes with Arabs to create a war hysteria as Roosevelt did with Japan when he first cut off 92% of their oil on July 25, 1941 because of the spectacular advances of the German Army into Russia, and then sat on the decoded decrypts of the Japanese communications stating that they would bomb Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 so that they could then take the oil from the Dutch East indies. This was an error by Japan as they could have taken the Dutch East Indies without attacking us and the US could not help as it had no refueling stations nearby to enable us to project our naval forces. The US made sure that there were no aircraft carriers in Pearl Harbor but some old ships as aircraft carriers became a major naval weapon. His object was to enter World War Two to save Russia and Japan fell into his trap. Then Germany stupidly declares war on the US gaining no commitment from Japan to attack Russia from the east. Hitler was out of his mind. Roosevelt had banked on Germany having a secret defense treaty with Japan but that did not exist. The US could not countenance Germany controlling the Eurasian land mass based on Halford Mackinder’s geopolitical analysis. It had nothing to do with National Socialism as Great Britain and the US pumped into Hitler three billion gold dollars to balance the power against Russia and France in 1933. Later when Russia and China joined hands in 1949, as they are now doing which is the cause of the present uproar, we were shocked that we had fought World War Two geopolitically a la Mackinder for nothing as we had largely lost the Eurasian land mass anyway. That was the stupidity of unconditional surrender as it unbalanced Europe as England had done after World War One. Thus started the Cold War.


US troops deployed in southern Yemen: report

TEHRAN, Aug. 08 (MNA) – Yemeni local media have said that as the Yemeni army and popular committees are on advance in al-Bayda and Marib provinces, the US troops have arrived in the Yafa county in Lahij province in the south of Yemen.

By Kamal Iranidoost

TEHRAN, Aug. 08 (MNA) – Yemeni local media have said that as the Yemeni army and popular committees are on advance in al-Bayda and Marib provinces, the US troops have arrived in the Yafa county in Lahij province in the south of Yemen.


According to “alkhabaralyemeni” website, Yemeni army forces and popular committees have carried out large-scale operations against al-Qaeda terrorists in central al-Bayda province in recent weeks, and many terrorists have fled to Lahij province in the south, where US forces are stationed to support the survived al-Qaeda terrorists.

Two weeks ago, the US Pentagon announced a plan to form new armed groups in Yemen under the pretext of fighting terrorism, while Sanaa government forces launched a large-scale operation called Al-Nasr al-Mubin in al-Bayda province against ISIL al-Qaeda terrorists.

Meanwhile, the Yemeni news agency “” website also reported last week that some US troops who had left Afghanistan had arrived at Aden Airport in southern Yemen to depart from there to Lahij province.

The United States also transferred dozens of military vehicles, UAVs, Patriot air defense systems and field operations rooms to Al-Anad base on July 11th.

Also in this regard, according to local sources in Lahij province, Saudi Arabia has forced Emirati forces to leave the Al-Anad military base after the arrival of US troops.


David Lifschultz


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