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Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on August 9, 2021


Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

We are merely transmitting below material received from our correspondent in France who is close to the French Foreign Legion which parallels rumblings in the US Army which are hearing. But first we take note of two letters of warnings from the French military to the government that they will not tolerate the destruction of France by Rothschild-Macron similar to the warning written by the US military which we have covered before cited below in links. Ray Dalio, the head of the largest hedge fund in the world, has been predicting an American Revolution in article with link below. The eviction of six million homesteaders in the US is not helping to create stability though 80% of the evictions were just blocked by an emergency CDC directive.

‘Civil war is brewing’: In second letter, French soldiers accuse Macron of according ‘concessions to Islamism’

Here is the US letter from the retired generals and officers:

Foreign Policy | The Military Revolt Against Joe Biden


The Decline and Fall of the United States Empire | Operation Disclosure Official

Fall of America: Founder Of Largest Hedge Fund Says Full-Blown Civil War, Revolution May Be Coming

What you have in France is the fear that family heads may lose their jobs unless they take the highly dangerous if not lethal vaccinations. Now they face the starvation of their children if not concentration camps for themselves and their families. What this means is that come September when everyone returns from vacation there will be a life or death struggle or riots all over France far in excess of what we are seeing.  People will not be fighting for higher salaries as in a labor dispute but for the lives of themselves or families. This will become a life or death struggle for tens of millions of the French people. As in the 1930s, revolution could sweep many countries as Italy, Spain, etc. for similar reasons. Fascism started in Italy and then traveled to Germany and then to Spain. It grew out of similar internal disorders. Even the Petain government in France that was very popular was in a sense fascist though in a very Catholic form as Franco in Spain. Petain was supported originally even by the French Marxists allied to Russia as Petain was anti-capitalist and Christian as the Russian Stalinists were anti-capitalist (Stalin was a former Okhrana Agent who liquidated the Trotskyites. Stalin admired Henry Ford and implemented Ford’s economic and moral purity policies in Russia. When he died Russia was the most powerful nation in the world having been the first to detonate the hydrogen bomb.). The German Armies that marched into Paris sang songs of hatred of usury. Germany’s error was in invading their friend Russia which then damaged their allied French Government who were perceived to be backing Germany’s treachery against Russia losing France their Marxist support. Until the German invasion of Russia there was no French Resistance to speak of.

Growing Unrest in France

The Coronavirus as a Patented Bioweapon | Operation Disclosure Official

See footnote one for more details on the coronavirus above.

Here are comments from my European Correspondent:


Demonstrations again, like every Saturday, all over France yesterday 8-7 with increasing power. Police seem in retreat and desperate even in smaller towns like Toulouse. Public order is being pushed to the limit and this will find a culmination in the beginning of September when people go back to work. Truckers and farmers may shut down on all roads in the country as they have done before. Police, firemen, and hospital workers may go on an indefinite strike. The banlius may explode as no go zones always do on the first incentive to riot. In short France is a failed state in the heart of Europe. Nothing good will come of all of this except perhaps a Sixth Republic. At this point that may be the most likely outcome as presidential elections are 10 months away and this won’t hold up for another 10 months. France is moribund as a functional nation state. And with France the EU project will fail. And everyone will breath a big sigh of relief. The technocrats and their system of artificial ‘government’ are holding the people’s rights hostage in the name of a fake pandemic. The plot won’t work, because it is too cheap and too transparent. And once the water breaches the dam vicious reactionary forces will be released. Please read the following alternative media anonymous Comment Is Free (CiF) blog contribution from today which predicts what will happen and what will come next. Indeed that de Villiers may be the next man in the sixth republic if things keep spiraling out of control and that may be precisely what France needs to bring back stability. France in the end will always come full circle. A major collapse is nigh.

(quote sic)

Hi there, I was inside one of these manifestations. You have to understand that our crooked French Government sold out the French MSM (French: Mouvement Socialiste Militant) are losing control of the “pandemic” narrative. They smell desperate.

Actually they are doubling down, on a so called “tsunami” of Covid19 cases. The incoming 4th wave Covid bogeyman, relentless hysterical propaganda, towards these mRNA “vaccines” as the only solution. I will never took one of these “vaccines” and certainly will never take any of these PCR phony tests. Our French MSM and French Government are utterly discredited.

Each new week, the Saturday protests grow bigger and bigger. In my town there was very different people from a large social spectrum, all ages, even families with toddlers, protesting peacefully against this “Covidian” tyranny. Most people were not wearing any masks. There were rare placards, mentioning “Klaus Schwab” by name. And “Macron out!” and “liberty!” were the most used slogans.

Macron and all of our so called “democratic” institutions have lost any legitimacy and they know it quite well. We want them out, all of them, every politician out, flushed down to the toilet, along with our MSM. Still I am very careful for what we wish for. Our actual corrupted to the bones Government may switch into some kind of martial law. Our Elite Overlords might already have planned this as plan B.

“Pierre de Villiers”, former military general of the French Army, is likely to be put on the throne, if Macron is ejected. This man “de Villiers” is a NATO puppet and not a realistic alternative to the Macron’s tyranny. Both share the same “Elites Overlords” employers. De Villiers is just like Macron, a narcissistic careerist.

If a “coup d’état” happens in France, I will still will be very cautious as to what comes next. It will likely be just like the staged event as by the US deep state ordering the storming of the United States Capitol as 9-11, or some other staged event like a Reichstag fire. The deep stage event pushed over Dementia Biden as they were determined to oust Trump who was becoming uncontrollable . Both reported to the same number one in the deep state. You see were a similar event that will lead us into another political dead end/tyranny.

Macron’s recent push into utter totalitarianism is the “New World Order” script a la Huxley-Orwell that the Rothschild flunkey has been ordered to play his part in the show. He is just a puppet, a former Rothschild employee, with an entirely scripted political career. The Rothschild pervert as their faggot Churchill understands more and more people hate his guts, thanks to our French “NKVD” equivalent reports but he cannot do otherwise than follow the script. I detest this Rothschild minion but we must understand that they have a “new” fake leader as Pierre de Villiers waiting in the wings as their new hero to save France.

plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose


By the way, for the first time, the demonstrations were infiltrated by black blocks and other Marxists/Leftists to produce chaos, initiating violence with the French Police force. Their actions will justify violent Police behavior as a needed response. I clearly identified several ones of them; they clearly were working with the Police as a team. Useful idiots as always.

Soon, the next manifestations that occur will be very violent. This violence will be artificially initiated from within by these useful/Marxists/leftists idiots. Surely both our MSM/French Government will use these further violent acts as a propaganda tool to discredit peaceful people, who entirely reject this incoming Orwellian tyranny.

What then will happen? Will our French Foreign Legion march into Paris to save the nation? Will the regular army leaders join hands with the French Foreign Legion?  Will then the police authorities meeting with the generals to stand down then launch sweeping arrests of Macron and other traitors of France? As the French Revolution followed the American Revolution will the US military who have written their warnings as the French militaries move their forces into Washington, D. C. to save their nation after us this time around?

David Lifschultz


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