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Washington students protest against the abortion lobby

Here’s what happened to them:

” …..So, one year ago this week, our team attempted to paint “BLACK PREBORN LIVES MATTER” on the street outside of a Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Washington, D.C.

But we were “greeted” by a half-dozen cop cars and threatened with arrest if even so much as one drop of paint touch the street.

So instead, our team members started writing life-affirming messages on the public sidewalk in front of the Planned Parenthood IN CHALK (as others do daily at the same location).

Well, one of our team members along with a pro-life student leader were unjustly ARRESTED

Though these pro-lifers were eventually released from police custody and our federal lawsuit against the city was soon filed, the hearing date for the criminal arrest charges has been postponed multiple times.

And the federal lawsuit is still making its way through the court system.So, why am I still talking about this story after an entire year has passed?

Because justice still hasn’t been achieved.

Warner, a SFLA team member, and Erica, a Students for Life leader, are still waiting for their day in court to formally request their arrest on vandalism charges – for sidewalk chalking on a public sidewalk – be dropped.

And the city of Washington, D.C. continues to demand that our First Amendment federal lawsuit against them be thrown out


In March, we asked the Federal Judge in charge of our case to allow us to paint in front of Planned Parenthood again, but he denied our request saying that because pro-lifers aren’t violent and the Black Lives Matter protestors were, the city shouldn’t have to grant us permission to paint.

Let me repeat that:

A federal judge admitted that because pro-lifers are NOT violent, we don’t get the same free speech rights as rioters!

Students for Life won’t let this blatant injustice quell our mission to take down the abortion industry and abolish abortion….”

Pro-life students ARRESTED at DC Planned Parenthood!

Victory of the Light!

With love, Liberty


U.S. Military Holding White House for Trump’s Return

Great article! There is nothing more to add! Just a balm for the soul of patriots!

The man who calls himself president, Joseph R. Biden, has never set foot in the real White House, Real Raw News can now report. Immediately following the results of the 2020 presidential election, the U.S. military assumed provisional control of the White House amid concerns that Biden and his Deep State allies had indeed stolen the election.

On election night, as President Donald J. Trump’s commanding lead over Biden seemed to magically evaporate, the U.S. military was already investigating reports of collusion between the Biden campaign and the Chinese-sponsored hacking group Nakion, which is surreptitiously funded by the PLA. The shadowy cyberwarfare group has a history of interfering in foreign elections and is a principal player in the PLA’s cyberwar with Taiwan.

The military has evidence proving that the Biden campaign not only had knowledge of but also encouraged Nakion’s intrusion into Dominion voting machines. Dominion provided election equipment and software to 28 states, including battleground states where Trump’s imperious advantage shifted in favor of Biden during the wee hours of the morning.

While America slept, the military watched.

On November 4, at 5:00 a.m., Trump received a telephone call from Joint Chiefs of Staff member Marine Corps General David H. Berger, who revealed that Chinese saboteurs had penetrated Dominion voting machines in at least 6 states. Gen. Berger told Trump the military had failed to thwart the attack because “someone on the inside” fought its efforts to regain control of voting software. When Trump asked Berger to consult Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark A. Milley, Berger reportedly said, “Mr. President, I don’t think we can trust him. I suggest you immediately sign the Insurrection Act.”

The Insurrection Act of 1807, when enacted, supersedes the Posse Comitatus Act, the latter of which limits the powers of the federal government in the use of federal military personnel to enforce domestic policies within the United States.

Three days after the election, as fraudulent votes were still being tallied, Gen. Berger told Trump he’d do everything possible to prevent Biden’s installation as president. But on day 4 almost every media outlet, most of congress, and the liberal elite endorsed Biden as the victor.

Despite his illegitimate victory, Biden met an unwelcome surprise when he arrived at the White House on January 20. Instead of getting a ceremonial greeting, he and Kamala Harris were stopped by National Guard and U.S. Marines at the barbwire fence encircling the White House. The Marines informed them that the military had assumed control of the Executive Branch and instructed them to vacate the area. When Harris belligerently said, “Move aside, we’re president now, the Marines locked the gate.


Although most military supported Trump, Biden had his allies—the intelligence agencies, the Secret Service, and dissident elements of the U.S. Military, including a few high-ranking generals and admirals.

RRN heard but cannot confirm a report of a brief firefight that occurred after Kamala Harris had ordered the Secret Service to storm the White House. According to the report, two Secret Service agents were killed and one Marine seriously injured before Biden’s forces were repelled from the grounds.

To avoid shame and maintain an illusion of power, Biden’s people concocted a ruse, supported by his media allies, to deceive the American public into believing he had won a fair election and had moved into the White House on schedule.

Inside Actor/Producer Tyler Perry’s 300-acre Atlanta estate sits a three-story stucco replica of the commander-in-chief’s residence, which he originally built as a set piece for a television show. Perry, a Democrat who endorsed Biden and funneled millions of dollars into his campaign, allowed Biden to use the faux White House as an operating base. Although the replicant White House is built to 80% scale, on television and in images it’s indistinguishable from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Biden and Harris have been using the facsimile to feign leadership and impose despotic rule on the nation. It is from there that Biden’s criminal press secretary, Jen Psaki, delivers daily press briefings, and Biden hosts foreign dignitaries. Alas, the whole of the mainstream media, including Fox News, abides this fiction perpetrated on the American public.

Meanwhile, the real White House has been dark, guarded by our nation’s finest. Stalwart observers and even Trump’s allies have proven the White House is empty. In May, Trump ally and attorney Lin Wood penetrated the veil of secrecy by sneaking inside the White House to prove that neither Biden nor any member of the presidential staff dwelt within. Instead, Trump’s photographs still adorned the West Wing, and papers bearing his signature still sat on the Resolute Desk.

RRN has heard from sources both in the military and within Trump’s inner circle, all of whom claim the White House is being preserved for its proper occupant, Donald J. Trump, whose return to authority is imminent.


Victory of the Light!

With love, Liberty

Share anonymous information with the Corona Investigative Committee


Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is a consumer protection trial lawyer in Germany and California. He is one of four members of the German Corona Investigative Committee who are now working with an international network of lawyers who will argue this biggest tort case ever, the Corona Fraud Scandal, which has meanwhile unfolded into probably the greatest crime against humanity ever.

The Corona-Committee Foundation, which is now working with attorneys worldwide, was established by four lawyers in Germany: Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, Viviane Fischer, Dr. Justus Hoffmann and Antonia Fischer.

Main website for Corona Investigative Committee:

Corona Investigative Committee at Telegram:

Share anonymous information with the Corona Investigative Committee:

Victory of the Light!

With love, Liberty

The entrenched front of the crown makers is crumbling and dissolving


Video transcript of Dr. Rainer Fuelmich’s appeal

 “……The entrenched front of the crown makers is crumbling and dissolving. The strength of humanity is greater than the strength of those on the other side, nonhumans…..”

Victory of the Light!

With love, Liberty


Victory of the Light!

With love, Liberty



We have to survive the decisive battle – the FORCED ILLEGAL vaccination. In Germany, they already want to make tests and vaccines paid (or have they already done so?). Today we talked about it on the radio. They do not hesitate to say that in this way they want to stimulate vaccination (i.e. force). Tests are required in so many places. If the tests are paid, it will be expensive for many people! Also in Germany, they are preparing to vaccinate children from 12 to 17 years old.

*****It’s great that they announce their plans in advance! We can prepare for this! ******

I really hope we can stand this battle! I think the patriots can handle it!

My biggest concern is those we collectively call “sheep”. In fact, these “sheep” are just victims of physical and mental manipulations (implants, TV, and a lot of other nasty things!).

And also their Souls are young and fragile and their consciousness is paralyzed by fears!!! which psychos are very skillful at producing!

And also personal fears. E.g. fear of the truth. After all, when you find out the truth, you have to do something! And besides, it’s not easy to believe that the government wants to kill you! Or fears for their loved ones (many succumb to this trick – get vaccinated and protect your loved ones).

Or fear of change! In such chaos, it is very difficult to imagine a bright future!

Fear of losing your job, fear of dying from covid, etc. Or people are just used to being law-abiding and trusting the government. We have been trained for millennia to be like that! If you look at the statistics on vaccines – the highest vaccination figures are in the trained countries, in the so-called “civilization”. In “poor” countries, people do not expect anything good from the government, so they quickly believe in the “conspiracy theory” and vaccinations are unsuccessful.

The Dark Ones have spread their webs everywhere! And people who have these fears are like little children who are afraid of the dark. Only they are no longer small children, so they hide their fears with stupid arguments in favor of their opinion, or even react aggressively.


In fact, these cowardly “sheep” are Light Souls who simply do not have enough strength to break through the thick of mud! Therefore, I propose to rename the “sheep” for example, “sleeping fireflies”))) We need to help them survive this battle! At the very least, not to condemn, but to send them love from our heart. This is very difficult! The task is not for weak nerves))))

Of course, there are other “sheep” – these are representatives of other civilizations embodied in a human body (For example, reptilians). These are the servants of the dark ones. They are born with ready-made programs and strictly follow instructions. They have no opinion! Or half-breeds (when a human soul and a reptilian soul lives in the body). It is to these groups that genocide propagandists or inhuman policemen belong. The dark ones also strengthened their army with “sheep” -clones.

But that’s another story)))


God bless us!

Bless our holy struggle!

Give us patience, strength and wisdom!

Fill our hearts with Love and Light!

Victory of the Light!

I am!


Victory of the Light!

With love, Liberty


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