(Reader: timjoebob) The Real Pandemic is Stupidity


Reader Post | By timjoebob

The only pandemic that exists is stupidity…incomprehensible, unfathomable, mind bending stupidity on a scale of immeasurable magnitudes that is impossible to scale.

It doesn’t matter how many real, authentic, respectable, highly ethical doctors come forward to warn people about the jab, sheeple are still lining up for the death shot even AFTER the CDC releases info on the dangers of the jab while at the SAME TIME continues to push the very same jab…AND they also admit the PCR test swabs are bunk…BUT, still want them to be used until the end of the year.

There’s no test for the so-called variant, either. They’re hoping you won’t ask to see the lab results proving a variant exists.

There’s no proof CV-19 exists either because no one has proven to have isolated it.
No one.

If that’s not stupidity, then 2+2 = 5. Oh, wait, and MSM is the last bastion of truth.

From my neck of the woods, the obvious is so unnerving that if I could just leave this psycho planet, weather by immediate death or translocation to another benevolent world of intelligent beings of love and light, it wouldn’t be fast enough. I literally would not look back with melancholy or longing or anything that ego would like to instill.

I’m pushed to the limit and beyond my forgiveness lessons. I do my best but fail miserably. When bearing witness to such mind-numbing stupidity and deliberate ignorance I attempt to seek help from the Higher Source to ease the deep pain inflicted by the seeming insidious illusionary nightmare dream.


None of this could be real because nothing in true reality could be sooooo stupid, corrupt and pure evil. What our so-called brothers and sisters appear to be doing to me, you, and everyone and everything is pure unbridled madness.

But, it’s business as usual.

To say today is a challenge is like saying if I put my hands in fire I might experience warmth.

The medical Commi-Fascist-Nazis with needles are gearing up to jab the world…everyone.

Personally, I’ll take a bullet to the head and die on my own terms than give one inch to the Darkside.

They’ll have to kill me because if they come at me with the jab it WILL be a fight to the death and I WILL take one of them with me because I will not die alone. Illusion or not, I mean business just like them. I will not back down. I stand firm in my conviction that I have the right to defend myself from someone trying to kill me. Period.

That’s how I roll.

…..And, now, for sports…yada yada yada.


Oh, and I forgive it all as best I can without hating.

It’s all in my head. The Universe is in my head. My mind is projecting it all.

So, what’s the problem?

No problem…just needed to vent something stupid.

Man, what a strange non-existant sensation I’m having.

Good luck everyone,



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