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Submitted on July 19, 2021

Patience Padawan

Do you have patience?  In one of the updates here on Operation Disclosure last week, Judy Byington ended with a farewell note of sorts (farewell for the 90 day duration, in case her NDA was activated).  She ended this post by making the statement that “Patience is a Virtue”.

That sounds like pretty sound advice to me.  Yet, it is so very much more than sound advice.  For, the exercise of patience is a fantastic tool to deflect the constant bombardment of news that generates fear and hopelessness in the sleeping populace.  More importantly, it that exercise of patience that will actually speed up our ascension to 5D.

In my recent online research, I have heard from a great many stating they are tired of waiting for the return of the Maestro and the mass arrests.  Dwelling too much on the Geopolitical news (actually a movie scripted by the White Hat Earth Alliance, herein referred to as WH, if you’re paying attention.) leads to frustration and angst.  These are negative emotions.

So, on the one hand, you have the WH attempting to wake up enough people to bring a permanent end to the DS Cabal, while on the other hand we have some awakened folks ready to give up.  This is the point where I say to you to have patience, Padawan.  

After MILLENNIA of enslavement by the Archons and their dark minions, we are a mere DAYS away from ending the slavery, and less than a year away from our 4D ascension.  More on this later…




In my last article, “NOW Is The Time For WE THE PEOPLE To Trigger Our Ascension”,
I outlined how to use Prayer and Meditation to assist each of us in preparing for and manifesting the ascension process.

Now, at this point, and especially if you had the patience to reread my previous article(s), you are probably wondering where does patience fit into all this?  And, you may be wondering, why all the urgency in understanding the WHY?

In a nutshell, patience speeds up the path to our ascension, and time is short, damned short.  And, the following explanation of this statement may well be the most important words that I have ever written.  So, if you choose to stay on this speeding train, listen close:

It is all in the perspective, you see.  The Maestro and WH team are trying awaken the human populace and get us to take action, after all.

First, the common, yet negative perspective.   I want to see mass arrests and these demons executed for their crimes.  Or, I need to jump into the political fray, and take over at some level.   Or, I need to get my gun, and go help the WH alliance.  I can hardly stand the wait for the election to be overturned, and my POTUS returned to the White House, triggering the release of Med Beds and other hidden technologies.

Now, the much less common positive perspective.  There have been a great many people taken off this planet due to their crimes against humanity.  Even though I can forgive these people since we are ALL children of God (Source), and Source gave all of us free will, it was necessary to remove all that negativity blocking our ascension.

Rather than fret over the world political news, I will devote my energy to Meditation and Prayer.  I will share the unconditional Love and white light of Source, for that is the gift that truly keeps on giving.  No matter how much love you give away, you are always left with more than you started with.




The constitution guarantees the right to bear arms.  I will definitely exercise that right.  Then I will meditate and pray and then manifest in my little corner of the universe a reality where I never need to use my gun.  This is possible to do, even in 3D, and a piece of cake in the higher densities.

I have stopped watching all MSM news until we have manifested a new system where we can count on truth being told.  Even though I get a lot of laughs from the Movie scripted by the WH team, I now know from my newly acquired intuitive skills, that this is cover with the dual purpose of awakening the remainder of humanity as well as hiding the mop up of the banksters and the rest of the slavery controls.

I have become very patient because my intuition tells me that our stay in 4D will be expedited by friends in high places and in 5D Med Beds should not be needed, since we should be able to heal ourselves with a simple thought.  

I added the little marker, above, as I was unsure if all the biographical information I used in the example might blur the boundary…

Now, I consider both perspectives to be patriotic.  Neither perspective supports the Cabal.  With that in mind, a somewhat rhetorical question; which perspective do you consider more in line with Source’s (God’s) plan?

The most important points, in my opinion, are these:  The second, positive, perspective is based upon 5D/Upper 4D thoughts and matrix constructs, while the first, negative perspective is based upon 3D, and that matrix is crumbling on Gaia.  Those who choose to remain in 3D will next incarnate on another planet.  I believe that choice to be the real reason why the WH team has chosen to force everyone to make a choice.

It was necessary for the Maestro and the brave volunteers in the US Military, and many of their Global counterparts, to remove the obstacles to our ascension.  Otherwise, Gaia and her people would not have even been able to begin this ascension process.  Now, that process is so far along that nothing can stop it.

That leaves us with a choice to make.  Do we choose to remain on the 3D path, which could mean another 26,000 year incarnation cycle, if we are really stubborn?  Or do we opt for the higher path which carries with it an end to slavery and suffering, along with an age of health and prosperity?  As for me, I’ll take the path off the Positive perspective.

But wait, what about my bold statement about time being short?  That is due to a combination of a change in how we perceive time in 4D exacerbating the fact that time really is almost up on the 3D matrix.

Linear time does not change from 3D to 4D, but our PERCEPTION of time changes dramatically.  As time is perceived in 4D, a 24 hour day appears to pass by in just over 14 hours.  During our slow ascension process, our perception had come down to 16 hours several months ago.  




Over the past 6 months, we have now almost completed the transition.  How many of you have noticed this change in perception?

My information on time perception comes from the Pleiades 1 Messages on  Updates are provided daily, and at the bottom of each update, you will find a link to the glossary.  Entries are listed alphabetically.  Look for the “Protocol Destempo” entry.  It is a short, yet, very complete explanation of how linear time is perceived.  

In higher densities, linear time ceases to exist.  Everything there is always in the here and now.  The 4D is a transition zone where our consciousness can adjust to the NOW concept.  Remember that the correct response to Ben Rich’s question was “All points in time and space are connected”.

Oh, did I mention that time really is almost up on the 3D matrix?  Dr Georgi Stankov of top intel on that one today.  Each article on the home page is usually posted in English, German, and Italian.  In the article entitled “The White Brotherhood and Hilarion Announce My Ascension Within the Next Two Weeks” of July 14, there is a link to a channeled message by PAT member Rosemary from Australia, containing the Title information.  

This channeled message actually contained hard dates of July 14 to July 28, 2021 for Dr. Stankov’s ascension.  This was confirmed by both the White Brotherhood and Hilarion.  Previously a channeled message from Pallas Athena had termed it as imminent, without a specific date.  Dr. Stankov posted two other relevant articles, July 12 and July 16. 

This information, along with an increasing tone of urgency in all the information on Disclosure News Italy, are what tells me that time is VERY short.  Since I just completed another all-niter, I think I’ll wait for my next article to expand on this topic.  However, I will say that I expect that the rest off us will make the transition pretty soon after Dr. Stankov. 

So, Everyone, if you are so moved, please join me in exercising patience, stop obsessing over news reports, do our inner work to follow Gaia in her path right into a wonderful 5D reality.  Remember, share your love UNCONDITIONALLY.  If someone who needs help, offer it.  If someone asks for help, give it if it is within your power to do so.

Love and Light



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