Telegram Update on Flooding in Germany from Thomas Anderson


Operation Disclosure | By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on July 21, 2021

Dear Readers

I got a very interesting update on telegram, which I wanted to share with you.

I didn’t write it myself, so , dear unknown author: please update more if you read this!

Glad you’re surviving, hang in thereThe Germany flooding… I could write the longest post I’ve ever made… I have even thought about making the longest post for the English-speaking community, for the global community of humanity to understand… There is so much going on…

🔸Thousands have died.

🔸The farmers of Germany came to the rescue.


🔸Politicians have done f*ck all.

🔸The fire brigades who came from all over West Germany were pulled out and not allowed to help.

🔸Same goes for the THW (technical help services) who normally deal with these catastrophes

🔸The police are enforcing masks and doing f*ck all (enemy of the people)

🔸The deep state Merkel cronies are enemies of the people and Germans are waking up

🔸On Thursday health secretary transferred 260 million to the World Health Organisation while the farmers, building companies, landscape companies are paying out of their own pockets for diesel, repairs, equipment

🔸The devastation is in the truest sense of the word unbelievable


🔸Some Bundeswehr military moved in and brought some diesel and helped, however…

🔸ALL EXPECTED parties (local government, army, police, fire brigades etc) were given orders to stand down. It’s unbelievable.

🔸THE PEOPLE from all over Germany have been collecting donations nationwide in warehouses to then be sent there. The police have turned people away from warehouses “too full”, it’s unbelievable.

🔸There is a MASSIVE campaign to stop help arriving, sabotage, etc. The media have also been in it (“Don’t go to help on your own, leave it up to the officials”)

🔸Builders have been repairing access roads together with the farmers, the Middle class that runs this f*cking country are paying out of their OWN POCKETS to help

🔸Merkel and politics are just blaming it on climate change

🔸Politicians are blaming THE PEOPLE “for getting in the way of the official disaster relief forces” (who ARE NOT HELPING)

🔸There is a MASSIVE atomic bunker underground D. U. M. B. which seems to be the main deep state trafficking and weapon hub which got flooded, its in Marienthal.

🔸Private pilots have been forbidden to fly sub 5000 feet in a 100km radius

🔸No psychological help for farmers and helpers who are digging up dead people


🔸Dead bodies hanging from trees

🔸Days without running water, no sanitary equipment provided

🔸Literally NO OFFICIAL coordination, only THE PEOPLE

🔸Yesterday, 120 German Feldjäger (NAVY seal types, the baddest of our forces, have superceded all chains of command and gone in to investigate and help because they saw farmers Telegram video evidence – Feldjäger are MILITARY Police, there is more happening that we don’t know)

🔸ONE German said in his cellar (I’m getting goosebumps typing it), he saw demonic creatures trapped in the water and then sinking and he fled

🔸Undertakers have been having to sign written NDAs to Bury “any type of bodies”

🔸The weather and disaster institutions warned government on Monday about impending catastrophic flooding, NOBODY relayed the messages, WILLFUL neglect, mass murder, hundreds died

The Nazi Government, Merkel and her cronies have been shown for what they are. The humanity shown by the German people is from the heavens.

I could write SO MUCH MORE. It is unfathomable. It is truly biblical and it will have far-reaching consequences.

I could write more about satanic rituals, Tunnel structures from Rome all the way along the Rhine River to Rotterdam… There is so much to tell….



the flood seems to have an artificial background.

there is a massive underground base in that area which seems to have been flooded.

military police took over.

all fits in well in a military action to take out this D.U.M.B.

from other source we know that there was no warning for the people.

unfortunately it seems that in a case of a military action this is an absolute MUST because a warning for the people would have been also a warning for this underground base.

I guess they would have been able to “close the doors” quite literally and be safe and now instead of this were flooded.

we know that in parts of this area there are rivers which are normally around 50-100cm deep, so, kind of small and peaceful.

these rivers came up to a level of 10meters!


there were streets and highways covered by more than 12meters of water, coming in in just a few seconds, trapping people driving in their cars by 100km/h directly on the road, pushing fully loaded trucks like toys over each other.

so for sure this was an event of massive power without warning, definitely killing a lot of people and making a lot of people homeless – but perhaps also switching off a major cabal site in Europe.

will we know for sure in future?

no idea.


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