(Reader: timjoebob) A Kitten on a Clothesline


Reader Post | By timjoebob

Have you ever heard the saying, “I’m hanging in there like a kitten on a clothesline”?

Well, I’m telling you, everyone, everywhere, including the entire Universe, that, just in case you haven’t been keeping up on current events, planet Psycho (Earth) ‘IS’ that kitten hanging on so precariously to the clothesline.

Every conceivable senario has been covered very well by the ego…you know, the ‘real’ controller of the subconscious mind.
We have to make a conscious effort to think critically on all fronts of this war of good vs evil. The ego is hell-bent on tripping you up every step you take if your motive is to expose the lies, deception, and evil of our so-called brothers and sisters in this farce reality.

Now, I could go on and write a short novel about the ‘obvious’ trials and tribulations of being on planet Psycho Earth but there are countless others who have already done so, so that would be pointless.

However, I felt compelled to, at the very least, tell people that what they might be sensing or feeling is the fear of clinging onto that clothesline for however long until they can’t…all without a safety net. At least a kitten has a human there to help it off the line, hopefully. The only thing we humans have is each other and a dulled memory of God, generally thinking.

“Please, God, save us!”…the masses scream.

I hate to be the bearer of such misfortune, but we have to save ourselves. God isn’t in this nightmarish hell that we’re dreaming. God is on the outside of the dream looking in and trying to wake us from our slumber by using the Holy Spirit to communicate with us. When we attack anyone, we’re apparently attacking ourselves because there’s only One being…One entity, and that is us as being a splintered mind and seeing all the separation of things. If we’re all One, then there are no others, otherwise the separation remains real and forgiveness is harder to implement. Even so, I do believe forgiveness of all things is the only way to wake up from the nightmare and I work on it 24/7/365.

One last thing and then I’m done.

Please, sheeple people, stop posting things like the Alliance is in full control when I’m still seeing chemtrails plastered across the skies, MSM in full swing, WHO, CDC, CCP still wielding power, and a Communist president of USA of all places (as I puke my guts), etc etc etc etc etc.

My bellwether is this: when I no longer see chemtrails, MSM not allowed to report, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and others stop censoring, Google and other tech giants brought to heel and a legal President in office, Big Pharma taken down, Gates, Fauci, Soros taken down, the DOJ, FBI, CIA dismantled, Supreme Court and Maritime Law destroyed and replaced with honest entities, new healing technology brought out in the open worldwide, new energy technology brought out for the human race, the truth about the scamdemic and vaxing out in the open as common knowledge, military leaders on the side of we the people, law enforcement on the side of we the people, local, state, and federal government officials implementing freedom, liberty, and true justice for all people, order followers and their evil tyrant overlords arrested, etc etc etc. ….

When I can believe it first and then expect it to be, only then, will I believe. I’m still working on it.

Until then, the world is like that little kitten hanging on the clothesline.

Love and light to all,



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