When the Crown Comes Tumbling Down


Operation Disclosure | By B. Patrick Thomas, Contributing Writer

Submitted on July 20, 2021

When the Crown Comes Tumbling Down 

Before exploring the main theme of this story. The rationale behind the government’s newest BS story, the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” is comparable, in essence, to a sanitization of nothingness. If The vaccination works, then why worry about the free–choice people who do not believe that the shot is safe. Comparatively, in my counter tolerant illusion, an AOC type politician is crying on stage about a contrived over-population disaster, that will end the world in 12 years. Believing this mockingbird propaganda, every woman in America submits to a tubal ligation (tubes tied) of their fallopian tubes. End of the problem. Right? Not surprisingly, you just know the politicians would howl, ‘hell no.” They will lyingly moralize with new scientific gibberish, that men are the new reproductive enemies of the state. Therefore, they mandate that every man must have a vasectomy. They always want more and even more than that! When does common sense finally win, and we wake up, and stop these delusional political control freaks? Not one bit of logical thinking goes into any demands by these government shit-kickers. We-the-people must stand our ground in this new war on the unvaccinated (un-vasectated!). We must combat their desires of turning us all into eunuchs – which is their ultimate plan! First the vasectomy, and then the…OWWWW! 

If you have read my writings before, then you know that I live by the notion that these cabal members, for whatever reason, have a puzzling need to promote beforehand their criminal actions through Hollywood and the music industry. For instance, Emerson, Lake & Palmer’s 1973 song, “Karn Evil #9” was an arrogant salutation to their evil. 

Lately, I believe that the good guys are using a reverse PSYOP through the movie industry and our music. The Styx 2021 album titled “Crash Of The Crown” is (IMHO) filled with messages of our coming battle and ultimate victory. The whole album is about war and standing up against tyranny. Not surprisingly, the first crown that will crash is Queen Elizabeth’s in England.  

The first of these coincidences in this album is in the lyrics from the song “Lost At Sea”: 

“I had a dream about the ocean 


I was somewhere lost at sea 

When I heard somebody calling  

Come to me 

I assumed it must be Neptune 

luring me into the deep…..” 

Nearly everyone has heard about the picture of Neptune’s face materializing in a wave. 


A bit of reverse mockingbird PSYOP FOR the patriots this time? I hope so, and perhaps Neptune is a Pied Piper, ready to drown the swamp creatures who mocked “Q”. They will finally understand what “watch the water” really means! LOL 

This is the webpage to all the new songs included in the 2021 Styx album 

The next song on the Album is “Hold Back the Darkness”. 

“People back home, wondering how have you been
It’s been 29 days, have you gone out and made any friends?
Do you need any money, is there anything else we can send?
Please tell us you’ve stayed away from the darkness again

I wonder if you’ve ever known how it feels to be free
Well, one thing’s for sure, you don’t know what it’s like to be me
I’m trying to break free from these chains, won’t you give me a break?
Now, you just got to give me a chance to make my own mistakes” 

On Alex Jones’ website on 7.16.21 was a picture of an advertisement from #InItTogether (England) already propagandizing the next wave of lockdowns. They wrote about this non-disease: 

“Don’t risk it 

The new strain of Coronavirus is easier to catch and easier to pass on 

  • STAY HOME ! 

What a bunch of BS! These liars act as though the fake-virus raged and the bodies stank. I have yet to see any burial mounds from this great killer flu! Meanwhile, we hold the line, while these stooges initiate another round of isolation. So now, in their little minds, I, a citizen have a choice to make. Either get the vasect… – correction – vaccination or choose isolation. I wonder, would Job the biblical pillar of patience rashly and rudely roar reprisals at these bullies? Probably not; but, what about us? Regrettably, the only antidote to this overwhelming impatience erupting inside of me is picturing our oppressors answering for their crimes. After that comes the positivity, and I envision living in a condo, walking on Miami Beach, instead of the freezing winds feeding my arthritic pain, in Philly, next winter. 

Next song is “Reveries”: 


“Here I’m running with the elephants
Gathering the evidence of my life
Here I’m thinking I’m a rarity
Craving popularity
Just slow down

Love me, love me like you know me well
Believe the stories I can tell about me
Help me, help me build my MONUMENT
Don’t worry where the money went

“Trust me” is a phrase that my Dad advised me is a forewarning of a liar. He said “run in the opposite direction!”  

Potus Joey is not running with the elephants, but with the duplicitous RINOs instead. Say it ain’t so Joe, where did our money go? Joey say: “C’mon man, don’t worry about the money, lies and misappropriations are a part of my game.” Ask Joey about Hunter, he say: “absolutely he is a great artist, trust me man!” My question is, what is the ratio of misappropriated funds required for Hunter to sell a $500,000 painting? 10-1, 50-1, 100-1?  

Need I say more, Joey’s MONUMENT to a new America was struck by lightning this past week! Hey, Joey’s in luck, his son is a blossoming painter. Hurry, send him to Toledo to repaint the George Floyd mural before there are riots. Don’t worry about the money, this is a national emergency. I am sure Hunter will work for as little as $10,000 an hour to keep the peace. Of course, the project will have many cost excesses. You know, like $300 paint brushes and $1500 a gallon ECO friendly paint. 

Moving onto the other side of the pond, why would a Godly person erect a statue of a person who decapitated William Livingstone and placed his head on a pike in front of his children. Thoughtfully, a progressive might classify this as child abuse. However, I am sure that London mayor khan would call me a racist when cornered on this fact. I would counter, logic dictates that this mayor is not very Godly. After all, he is the racist who proudly proclaimed that this MONUMENT to racial equity, “reflects London’s achievements and diversity.” What has London accomplished lately? Only misery! 

This was posted on INFOWARS (7.17.21). “In a video from May 2020.…in the wake of the White House’s campaign against online misinformation, (prime minister Jacinta) Ardern tells New Zealanders to ‘TRUST’ the government as they will be the sole arbiters of truthful information.” In my head, I can hear my Dad yelling, “run son run!” 

The next song is titled “A Monster”. 

“People grow taller, the planet gets smaller each day
Endless opinions, too many with so much to say

Here’s to the know-it-alls who have all the answers
Here’s to the amateurs missing their CUES
Here’s to the land that served our ancestors
Cheers to the ones with their own points of view

Welcome my friends
The fun never ends
A Monster chasing its tail
Where do we belong?
Where do we call home? 

We’ll find the peace from within
We are not alone

Kings in their castles look down
At the people below
They’re so disconnected
How will he ever know?

Here’s to the prisoners trapped in their cages
Led to believe there’s everything to lose
Still they hold the keys to their future
Everything changes when you get to choose

Welcome my friends
The fun never ends
A Monster chasing its tail

What goes around will come around
A Monster chasing its…” 

When Styx sings, “Welcome my friends, The fun never ends,” it reminds me of the Intel providers recommending that we get a grip on our popcorn and enjoy the show. Following that logic, I wonder if Styx was thinking of Emerson, Lake & Palmer’s song “Karn Evil #9 – pt.2. Karn is a code word for carnival, so I say it was an evil carnival bragged about by the cabal through this song. These are the lyrics:


“Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends
We’re so glad you could attend, come inside, come inside
There behind a glass stands a real blade of grass
Be careful as you pass, move along, move along

Come inside, the show’s about to start
Guaranteed to blow your head apart
Rest assured you’ll get your money’s worth
Greatest show in Heaven, Hell or Earth
You’ve got to see the show, it’s a dynamo
You’ve got to see the show, it’s rock and roll, oh

Right before your eyes we pull laughter from the skies
And he laughs until he cries, then he dies, then he dies…

….Soon the Gypsy Queen in a glaze of vaseline
Will perform on guillotine, what a scene, what a scene.” 

Styx critiques the monster chasing it’s tail, which can mean taking measures that are (intentionally?) incompetent. Thus, I wonder if they mean that the Kings who hate us normal people, intentionally foul up any productive projects of their self-proclaimed progressive nirvana. Knowing that after enough failures, their true motive is exposed, that of installing a socialist state.  

Repulsively, I feel that a better description of chasing tail, means always pursuing sexual pleasure. Whether their advances are accepted or not, does not matter to these Phanatics! As Styx states, the Kings of this world look down from their Castles and do not care about the prisoners trapped in their cages. And in an even more disturbing picture of the terminology of chasing tail. Are these pedo-enthusiasts chasing young children in the Dark Forest? Little darlings running to save their lives! Finally, of course, the “gypsy queen with a guillotine” must be HRC. Deplorably for her, Styx predicted, “what goes around will come around,” Amen! 

The next direction of this analysis is the Emerson, Lake and Palmer song titled: “Karn Evil 9 – Pt.1” which speaks for itself: 

“Cold and misty morning, I heard a warning borne in the air
About an age of power where no one had an hour to spare,
Where the seeds have withered, silent children shivered, in the cold
Now their faces captured in the lenses of the jackals for gold.

I’ll be there – I’ll be there – I will be there.

Suffering in silence, they’ve all been betrayed.
They hurt them and they beat them, in a terrible way.
Praying for survival at the end of the day.
There is no compassion for those who stay.

I’ll be there – I’ll be there – I will be there.

There must be someone who can set them free:
To take their sorrow from this odyssey
To help the helpless and the refugee
To protect what’s left of humanity.

Can’t you see – Can’t you see – Can’t you see

I’ll be there – I’ll be there – I will be there.

To heal their sorrow
To beg and borrow
Fight tomorrow.

Step inside! Hello! We’ve a most amazing show
You’ll enjoy it all we know
Step inside! Step inside!

We’ve got thrills and shocks, supersonic fighting cocks.
Leave your hammers at the box
Come inside! Come inside!….

….Left behind the bars, rows of Bishops’ heads in jars
And a bomb inside a car
Spectacular! Spectacular!….

….And not content with that,
With our hands behind our backs,
We pull Jesus from a hat,
Get into that! Get into that!”

It is scary, how accurate this 1973 song was concerning the future. The world that we live in now. No one then, could possibly imagine the level of persecution of Jesus’s Churches, being burnt to the ground. It was unimaginable. But here we are, could a potential mass murder of His earthly servants, up to and including the Bishops be possible?  

“I’ll be there” was a song sung by Michael Jackson. A rumored sufferer of child abuse at the hands of the cabal. Is it any coincidence that Michael was one of the people rumored to have been saved from the cabal and is about to make a grand re-appearance? 


Our next problem is, can we find a “Common Ground”? I mean, between the CCP-virus, the attempted racial hatred revival, and all of this pedophilia. Can we-the-people not find a mutual reason to fight these monsters? 

Styx’s “Common Ground” lyrics: 

“It was just a fleeting moment, on a long lost night
We both were so determined that our way was right
Now the days of our confusion have no end in sight
Can we ever find our way back
From that long lost night?

Once, we all believed
When we were young
That our dreams could rise
Were those all lies?
But it’s just so hard to see
Through each other’s eyes

It was just a fleeting moment, did our dreams take flight?
Can we ever find our way back
From the long lost night?

It was just a fleeting moment, on a long lost night
We both were so determined that our way was right
Now the days of our confusion have no end in sight
Can we ever find our way back
From that long long long lost night? 

When we get together on common ground
Then no one will ever come and take us down
When we get together
On common ground
Then no one will ever
Come and take us down

When we get together
On common ground” 

Once upon a time, we were young and believed that our aspirations were not unreal. But then again, through the subordination of/in our educational system, all our dreams are overshadowed by their self-righteous façades. They have stolen so many innocent childhoods by their irrational foolishness, such as teaching our children their perversions, and ancient racial angers.  

Children, if left alone will play without thought of race, gender, and sexual orientation. Truthfully, why would pre-pubescent children even worry about sex – were they taught that at home? What is so wrong with children laughing – is that a liberal sin? Moreover, why do parents concede youthful innocence so easily to these sick demented minds? Most of these parents would practically kill someone if they caught them “keying” their car. But would “go along to get along” while their kids are psychologically molested by these hedonists! There really is a disconnect with common sense. 

Anyway, my only consolation is that we will be simply fine when the cruel administrators leave. After all, once again I say, once upon a time, before these great cabalistic teachers trained the children on divisiveness. Us uneducated Americans and British created (nearly) every invention in this world.  

The next song is Styx’s “Long Live the King”. Is the first stanza fingering Julian Assange’s captivity? 

“Locked in the tower of the castle wall, there’s a stranger
Waiting for his day
And things that he’d say
To bring down the old one

High above the ranks of greed and confusion
Almost half asleep, in the belly of the beast
Awaits a Monster

The King is dead
And the world is set on fire
And we all scream, Long live the King
Long live the King
Long live the King

There’s an army of a million men at the gate
Looking for a war to wage
Like an actor with no stage
Or someone to feed them

There is no beginning and there is no end
All just take the seat
Stuck there on repeat
And they’ll do it again and again and again and again
I said…

The King is dead
And the world is set on fire
And we all scream, Long live the King…” 

We know that the Queen of England is half of this worldly crown. Who is the King, the Rothschilds? 


There is an army of a million men at the gate, is this the number of BLM and Antifa members? Looking for a war to wage? They better behave, because in the USA there are 30 million ex-soldiers, who are militia-members being told to stand down. Meanwhile, they are soon to pick up more members as the military resignations are mounting because of the new war on white Christian men and a mandatory v-shot policy. When this Kracken is released, the stage is set for a bloodbath. Oh, I pray for these young progressives; because their college professors – who are also fellow BLMers – did not prepare them for an organized counterattack. Word Of Warning to these young rioters, meeting the militia will not be the same as roughing up senior citizens!

Styx coaches us that the time for talk has passed in, “Sound The Alarm”: 

“Sound the alarm
Let the world around you know
The time has come for us to go
Is it too late to make amends? 

Sound the alarm
Look at all that we’ve been through
And all the things we meant to do
But the time just flew by

Sound the alarm
Take shelter with the ones you love
Maybe someday we can rise above
And all be safe from harm

There’s no future in the way it was
We may never know just what it was
But if tomorrow brings a better day
Sound the alarm
It’s all clear!
Darkness is falling
A new way is calling
Hope is alive and
We have survived again

There’s no future in the way it was
We may never know just what it was
But when tomorrow brings a better day” 

After the alarm is sounded, we must “Save Us from Ourselves”. I love this song and placed it amongst the top songs on my playlist. Winston Churchill starts the song with his narration: 

Winston Churchill speaking:
“‘The new world, with all its power and might
Steps forth to the rescue and liberation of the old…’

It was the same day in another time
I felt your pain and you felt mine
And all that we tried and all of our tricks
Still couldn’t help what couldn’t be fixed
Who’s gonna save us from ourselves this time?

One nation, indivisible, heads in the sand ’cause we weren’t invisible
Say your prayers, we could all use a miracle now
To save us from ourselves

Demonstrations, appropriations, more frustrations, tugging at your sleeve
Peace and love still has the power, don’t wait until your final hour to believe
I said, with all that we’ve tried and all of our tricks
Still could not help what couldn’t be fixed
Can anyone save us from ourselves this time?
And the truth is…

One nation, indivisible, heads in the sand ’cause we weren’t invisible
Say your prayers, we could all use a miracle now
To save us from ourselves” 

Winston Churchill speaking again:
‘We shall fight in the fields, and in the streets…
We shall never surrender!’ 

Save us from ourselves” 

Winston’s speech was played at the end of the blockbuster movie “Dunkirk.” The inclusion of Churchill with the American reference of “one nation indivisible, heads in the sand” is not an accident. In the pre-WWII era, Churchill was shouted down in Parliament when he pointed to the barbarity of the Nazis. He did not care what the careless politicians thought of him. For Winston knew that he was right, and that is all that mattered (to him). After reversing the reckless direction of Chamberlain’s head in the sand strategies, he unified Great Britain and defeated the Nazis. Can you believe that he was voted out of office after the war?  Anyway, three short years later, Churchill was alone again in his trumpeting Stalin’s iron curtain. In short, this song is paralleling Churchill’s demeanor and actions to POETUS Trump. No, that was not a typing error! DJT is our President-Elect. Moreover, Trump is not shy pointing out the failures in America’s domestic and foreign policies, just like Churchill. 

The relationship mentioned above, is also of the ancient bloodline of Joseph. During Ephraims darkest hour, the British Empire fought the might of the Japanese Empire and the Nazis all by itself! That is until his brother Manasseh (the US) came to his aid. This never-ending ancient war of the Israelites goes back to their captivity in Egypt. In effect, I am countering Ben Fulford’s claim that the ancient battle of the Romans fighting the Egyptians and Babylonians is the center point of our freedom. It is in fact, the Israelites (including France – viva les Deplorables) fighting God’s war here on earth. Ultimately, the fate of the whole world rests on America winning its battle with the deep state. 


So it was written, Jacob gave his blessings to the sons of Israel. “And of Joseph he said: Blessed by the Lord be his land, with the choice gifts of heaven above… …Let these come on the head of Joseph, on the brow of the prince among his brothers. A firstborn bull—majesty is his! His horns are the horns of a wild ox; with them he gores the peoples, driving them to the ends of the earth; such are the myriads of Ephraim, such the thousands of Manasseh (Deuteronomy 33: 13,16-17).” 

God saved the Israelites from Pharoah back then, and apparently, He will save us again from the (P) ancient Pharoah bloodlines of the Octogon Group. However, today we see the “golden calf” crew, otherwise known as socialists tempting the Lord with their religious persecutions. Thus, Styx instructs us to “save OURselves”, meaning not just US-selves, but also our ancient brothers and sisters who should be with us in the battle against Satan. Confidently, I believe that POTUS much like Churchill, will be the great unifier! 

   Save us from ourselves could also mean – according to Sorcha Faal (7.18.21) – that the leaders in The United Kingdom believe that the world should be subservient to the United States. These sources hope that this will be accomplished by force. However, these bloodthirsty warmongers are not the Israelites, but in fact, are from the socialist Synagogue of Satan. Going off into dreamland again, I envision a movie 50 years from now about the greatest story ever told, America’s second revolution. I see Donald Trump narrating the victorious movie conclusion. In his best speech voice, I hear him saying, “America was founded on liberty and independence – not government coercion, domination, and control. We are born free, and we will stay free… America will never be a socialist country.” 

The stage that we patriots are in right now is represented in this Styx narrative, “The Fight Of Our Lives”. It sort of has a Churchillesque “we will fight them on the beach” spirit about it: 

“The Fight Of Our Lives” 

“We will not give in
The game is ours to win
And we came here to take our prize

This is our moment now
This is the fight of our lives
There’ll be no stopping us
Keep moving forward
No one can stand in our way today
We will not give in

This is our moment now
This is the fight of our lives
There’ll be no stopping us
Keep moving forward
Nothing can stop us, no one can stop us now
We will not give in.” 

This next Styx song replicates a repeated Patriot refrain, “Coming Out The Other Side.” The light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak. Also, it could be those poor little darlings, rescued by our superhero special-forces from the DUMBs. 

“As the sun shines through the trees
And I feel that summer breeze
Gotta get up off my knees and seize the day

Sometimes it’s hard to see
Through the fogginess in me
But the truth lies far away and in between

I think we found our way
Coming out the other side
Now it’s just another day
Coming out the other side

I think we found our way
Coming out the other side
Now it’s just another day
Coming out the other side”


One of my favorite lines from “Wonder Woman 1984,” is the opening scene where Diana (WW) says, “Some days, my childhood feels so very far away. And others… I can almost see it. The magical land of my youth… Like a beautiful dream of when the whole world felt like a promise and the lessons that lay ahead yet unseen. looking back, I wish I’d listened. Wish I watched more closely and understood. Sometimes you can’t see what you’re learning until you come out the other side.” I can almost feel it – how about you? 

Finally, these two Styx songs are about our victory, “Our Wonderful Lives” and “To Those”. I cannot wait to celebrate their relevance! 

I had a more sinister human interpretation of Emerson, Lake & Palmer’s (ELP) song Karn Evil #9, than this analysis from This could have been the cabal’s desired outcome, but, I don’t think they will be successful!  

“The song is most commonly interpreted as ELP’s take on a shortened history of the world into a futuristic tale. The First Impression begins on the ‘Cold and misty morning’ of the Earth’s birth, through the ice age (“Where the seeds have withered, silent faces in the cold”), and to man’s growing lust for money (“Now their faces captured in the lenses of the jackals for gold”), which leads to various wars. Afterwards, the world is described as a carnival, wherein various elements of humanity are reduced to circus sideshows (“A bomb inside a car,” “Pull Jesus from a hat”), representing the human race’s growing selfishness and indifference toward others. Even human misery is described as a “specialty” in the ‘show.’

The second part of the First Impression focuses on the growing artificialization of the world, describing something as natural as “A real blade of grass” as some bizarre circus attraction. Despite the fact that the world is becoming more and more consumed by artificiality and given control to computers (see Third Impression), the human race insists that it is still in control, as it created all that the “Carnival” encompasses (“We would like it to be known the exhibits that were shown were exclusively our own.”).

The Second Impression is an instrumental piece (mostly a piano solo), symbolizing the blissful ignorance of humanity towards the impending danger of the conquest of the computers, which culminates in the Third Impression. At this point, the “machines” have concluded their superiority to humanity and begin to take on mankind’s necessity to prove their own superiority. The computers are represented by heavily distorted vocals, while the voice of the all-representative ‘Man’ is clean and without effect.’ The computers finally wage a violent conquest of the Earth. Mankind is shocked that its own creation is fighting back against him (“Walls that no man thought would fall”) and is unprepared for the conflict. Finally the machines determine that they are sentient beings and the new “Humans,” or rather the new dominant species (“Load your program. I am yourself.”), pushing humanity to the subservient status that they had once occupied. After their victory (“Rejoice! Glory is ours!”), they make sure not to wipe out the human race, but preserve it to demean humanity and gloat about their superiority.

The last stanza of the suite epitomizes the conquest and the arrogance of both the old and new masters of the earth, wherein man struggles to maintain his presence as the dominant species on Earth and the computers assert that they have surpassed their creators…”  

Could be true, but I think the AI works for we-the-people: 

Somehow, I see POTUS in this ELP’s pt. 3. I mean “Man alone, born of stone….man of steel pray and kneel.” How much more proof do you need than the man claiming, “I’m perfect, are you?” I think that Trump also could tie a rope to a tree and hang – not the universe, but – America’s traitors. The question is, does Trump release the swarm of drones (above). Perhaps, he would prefer calling them “The Kraken?” I personally prefer calling them “the butterflies who sting like a bee!” 

[Karn Evil 9 3rd Impression]

“Man alone, born of stone,
Will stamp the dust of time
His hands strike the flame of his soul;
Ties a rope to a tree and hangs the Universe
Until the winds of laughter blows cold.

Fear that rattles in men’s ears
And rears its hideous head
Dread… Death… in the wind…

Man of steel pray and kneel
With fever’s blazing torch
Thrust in the face of the night;
Draws a blade of compassion
Kissed by countless Kings
Whose jewelled trumpet words blind his sight.

Walls that no man thought would fall
The altars of the just
Crushed… Dust… in the wind…

No man yields who flies in my ship
Let the bridge computer speak
Load your program. I am yourself.

No computer stands in my way
Only blood can cancel my pain
Guardians of a nuclear dawn
Let the maps of war be drawn.

Rejoice! Glory is ours!
Our young men have not died in vain,
Their graves need no flowers
The tapes have recorded their names. 

I am all there is
Negative! Primitive! Limited! I let you live!
But I gave you life
What else could you do?
To do what was right
I’m perfect! Are you?” 

Optimistically, still waiting for the water sports! It should start one helluva wild river ride….still praying for a happy conclusion. 

God bless ! 

Up the Patriots !! 

Where we go1WGA !!! 


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