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Reader Post | By Dudok Jan, aka Disciple John


I think it’s about time we all shift our attention from all this mainstream BS Sh**Show…the biden, the covid, the all problems and coflicts happening in the world… I think it’s time we stop even thinking how the RV/GCR/GESARA/Prosperity Funds are “coming”, because just by believing they are coming, we get more of believing, we get more of ‘coming’, more of arriving, but they never come, they are never quite here… Every day we keep pushing it into another tomorrow…I’m sick of hearing “secure website link / 800’s to come out any day now”…I dont want it “any day” nor soon, I demand them NOW! 

For start I want all the lightworkers, out of whom many are already relapsing into old lazy habits of thinking, we are all tired, fatigued and broke after many years of waiting. Even tho Judy’s Buyington “The Restored Republic” posts give us hope, this hope is deteriorating into hopelessness, because we are all in a state of ‘want’, ‘need’, ‘wait’ and that implies LACK. I demand IN THE NAME OF GOD, from all involved in the RV process, to cut the crap and JUST DO IT! 

I ask all of you who need this desperately as I do, to demand by the authority of your Higher Self (yet- HIGHEST SELF) for this to be done, and to BE DONE NOW!

Stop having this faithless hope! Now… when I tell you to have faith, I mean KNOW ITS DONE! Know it’s here, and know it’s yours! 

I ask all lightworkers to demand your God given birthright! Begin KNOWING with all your minds IT’S HERE and IT’S NOW. 

Declare with all the might of your light and feel with all your heart:

I AM the active presence of all channels of distribution of all things acting for my good!
I AM the opulence of God in my hands and use today!
I AM the active presence bringing this money into my hands and use instantly!
I AM, I AM, I KNOW I AM the use of Gods limitless opulence!
I AM the omnipresent limitless supply of Gods riches and opulence in my use!

Through the Almighty Supreme Godhead – that I AM- I AM the Release of Prosperity Funds for Tier 4B Group NOW!!!

We all have been through enough, and it’s time for things to change and for things to happen right now! I used to be one of lightworkers who have been host to archon/reptilian generals and how many times and how badly they tried to destroy me and failed, and now Im suppose to be lowered by some bs happening in world? Am I suppose to be locked in jail cuz I cant afford to pay government 300$ cuz I got charged for possession of half gram of cannabis (0.5% thc) with which I am curing myself?! This system is broken, we all know how absurd it is!!!

We, the Gods and Goddesses, we the awake people, deserve better, we deserve what God intended for us, and demand it now, for now is all that ever was and all that ever will be!!!

I demand the RV right now, I want to sue my government for God’s Holy Herb, that’s the 1st thing I will do with my funds before I leave my country for UK to change the world, in my country young people are locked up for trying to heal their lives! Many are rotting in jail for this, I demand END to all this nonsense right now, and I demand it in the NAME OF THE SUPREME GODHEAD – THAT ‘I AM’!!!

With apologies, forgive me for asking and being such a beggar, but even in me now worry is arising cuz I got 9 days left to pay and if I dont I may miss out RV private exchange being in jail! If anyone wish to help/support me so I survive until RV, if you wish me to support you all and make another post to help us switch our mindset, donate me something so I know this was helpful and so Im sure I can help us raise ourselves some more. Even tho I’m starting to feel myself hopeless, I can never quit, cuz I vowed to God I will establish Ascension Centers around the world so all humanity may have God’s Holy Temple’s/School’s/Healing Facilities so everyone can ascend to eternal life/enter kingdom of heaven/live in promised land/transfigure themselves and bring the kingdom of God to Earth through themselves.

I had akashic record consultation with Jesus/Sananda I know this must and will happen, but by the looks of it all this is way too much delayed, and I ask light warriors to help me/help them/help us to accelerate this from sh** show to gold show right now!!!

Blessings of Light! 



Your Disciple John/Disciple of Jesus/Dudok Jan/future ascended master DJ.



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