World War Starting in Crimean Waters?


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on July 5, 2021


Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

It appears unlikely that US and UK seek to trigger a war in the Ukraine over free navigation in the Crimean waters as the US buildup is supposed to be in Asia to offset China. It is interesting that China has done nothing to provoke this aggression except to become too big. It is purely balance of power considerations as the cause of the new antagonism.  The US was horrified that China approached Russia for natural resources in 2014 as their demand for energy became astronomical with their growing industrial economy outpacing the US. The US, who had built up China, could not afford to lose its vassal that they controlled by control of its natural resources coming by sea. Thus, the US turned against China.  Russia had also become their enemy based on its massive military buildup where its defensive missiles as the S-500 had sealed its air space discovered about 2013. 

The Russian alliance with China where the military mobilization according to Chinese sources could exceed 100 million troops would if half were to march to the European border make it impossible for the European conventional defense. The truth is that Russia could conventionally handle them alone. As to Germany half its army’s equipment are in shop. 

The farce is that the US Army is happy that they have accumulated 400,000 troops in the Asia theatre when China has the capacity to field 100 million troops. In Europe the US has 63,800 troops versus 250,000 in 1953. Turkey will not send troops to Europe and only joined NATO out of fear of Stalin. Today, it is in the process of being kicked out of NATO based on their being forced out of the F-35 plane since they acquired the superior Russian S-400 anti-missile missile. NATO cannot count on Italy, Spain, or Greece to send troops against Russia.  I have talked to NATO members and they say the rise of China changes everything as China behind Russia makes a European defense impossible reminiscent of the cavalry of the invincible Genghis Khan.

We believe that nuclear weapons will not be used as chemical warfare was not used in World War Two as the US would lose 80% of its population so we have to measure force in a conventional sense. Here is a rundown of conventional forces available to NATO.


Of these, the nations that have more than 100,000 active men at the moment are few, represent the heart of European defense.

  • Turkey – 920,475 – res. – 429,000;
  • France – 222,215 – res. – 100,000;
  • United Kingdom – 205,851 – res. – 181,720;
  • Germany – 180,676 – res. – 145,000;
  • Greece – 180,000 – res. – 280,000;
  • Italy – 180,000 – res. – 41,867;
  • Spain – 123,000 – res. – 16,200;
  • Poland – 120,000 – res. – 515,000;

The US saber rattling over Taiwan has forced China into a massive submarine and nuclear missile buildup that will soon match the entire nuclear missile capacity of the US which is why the US was insisting China join with Russia in the disarmament talks. They won’t.  

Our interpretation that Russia accepted the Obama betrayal at Kiev, when Obama assured Putin if he instructed the Ukrainian Government not to shoot the demonstrators the pro-Russian government would stay in power, as Russia’s military buildup and army modernization was only half way complete in 2014 but now they are ready. They will consequently not accept a NATO naval intrusion into the Crimea waters.

It would seem to me that Germany must immediately look to Russia for a Reinsurance Treaty rather than be sucked into another European war where it will lose everything. It was the Anglo-Saxon power that tricked Germany in two world wars into invading Russia in the hopes of destroying both Russia and Germany. And they are being tricked again.

Germany should understand that the US managed to subvert Russia through the traitor Yeltsin and stranded 25 million Russians in the Eastern Ukraine and other countries as the Treaty of Versailles dismembered Germany stranding 8 million Germans. Danzig was 99% German and cheered wildly when Hitler entered Danzig. That England and France went to war against Germany over Danzig was based on the orders of Baron Eduard de Rothschild. Russia occupied part of Poland and England under orders of the Baron accepted the Russian conquest. The Baron was out to destroy Hitler as he had destroyed the Tsar when he had the Archduke assassinated (see John Buchan’s “Thirty Nine Steps” for the background of this.).

Who was behind what happened in Russia between 1989-1991 and the Ukraine can been seen by who ended up looting it as the oligarchs in the Ukraine and Russia who are still there are under the orders and control of Lord Jacob Rothschild.  Lord Jacob financed the oligarchs who were penniless with the money to buy half of Russia for pennies on the dollar.


These oligarchs control Russia through their control of the central bank who in turn are controlled by Lord Rothschild.

“So you see, my dear Coningsby, that the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.”  

Quoted from the novel “Coningsby” by Benjamin Disraeli. It was Lord Rothschild under the name of Sidonia in the novel who was talking to Coningsby.  Baron Lionel de Rothschild based on this novel decided to raise up Disraeli who until then was a nothing to the office of Prime Minister. That he figured out how Europe was under Rothschild control made him a candidate for advancement. And in fact, that was the purpose of Disraeli writing the novel in the first place.

Can Russia have Peace Now?

David Lifschultz


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