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July 5, 2021

July 5, 2021: The Truth is So Bizarre It Sounds Less and Less Plausible [videos]

Good morning. Monday morning. At least, as I begin this post it is.

Hopefully Americans enjoyed their Independence Day celebrations. It was kind of quiet in North Scottsdale. We heard a bit of fireworks but on the way home from a massive Texas-style BBQ party we didn’t see the usual array of colourful explosions in the sky across the valley as we have in the past. Not much traffic, either, but folks were flying in and out of Texas for the weekend so holiday travel is still happening.

MIT and Harvard engineers design mask that detects Covid-19 within 90 minutes

We need to stop the insanity! NO MORE MASKS!  It’s the frickin’ flu. Get over it. Take Hydroxychloroquine as a preventive and get back to living a life. We don’t need to live in constant fear of a pathogen, and experts tell us this is NOT a virus because you can’t give someone a virus. It is created within the Human body in response to a stressor and we all shed viral material ALL THE TIME. We can’t transmit it. It’s not contagious. Stop the lies.

Do you see how they would love to continue this for-frickin’-ever?


Guam announces ‘Air V&V’ vaccination-and-vacation program to boost tourism

Our best guess for the flavour of the month is…

…but since Q the Storm Rider was booted off of Twitter, we’ll use the Telegram link below.

summer on
— (Q)The Storm Rider (@Littleb29872980) July 4, 2021

Is sanity returning to the Great White Gulag? We’ll have a better idea later today (Monday July 5).

Calgary city council votes to rescind mask bylaw, will be official later today

Because we’ve not heard this in the corporate media, we’re sharing it again. British Columbia has ended the emergency status in that province. Has anything changed in BC? Yes, there are fires all over the place, unnatural, historic temperatures and tornadoes. What a coincidence. More emergency situations.

Date Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General
(This part is for administrative purposes only and is not part of the Order.)
Authority under which Order is made:
Act and section: Emergency Program Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 111, s. 11
Emergency Program Act
Ministerial Order No. M275
I, Mike Farnworth, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General, order that, effective at the end of the day on
June 30, 2021, the attached declaration of a state of emergency throughout the whole of the Province of British Columbia
made on March 18, 2020, and subsequently extended, is cancelled.

Summertime means new crop circles. This one looks familiar. Did someone get scoped?


Who is in the crosshairs? The enemy.

Paradise, California after “wildfires”

I’ve been looking into the Lytton (like “litany”) fires in British Columbia and the video at the link below looks eerily familiar. Think Paradise, California. Homes reduced to ash, vehicles melted and scorched, but green shrubs and trees that appear untouched just a few feet from ashen rubble.

Lytton BC rubble Photo credit:

THE LATEST: 90% of Lytton destroyed in wildfire, injuries reported

The 90 per cent was homes and vehicles. The 10 per cent remaining was vegetation. Look at the photos.

Exclusive video shows wreckage left by fire that tore though B.C. village

It makes one wonder if the surrounding miscellaneous forest fires weren’t started as cover after they cranked up the heat with HAARP. How could it possibly get that hot without some kind of interference? It wasn’t just record-breaking heat by a few degrees, it was off the charts of any believable scenario left to Mother Nature alone.

When we hear that the RCMP are involved in the investigation as to how the fire started in town it leaves little hope we’ll hear the truth. It’s very fishy in my opinion.

If you notice in video interviews… there are quite a few indigenous people living in Lytton.

How hot was it? Get a load of this:

During summer heat waves, Lytton is often the hottest spot in Canada, despite being north of 50°N in latitude. In three consecutive days of June 2021, Lytton broke the record for highest temperature ever recorded in Canada, culminating with Canada’s all-time record high of 49.6 °C (121.3 °F) on 29 June 2021; this is the world’s highest temperature ever recorded north of 45°N, and is hotter than the all-time record highs for all of Europe and South America. The next day, 30 June 2021, a wildfire swept through the valley in which Lytton is located, destroying much of the village.


[What a coincidence. – Ed.]

Lytton’s welcome sign

The Lytton area has been inhabited by the Nlaka’pamux people for over 10,000 years.[2] It was one of the earliest locations occupied by non-Indigenous settlers in the Southern Interior of British Columbia. The town was founded during the Fraser Canyon Gold Rush of 1858–59, when it was known as “The Forks”.

And what have the Indigenous Peoples of Canada been up to lately? The natives are restless. They’re bringing attention to the hundreds of mass graves excavated at the Indian Residential Schools. The genocide.

But it’s no biggie. Trudeau says they’re sorry about that, Chief. And that makes it alright, doesn’t it Trudy? We’ll see about that.

As recently discovered unmarked Indigenous graves in Canada nears 1,000, activists demand justice

And there’s this from July 1. It seems religion has fallen out of favour with someone. What took so long? Funny, the CBC is all over this, but doesn’t like to cover pedophilia stories.

Overnight fires at 2 Anglican churches in B.C. deemed suspicious

Overnight fires destroy 2 Catholic churches in Okanagan

2 more Catholic churches burned down in B.C.’s Interior


It comes as no surprise that Turdy is saying that due to the increasing severity in climate and weather anomalies that “we must act”. It’s always the same. Problem, reaction, and their magical solution. I don’t believe this is climate change at all.

As wildfires burn in Lytton, B.C. due to the extreme heat wave, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Friday later in the day, he will be convening the incident response group with ministers from his team to address needs by B.C. communities hit by wildfires and extreme weather. He added that extreme weather events such as this one are due to climate change.
Blueberry River First Nation, damage from tornado July 1, 2021

Tornadoes, power outages, (and no water for some) in the Peace Region of BC.

How interesting that the tornado hit a First Nations settlement.

Severe storm left swath of damage across the North Peace

That’s a lot of coincidences. First they torch California, and now they’re after BC? It certainly appears that for Canada, “It’s on.”

Nice catch by Billy Joyce. He may have been kicked off ThemTube but he’s active on Twitter. In this video clip, Brian Pallister thanks someone for the rain. Apparently “they” know who they are. Did the Indigenous do a rain dance or is he speaking to the ones in charge of weather modification?

Clearly, some are privileged to get weather on demand. What does that say about our suspicions concerning BC?

Simon Parkes‘ update is at the link below. Among other news and a Q&A, Simon cautions us about assuming a catastrophe like the condo collapse in Surfside, Florida was a hit.

2021 07 04 Connecting Consciousness

The 2020 election is a long, sordid story and we will have to endure many chapters before we reach the climax. It’s almost anti-climactic already, but the patriots push on while the public come to terms with the grave implications of “treason” and the possibility that the “orange man” may land back in power.


Stolen USB Drives for Voting Machines Used to Change Votes, President Trump Right Again! [VIDEO]

I skimmed the posts on the website below out of curiosity and one in particular caught my attention because I do believe it is bloodline families/factions who are fighting for control on our planet. I found a number of accounts posting these same words and used this Tweet.

We’ve heard the satanic ones are all related. What about the good guys?

This is some wild stuff, folks, and more reminders that “nothing is what it seems”. Read more at the link to tickle your “what if”.

Elvis Is Alive—and He is On Twitter

This is almost as bizarre. Link to Telegram.

US LEFT Bagram Airfield in dead of the night – WITHOUT telling Afghan officials (Report)

The US army left the Bagram Air Base after nearly 20 years there – by SHUTTING OFF the electricity and slipping out, without notifying the new Afghan commander of the base. (AP)

Afghan military officials didn’t discover the US had departed for more than TWO HOURS after – allowing local looters to ransack parts of the air base.

Bagram’s new commander insists they can hold onto the base despite a string of Taliban wins on the battlefield against Afghan forces of late. The airfield also reportedly includes a prison with around 5,000 inmates, many of them allegedly Taliban.

Footage from the Afghan army on Monday apparently shows the sprawling air base almost empty – providing a rare glimpse of what had been the epicenter of America’s war to hunt down al-Qaida preparators of the 9/11 attacks. (Watch!)

The Austria protest situation is evolving. Link to Telegram.

JUST IN – AUSTRIA – Vienna, police are with freedom fighters, walking with their helmets in hand and showing solidarity ! Finally also the police in Europe turns against the Central-Banks leaded Corona Terrorism.

Looks like they’re going after Big Tech next.

Signing off for today. Will it be another short week?   ~ BP



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